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Petition to Andrew M. Cuomo, Steve Bellone

Allow schools to host graduations at their discretion.

During the COVID-19 crisis, there has been a significant need to take pause in order to delay the spread and spike of cases in our great state of New York. As many of us obeyed these orders (not recommendations) we were reliant on the people in charge of decision making to lead us. We have been hopeful that our actions as dictated to follow were facilitating a change. Great strides in the overall reduction of new cases appears to have happened. The numbers of cases in varying stages and degrees of COVID-19 have decreased and continue to do so. Here is the issue: why then execute an order to cancel graduations across the state? Governor Cuomo has decided this without allowing districts or schools and universities their autonomy. What purpose and point does that serve when things have been and are consistently getting better? Do we need further intervention and directives while the diagnostics tell us otherwise?  There is significant difference in a strong recommendation and an order to do so. Our graduates have worked so hard to complete work necessary of an achievement such as graduation. I ask and hopefully others will join me in asking to rescind your order to cancel graduation. Speaking for me as a mother of a High School Senior, this would really be another devastating blow in a series of moments missed - forever. I’m asking that you leave the decisions up to the individual districts, as ours is small; and our school’s graduation was already being planned to be hosted outside. Events outside are increasingly a non-issue when it comes to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. There could be accommodations prepared to congregate in smaller groups wearing proper equipment; but instead of discussing this, you’ve cancelled all graduations. You are not addressing or hearing the needs and desires of your people Governor Cuomo. Not at all. My last comment is that we are in a time of crisis and chaos. At times, small glimmers of celebration and hope can bring temporal joy to so many even during a dark time. With so much going on in our great state this would offer hope - and promise. Hope that our graduates can look to the future with their fresh eyes and hearts and a promise that we will work towards a better tomorrow together. Please join me in making our voices heard! Thank you for listening. 

Melissa Brogan
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Petition to Students, New Hanover County Schools

New Hanover County Stadium Graduation

The New Hanover County School Board offered a “drive-in” graduation as the only option for the senior class of 2020. As a senior,  this decision rattled me. I have worked for 15 years to be able to walk across the stage in front of my fellow classmates and family to receive not only a diploma but the recognition that I finally did it. We understand that a regular graduation may not be possible, but many other schools have used football stadiums with social distancing to produce a similar feeling for the students. The school board voted 4-3 against the football stadium graduation, causing the drive in to be the option, with only one car per student. This is unfair and shows the school board’s disregard for accomplishments we have achieved throughout the first 18 years of our lives. With proper social distancing restrictions and masks, we can create an atmosphere to celebrate the students as we start the new chapter of our lives. Students before us remember this day for the rest of their lives, and this weak option does not allow anything close to what we have dreamed about for our entire lives. The school board took the easy way out on this decision. Again, this shows the utter disregard for the student’s accomplishments during the first 18 years of our lives. This may not do absolutely anything (the school board doesn’t seem to care about the students), but I would rather try and use my right to petition and peacefully protest to cause a change than sit in a car, apart from my fellow students and teachers that have made this chapter of my life so memorable. 

Jake Scanlan
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