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Take The Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge

Hundreds of schools across the nation have suffered horrific gun violence since Sandy Hook. 7K kids have been gunned down. More than 187K traumatized. Enough is ENOUGH. Armed with nothing more than boxes of chalk, students are asking Americans to get down on their hands and knees to bring an end to gun violence. Take The Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge any day, anywhere. All you need is some chalk and a sidewalk. Find the list of school shootings since Sandy Hook right here.  Click this tweet and tag five friends! Take the Schools Say Enough Sidewalk Challenge! Write the name of a school, victim, or survivor of gun violence in chalk, post a pic or video of your sidewalk protest to social, and nominate 5 pals to do the same. Or simply write #Enough. List of school shootings: We vow to keep shouting from the sidewalks until TPTB listen. Here's the whole backstory and the Cliff Notes version. Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead NEXT STEPS: DIY. Everything you need to make a major statement, including signage, schools names, and stencils. Host our Traveling Installation. We'd love to facilitate the protest with your community. VOTE! Register right here. Follow our journey.  Share. After posting your sidewalk protest to social, send us a photo, poster, or short video.  Support our efforts. Man, all this chalk is adding up fast! Any amount, large or small, would be most appreciated. GCE Lab School is a 501(c)(3).  GCE Lab School is an independent High School that cultivates global citizens ready to meet the challenges of the 21st century. Through blended, project-based learning, we foster a diverse community of learners who use the city as a classroom to develop the skills and knowledge necessary to courageously take action locally and globally.

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School Shooting Solution w/o Changing Gun Laws

After discussing possible gun control laws to ensure the safety of students in schools, it has occurred to me no one will be happy with that, so I have considered the total ramifications and offer this proposal instead. After 9/11 we created the Department of Homeland Security. I feel the death toll and frequency of school shootings have brought us to a point to create a Department of School Security. As a concerned parent, grandparent, and Veteran of the US Air Force, this proposal is something I am passionate about and feel will help us lessen the amount of school shootings and prevent future casualties. This school year I took both my teenagers out of school for their safety. Next school year I will be providing them and my granddaughter with bulletproof backpacks. Since the 2nd Amendment is a Right afforded by the Federal Government, it is my argument the Federal Government should be responsible for our children's safety. I sat down and thoroughly thought out this plan after my 6 year old granddaughter complained to me that all her 1st Grade friends at recess all talk about death and how afraid they are of being at school. This is something no child should be worried about. I offer the following legislation and ask you to sign the petition to let lawmakers know this needs to be adopted immediately.  The Department of School Security will ensure cameras and motion sensors throughout all our Nation's schools monitored by 3 Federal Agents assigned to each school, monitoring all areas with automatic camera hits if a fire alarm is pulled and an appropriate siren can be sent throughout the school: All different for Fire, Evacuation, Drill, or Live Shooter. All classroom doors must be affixed with automated controls and magnetic locks, so agents can lock down a school immediately if a shooter is discovered in the building. Additionally, each classroom door must be thick enough to absorb a bullet and have bullet proof glass installed on the door. While this will be expensive to maintain, it does not infringe on 2nd Amendment Rights and it is a small price to pay for the safety of our students. Please consider this proposal as it will be cheaper than the Bank Bailouts of 2008-09. If we are willing to spend trillions to save our banks, we should be willing to spend billions to save our kids.

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