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Petition to PISD School Board

Make Graduation Special

High School Graduation. A once-in-a-lifetime event representing 12 years of hard work, long sleepless nights, and grueling tests. A goodbye to elementary school childish pranks, middle school crushes, and high school football games. A rite of passage that takes students into the real world and marks the beginning of their contributions to society. Something this special, this monumental is sure to be something students remember for years to come. However, at Plano West, students aren’t allowed to have the best possible graduation or even have any control over the process at all. Currently, Plano West Senior High School allows 4 student speeches at graduation. However, they are not decided by a panel of judges that hears the speeches beforehand. They are not decided by the popular vote of the students, so the students lose the ability to decide who speaks to them at graduation. They are not even decided by the teachers, the people who know the students the best. They are predesignated as the Senior Class President, Student Council President, Valedictorian, and Salutatorian. This is not to say that these aren’t some of the finest students in the school, but why does that mean they should automatically be awarded the only graduation speeches? Why not the debater who won a national debate tournament? Or the student who won a gold medal for the U.S. internationally in mathematics? Or the kindest, most loved student who relates to and understands the student body the most? There are many other qualified people to speak at graduation and we should not predesignate speakers based solely on grades and elected student representatives. Graduation is a special day for every student and they should have a say in how it goes for them. If you believe that students deserve the right to have a say in one of the biggest days of their lives, then please sign this petition. If our movement succeeds, the PISD school board will let all students sign up for the chance to give a graduation speech and the student body will vote on who they want to speak at graduation. Whether you are a parent, student, or teacher, please help make this a reality. The strength of the wolf is the pack, and the strength of the pack is the wolf.

Michael Ma
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Petition to Cumberland County School Board, 71st High School principal, North Carolina Department of Education

To Allow High School Seniors to wear their black history club stoles at graduation.

In 2017 high school graduates a part of the Black History Club at Seventy-First High School in Fayetteville North Carolina. Was told they would not be allowed to wear their stoles that students and their families paid for, also was made by women in Kenya during their graduation. Public outcry to school principal to allow the students to wear this did not have any effect. Student was told that if they wore them on graduation day that they would be removed from graduation and not allow to walk across stage. Now a year later 2018 again graduating seniors that are part of the Black History Club are still not being allowed to wear their stoles for graduation. Students and family seeked help from Cumberland County North Carolina School Board but they stood with the principal decision. No exclamation has been given to why these students are not allowed to wear their stoles which represents their heritage and the hard work that they did while with the Black Hstory Club. Cumberland County Schools made the decision to purchase Native American stoles to allow students apart of the Native American club to wear them during graduation. When asked why one club can wear them but not another. The school board stated" the Native American Club is a recognized group State and Federal level." This is our youth and we must stand behind them. They fought to create the Black History Club at 71st High school and now are fighting to wear their stoles that represent their hard work. This should not be able to go on in 2018. Any child no matter what race should be allowed to wear their Club stoles on graduation day. We are asking that you sign this petition to show our youth that we stand behind them. Let's show them their hard work is not in vain. They work hard and should not be discriminated against due to African Americans not being a recognized group Statewide or Nationwide.

Theresa Adams
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