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Petition to Donald J. Trump

Oppose Red Flag Laws; Support 2nd Amendment Rights

The current proposed Red Flag Laws can impact individuals, families and communities by allowing confiscation without evidence or until a person is proven guilty. Although while I understand in today's society it is important to deter crime and to prevent the loss of innocent lives as well as mass shooting, there needs to be a level of evident that supports such allegations that would also prevent misuse of the law through viscous and false reporting.   We have the right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty and the Red Flag Laws does not protect these rights under the constitution.  The constitution gives us the right to protect ourselves, our homes, and our families - without these rights we are no longer free.   Consequently, many gun owners view the Red Flag Laws as a violation of their Constitutional Rights, determent of gun ownership as a whole, and a means of Confiscation.  One could conclude that such laws would prevent the overthrowing of a corrupt government by its' citizens. Therefore, we the Citizens of the United States  protest such laws that hinder and / or remove such Rights under Constitution.  Our votes in the up coming election could be important to you.  For these reasons we ask that you, Mr President, veto the Red Flag Laws. Gun Owners represent 30% of the American Vote .... United We Stand !   

On behalf of all Gun Owners of America
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Petition to Ohio State Senate, Ohio Governor, Ohio State House

Tell the Ohio House to vote NO on HB 178, permitless carry!

On April 4th, 2019, the Ohio House of Representatives referred HB 178 to the Federalism Committee. This bill is titled "Modifies weapons law; permit concealed carry without license".  This dangerous bill would allow Ohioans to conceal weapons on their person, without having to have a license. This would allow someone to carry a weapon, concealed, into crowded public areas and on city streets. People with dangerous histories, and those without any firearm safety training would be allowed to carry concealed, loaded, guns.  Anyone over 21 years of age and not prohibited by law to carry hidden loaded guns in public without a license, training, background checks, or oversight. This is extremely dangerous and would put Ohioans at risk. The sponsors of this bill call it a 'constitutional carry' bill, in their attempt to make us believe that they have a right to carry a loaded weapon hidden from the rest of us wherever and however they wish. Now they are trying to expand that to let anyone carry guns without training, licenses, and background checks. It is reckless and dangerous. The primary sponsors of this bill are Representatives Ron Hood (District 78) and Tom Brinkman (District 27). Co-Sponsors include Representatives Niraj J. Antani, Brian Baldridge, John Becker, Louis W. Blessing III, Jim Butler, Sara Carruthers, Jon Cross, Bill Dean, Kris Jordan, Candice R. Keller, J. Kyle Koehler, George F. Lang, P. Scott Lipps, Susan Manchester, Don Manning, Riordan T. McClain, Derek Merrin, Jena Powell, Craig S. Riedel, Mark J. Romanchuk, Tim Schaffer, Ryan Smith, Todd Smith, A. Nino Vitale, Scott Wiggam, Shane Wilkin, and Paul Zeltwanger. Please sign this petition and call your legislators! Tell them to vote NO on HB 178!   Yours, Ohio Students for Gun Legislation (If you have any questions, please email us at  

Ethan Nichols
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