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Education, Registration, Legislation of Guns and A Complete Ban on Assault Weapons

As of today, according to The Gun Violence Archive, there have been nearly 300 mass shootings in 2019. Women, men, children. On a beach, in a shopping center, in schools, in their homes, and on the highway. In many of them, an assault weapon was used. Instead of coming up with a comprehensive answer to the gun problem in our country, those in charge of our nation have turned a blind eye. But this has happened on repeat and we cannot continue this cycle anymore. We propose our United States government to address this issue by following the philosophy of education, registration, and legislation. Through education, current and potential gun owners will need to be educated on how to use a gun, gun safety, types of guns and their uses, and have to complete a certain amount of training hours before being given a license. That license would expire and need to be renewed. Registration would require an individual to register their name, address, amount of guns, type of guns, and serial numbers. This would allow for transparency in the case of a gun being stolen or used in a crime. Lastly, our US Government needs to submit legislation that requires the removal of assault weapons and creates a process for gun registration and licensing. Far too often, we are plagued with sending "thoughts and prayers" for mass shootings that occur within our country. We no longer should stand idle as guns are made paramount to the lives and safety of those who reside in our nation. We must take charge. We must make a change. Please sign to help take assault weapons off of our streets, completely ban them, and implement sensible gun laws. 

National Stop the Violence Alliance, Inc.
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Congress: Create Meaningful Gun Regulations!

I'm a student. I go to class everyday and worry about being shot up, because it's obvious that at some point in time, my school is going to be the one that's shot up. I go to places like the grocery store or a park or, now, thanks to the Odessa Highway Shooting, the middle of the street in my car and worry about being shot.  I'm sick of worrying. I'm sure you are, too.  And we've come up with a bunch of so-called solutions to these problems, from bullet-proof backpacks to the "safe corner" in schools to even the ludicrous idea that carrying a gun yourself will save you from being shot, (did the open carry rules in Texas help people in El Paso?) There are federal regulations being made about this, (again, but even those don't work, somehow.) Et cetera, et cetera.  But there is one common flaw with all of these solutions: instead of being proactive solutions, these are all reactive solutions.  These solutions only seek to ease the symptoms of being shot, instead of attacking the root cause of all this trouble: hate, America's Toxic Gun-carrying Culture, assault rifles, and even accessibility, which has been addressed but, somehow, hasn't done too much in the way of stopping shootings. None of these reactive solutions have done anything to stop shootings. All they've done is cemented the reality of being shot at some point in the near future into the heads of all Americans.  These reactive, almost passive solutions have shown everyone that this fear of being shot and pity and "prayers" for those who do get shot is the new normal. This isn't normal, and we all know it.  So why are we all sitting back? All US citizens have the right to petition the government, as said in the first amendment. Should we be content in letting people who haven't done anything to stop the shooting epidemic in the past dictate what change happens in the future? It's up to us to make Proactive Gun Control and Gun Reform happen. It's up to us to look at the data, look at the constitution, and look at the flaws in our society to come up with proactive solutions to this problem.  Because otherwise, it won't.   

SL Engel
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Petition to Lindsey Graham

Block Confirmation of Canterbury to ATF for Opposing Universal Background Checks

One of the key missions of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) is to protect communities from "the illegal use and trafficking of firearms." So it is totally unacceptable that Chuck Canterbury, President Trump's nominee to lead the ATF, opposes all new federal gun regulations, including background checks for all gun sales. Background checks have stopped more than 3.5 million sales to convicted felons, domestic abusers, fugitives and other dangerous people. Universal background checks are supported by more than 95% of Americans, including Republicans and gun owners.  Please sign this petition demanding that Sen. Lindsey Graham, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, block Canterbury's confirmation as ATF Director.  Testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Canterbury said that he does not "support any more restrictions than are currently in the law." In response to questioning by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Canterbury stated his opposition to expanding federal criminal background checks to all firearm sales and banning assault-style weapons. Clearly trying to dodge questions about his position on a whole range of federal gun regulations, Canterbury was accused by Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) of being "evasive." What's also clear is that the person who would be one of the most senior officials in the federal government responsible for ensuring that guns don't get into the wrong hands favors gun rights over public safety. In 2009, as president of the Fraternal Order of Police, Canterbury proclaimed, “I take a back seat to no one in my reverence for the Second Amendment."  Gun violence in America is a public health crisis. Nearly 40,000 people were killed by guns in 2017. The ATF needs a director that believes in common-sense federal gun regulation. The agency has lost its way, with senior officials in the agency taking direction from the NRA, and routinely overturning the recommendations of field agents to revoke licenses of federal gun dealers who break the law. Sen. Graham has the power to stop the appointment of a nominee who even Sen. Kennedy, no friend of gun control, said was "not qualified" to run the ATF.  Get Graham to use it.

CT Against Gun Violence
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Petition to U.S. Senate

We are enforceing a proposed gun laws, This is common sense.

BILL H.R.8 ) also ( BILL H.R.1112 ) are to enhanced background Check's act of 2019 and bipartisan background Check's act of 2019. We are not taking gun's from anyone in the United States ( THIS IS #FACKNEWS ). We are just adding new law's to our 2nd amendment to make background Check's stronger for anyone that buy's gun's from gun stores or over the internet. We are also adding carry concealed weapon permit's so we know who is legal to carry a concealed weapon. Do you remember 4 year's ago when a man bought a hand gun then shot ower congress women in the head, murdered 10 year old girl and injured dozens of United States America citizens in Tucson, arizona and background Check's were stronger. As of today the background Check's are still not stronger. For the last 4 year's we have had mass shootings all over the United States of america, including school students shootings bring in gun's shooting there school students and this is going on as of today. There are 2 Bill's in the white house, they have already passed the House and now the Bill's are in the hand's of the Senate in the white house, we need to get the Senate to pass these's 2 Bill's. Here are the Bill's ( BILL H.R.8 ) ( BILL H.R.1112 ) enhanced background Check's act of 2019, bipartisan background Check's act of 2019. Everyone in the United States of america need to have the Senate in the white house to pass these's 2 bill's. .

Gregory Censori
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