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Ban High-Capacity Magazines in Illinois

Each year, the number of gun-related deaths in the U.S. exceeds 30,000. During the 12 months prior to May 31, 2018, there were over 20 mass murders involving firearms. The Journal of the American Medical Association calls these firearm-related deaths a health care crisis. Some say the solution is to ban automatic weapons; others say the solution is to impose waiting periods, and the administration in Washington says one solution is to arm teachers. But while we may not necessarily agree on the solution or the details, what is no longer in dispute is that something must be done. The status quo is not working. Change is needed. Sign our petition to support a ban on high-capacity magazines in Illinois. Multiple polls show that Americans favor by wide margins banning high-capacity magazines, so let us start where most of us agree. In early 2018, legislation was proposed in Illinois that would ban the sale of body armor and high-capacity magazines to anyone other than police, licensed security guards and members of the armed forces. This law was proposed after police commander Paul Bauer was killed by an assailant wearing body armor and using an extended clip in his weapon. This common sense proposal has remained stuck in Springfield. Let Governor Rauner know that the time for inaction is over. Sign our petition to support a ban on high-capacity magazines in Illinois.

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Tell Congress They Must No Longer Accept Contributions from the NRA!

After the tragic mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida on February 15, 2018 that resulted in the deaths of 17 students and teachers and injuries to at least 17 more, it seems as though we have finally had enough of the out-of-control violence caused by people with access to AR-15s and other assault-type weapons. Despite what the NRA would like us to believe, guns do kill people! Students across the country are in fear for their lives. They are afraid to return to their schools, and are demanding major changes to our gun laws to protect them from more occurrences of the senseless violence. In support of that demand, plans are under way for a mass protest in which they will walk out from their classrooms and not return until laws are passed to ensure this never happens again. But change will never happen as long as the members of Congress are in the pocket of the NRA and the gun industry. In support of this effort to make our country a safer place for our children to grow up in, we propose the all 100 Senators and 435 Representatives sign a pledge to no longer accept donations, or funds of any kind, from the NRA or any gun manufacturer. Our lawmakers must be freed from the influence of these entities that put profit before people and actively conspire to maintain the gun culture that has allowed these unprecedented acts of violence to continue at an alarming rate. In 1996, after a man killed 35 people with a semi-automatic weapon in a popular tourist area of Port Arthur, in Tasmania, the people of Australia stood up and demanded that the their government ban rapid-fire guns to end these kinds of mass shootings. The government responded, and the proof that tougher gun laws are the solution is that there has not been one death from a mass shooting incident in Australia since the new laws were enacted. It CAN work here as well, but not as long as our elected representatives are beholden to the gun industry and their enforcers, the NRA. These are our children, the future of our country, and their voices must be heard. For America to survive and grow as a free nation, we must protect them, and ourselves, from the epidemic of deadly violence that has infected every part of our country. Let's tell our lawmakers in no uncertain terms that this must be the first step they have to take to actually protect the country and the people they took an oath to do.

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Protect the Second Amendment

President Trump, You campaigned on protecting the 2nd Amendment.  You're now flip-flopping and discussing with Democrats ways to restrict firearms. We are making it LOUD AND CLEAR to President Trump and congressman that if you make one more bad deal that infringes upon the 2nd Amendment that we will sit out of the 2018 elections and we will sit out of the 2020 elections, or we may vote for someone else. You have already raised the rifle purchasing age to 21 and passed fixNICS. Keep your Oath to protect and defend our Constitutional Rights or we will find someone who will. President Trump, you better hope the Democrats vote for you over their candidate because that's who you are appealing to right now. We care about our gun rights and we are not going to vote for another gun grabber. To those in Congress, we strongly urge you to vote against every single gun measure that comes up. If you want to be voted for in your reelection then you better make a name for yourself as a strong Second Amendment supporter. If you really want to protect children from these heinous crimes you would install metal detectors on all of the doors to the schools. The doors would be in lockdown mode during school hours. There would be a camera and intercom for those who wanted access to the inside of the school. If the office deemed it safe for them to enter the school, then they would be escorted into the school by a (preferably armed) guard. This could be a police officer. We had a police officer, or "resource officer" at my schools growing up. This could be the school's security. It could be whoever. The main point is NO MORE politicizing tragedies in an attempt to take our firearms. I thought our 2nd Amendment was going to be protected, but the Trump Administration is not what we thought when it comes to protecting the 2nd Amendment/Bill of Rights. This makes me question whether or not my president is acting on his own, or perhaps being manipulated because this would be one of the worst deals in America's political history. I just wonder, "Why the sudden change?" Prove us wrong, President Trump. You proved the media and so many people wrong when you got elected. You can do it again! Show us that you are a true conservative that cares about the Bill of Rights and the rights of every individual American and our ability to defend ourselves against criminals. You said yourself that the MS-13 gangs are coming into our country and flooding certain States. Don't you want those citizens to be able to arm and defend themselves properly? Fight for us President Trump! We are your base, WE got you elected once. We can do it again in 2020 or we can sit on the bench. It's your call now. Show us how good of a deal maker you really are. Make deals with us, not with the Democrats that you railed against during your campaign.

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