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Petition to Durham Public Schools Board of Education, Superintendent Pascal Mubenga

Let high school seniors decorate their caps for graduation

High school seniors had their last year of high school, last year of being in the Durham county public school system, cut short due to the coronavirus without warning. Many memories were yet to be created, such as decision day, prom, senior breakfasts/ trips/ events, and even graduation. These were either cancelled or postponed until further notice. We are all left wondering whether or not we’ll be able to complete our journey as we are yet to hear about what will happen with graduation. Since our senior year was suddenly taken away, I believe we should have the opportunity to decorate our graduation caps in order to make up for the memories and time the virus unexpectedly took from us. Decorating our caps will allow us to feel like we have some control over the memories we have left of our senior year. Additionally, this will give many people that may not have this experience in college as a result of having different plans after high school an opportunity to participate in this special moment often done in other counties and colleges. This may be their only chance to do something like decorate their cap and feel in control of their graduation. This pandemic is also impacting us greatly and I think it'd be nice to associate this event with good memories rather than just negative ones. The class of 2020 deserves a good experience regardless of the confusion and disappointment this pandemic has created. The Durham Public School Board of Education has stated that they want what is best for the students in the county, and I believe that having this opportunity will allow us to feel heard and valued by our district and our community. 

Samara Galo
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Petition to University of the Pacific

Postpone University of the Pacific Graduation

Like many other colleges, University of the Pacific made the decision to switch all instruction to online platforms and closed almost all buildings and resources due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. As the situation has become more fluid, it is apparent that the graduating class of 2020 will not be holding a commencement this May. We are imploring the University of the Pacific to postpone graduation to a later date rather than create a “virtual” graduation online or cancel it all together. Many students attend University of the Pacific for the class size, resources, and overall prestige. Furthermore, UOP is known for its diversity of students and high population of first-generation college attendees. Being a small school, most students are tight knit with other pupils and professors alike. In our time at Pacific, we get to see each other grow and achieve goals together. It is only fair that we get to celebrate those achievements together during graduation. In an effort to combat the spread of the COVID-19 virus, students have gladly sacrificed their time at Pacific for online instruction, moved out, and even interrupted any other educational programs such as internships. Students left for their spring break not knowing that it would be the last time they would see their fellow pupils; some not realizing it would be the last few days before they had to plan to leave the country. This year will prove to be the most difficult for students across the globe let alone our Pacific students. For a year our seniors will certainly never forget, they deserve to celebrate overcoming it. We understand as the Pandemic situation develops the certainty of the future becomes more difficult. We ask that University of the Pacific postpones graduation to a later date, potentially December or even into the next year to ensure that the possibility of an additional postponement is slim. An online graduation will not carry the same weight for seniors like an in person event has for their predecessors. Please sign and share to fellow students, family and friends to urge University of the Pacific to postpone Graduation versus an online alternative or cancellation. In a year where we all have shared the struggle with this on going pandemic, a graduation will not only give our us seniors some sense of normalcy, but the opportunity to celebrate how we overcame a threat and still finished college! Thank you for your time.

Angela Salazar
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