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Petition to Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Rajeev Chandrasekhar

I urge the government to solve youth unemployment problem

Youth unemployment is a problem that needs to be tackled. As per this TOI article[1], at least 3 Crores young Indians do not have jobs. Considering India is a developing country, there should not be such a scarcity of work. One reason why this could be happening is that we have a large number of graduates seeking white-collared jobs which they consider as respectable. However, a number of such opportunities available do not meet the demand. The AISHE report “HIGHER EDUCATION STATISTICS AT A GLANCE”[2] shows that around 66 lakhs students had enrolled in Universities in 2017-2018. As we all know, unemployment leads to poor economic conditions and sometimes also leads people to resort to crimes. While the government cannot create the requisite number of white-collared jobs, we all know that there is a large number of small infrastructure/development related issues that need attention like potholes, damaged roads/footpaths, open drainages, traffic congestion, waste management, water logging, etc. [3-7] Many a time, the government lacks the required manpower to fix all the problems. The effort needed to fix these issues can be converted into job opportunities that can be taken by the unemployed youth. One example is the waste accumulation problem that occurred in the Mumbai beach. This was taken up as a voluntary cleaning activity by the people. However, instead of counting on volunteers to take up these initiatives, if the government/companies can project these problems as money-earning opportunities to the unemployed youth, it will be a win-win situation.  There are also other types of problems like pavement fixing that do not require a lot of coordination, effort or skill. It can be taken up 1-2 people and fixed quickly. I propose that the government should create a platform where people, government and companies can post the problems that they would like to be fixed. Here, youth can form small groups, come up with projects and propose solutions. The authorities can choose the best solution and quickly disburse funds for the same. While this platform creates job opportunities and fixes some developmental issues, it also helps the youth develop their skills and confidence. I sincerely believe that this platform will open up people’s minds to accept any kind of work as respectful as long as it benefits society or the environment. While this is the starting point, it would be great to have suggestions/discussions on various aspects of this platform. I would love to hear from you. Please sign and share my petition. References

Dilip Kola
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Petition to Devendra Fadnavis


India receives about 4,000 cubic kilometers of rain annually, or about 1 million gallons of fresh water per person every year.[2] However, the precipitation pattern in India varies dramatically across distance and over calendar months. Much of the precipitation in India, about 85%, is received during summer months through monsoons in the Himalayan catchments of the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna (GBM) basin. The northeastern region of the country receives heavy precipitation, in comparison with the northwestern, western and southern parts. The uncertainty of start date of monsoons, sometimes marked by prolonged dry spells and fluctuations in seasonal and annual rainfall is a serious problem for the country.[1] The nation sees cycles of drought years and flood years, with large parts of west and south experiencing more deficits and large variations, resulting in immense hardship particularly the poorest farmers and rural populations. Lack of irrigation water regionally leads to crop failures and farmer suicides. Despite abundant rains during July–September, some regions in other seasons see shortages of drinking water. Some years, the problem temporarily becomes too much rainfall, and weeks of havoc from floods.[13] This excess-scarcity regional disparity and flood-drought cycles have created the need for water resources management. Rivers inter-linking is one proposal to address that need. HOWEVER, it is noted that the river interlinking project is already proposed, but because of some political glitch it is now abounded. i request all of you to please support this petition and bring attention from the government for our future.    

Aslamkhan pathan
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Petition to Supreme Court of India, Government of India, Hon`ble Chief Justice of India

Chief Justice of India: Audio-Video Recording of all Court Proceedings.

We the undersigned request and plead for compulsory Audio-video recording of all court proceedings in all courts of India from District courts to Supreme Court. Electronic recording of court proceedings would usher in transparency.  The Judiciary is one of the most important limbs of the democracy. Transparency in the functioning of the Judiciary will go a long way in curbing the crime and will give the sense of security to law abiding citizens, while instilling fear in the minds of the criminals.  AV recording of court proceedings has become an accepted international practice.  Recording of case proceedings will be a great resource for judges to recollect relevant aspects of cases in which trial has taken a long time for completion. Use of Audio Visual recording is a straightforward method to make use of technology to increase in transparency and accountability within the judiciary. It can help in increasing the decorum of court trials as all the actions of judges, lawyers and other participants will be regularly monitored. Even for judges hearing cases that were initially before other benches, recordings of previous hearings will be helpful. Further, these will be useful for appellate courts as they can have exact details of hearings in the lower courts. Another advantage is that AV recordings will prevent witnesses from retracting their previous statements during trials. It will speed up trials as judges would be more careful in granting adjournments for frivolous reasons. Even the law ministry had mooted the idea of compulsory recording of all proceedings saying "...allowing such recordings can contribute to transparency of court processes by allowing a precise record of the proceedings and at the same time discouraging improper conduct in courts and wastage of court time. The efficiency of courts can also be enhanced by maintaining standard system generated formats of routine judgments and orders, particularly in civil cases, which may be used by courts for quick delivery of judgments,"  Please make compulsory Audio-video recording of court proceedings to enhance transparency and discourage witnesses from retracting statements.  #JUSTICEThis will also help in many cases where judgement is given in political influence and victimization of innocent people. We request Social Activists & Media to help us. _/\_ @Reopening the earlier closed petition. We need complete coverage of proceedings not merely CCTV footage without audio. Check this judgement of Aug 2017 and what is been done till date. "If Modi can demonetize in a day, why cant judiciary can go live on AV in one year."Every citizen accepted the demonetization, what is stoping Judiciary to a accept this change. Bold moves were seen in the past, we want to see the wise move before end of 2019. #2019_ELECTION #CORRUPTION_FREE #GOV_TRUSTWORTHY

Vibhuti Narayan Singh
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