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Petition to Attorney General Jim Hood

Draft Jim Hood for Governor

We can do better. For thirteen years, Mississippi has been on a dangerous path. We have been led by people whose ideas have not worked for us. Our leaders have slashed our beautiful state's education, public health, and infrastructure. Meanwhile, they have given tax cuts and handouts to those who need them the least. All of this has led to Mississippi's coming in fiftieth place by almost all measures and other states' saying "Thank God for Mississippi" (and not in a good way). We need a governor who will stand up for everyday, hard-working people and make our government work for all Mississippians. Jim Hood would be that governor. In his years serving Mississippi as our attorney general, Jim Hood has truly worked for us. He has stood up to insurance corporations, pharmaceutical giants, and corrupt politicians. He has worked to provide relief to citizens of the Gulf Coast after they were so hurt by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Jim Hood is also the person best positioned to bring Mississippi the change we need so desperately. In recent years, the political establishment has formed a vicegrip on our government through their big corporate donors and partisan gerrymandering. But, Jim Hood has withstood their efforts by serving Mississippians diligently and devotedly. He may be a Democrat, but Jim Hood is far from a party loyalist. He is a proud gun-owner and committed Christian family man who also believes in public service and guaranteeing that government works for all kinds of people. In short, Mississippi needs and deserves a governor like Jim Hood. We need and deserve a governor who will work hard for all of us and lead us in becoming a better state for ourselves and future generations. If you believe that Mississippi needs new leadership, please sign this petition and let Attorney General Jim Hood know that you would enthusiastically support his running for governor in 2019. This petition is in no way associated with Jim Hood or any official organization connected to him. I am an ordinary Mississippi citizen who just firmly believes that our state needs new leadership.

Gerald Kucia
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