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Govt Officials Should Submit work report Daily and Should give min work target to all.

Dear All,  India is yet to be developed because of the slow work in Govt officials. all of you might have experienced in the Govt offices.  either govt officials do work  or not. there is no fear to all the govt officials about their job. so they are not working in a serious manner,  there should be strict rule for the Govt officials too.  if u visit any of the Govt offices in india , u will see the officials are sitting simply by talking to each other and they will come to work and go from work at irregular timings. since its computerized everywhere still work is not happening quickly. and all the officials are busy in their personal works. if u pay money (Bribe) then only the work will happen in 2,3days even its a 2min work. because of this India is still not developed country its still developing. and its taking couple of decades to develop.  So Govt should Implement a Strict following Rules for All the Govt Officials mentioned below.  1. Every Govt official should log in on time. with thumb impression at their office only 2. daily Minimum work target should be given to All officials. and they  should finish their min 5 to 10 cases / work Everyday.   3.All Officials should submit Daily work report to the government website. which report is accessible to the citizen and everybody  can see their work report.  4. Being a public servant If any official found taking bribe /  not working properly / not giving service to the citizen as par his job or rule. he will be considered as not eligible for this job and  he will be fired and  he will lose the Govt job. and let them find a work  in private. 5.  All these Rules should be applicable to All Govt Officials , politicians, Judges, also.  Then India will develop in a rocket speed and with in a 3years . Rupees Value will become equal to the US Dollar.  And india will be one of the developed country. Hope you All understood and demand for the change. 

Vinayak Madival
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Petition to Indian citizens, Facebook, Indian Constitution, KYC

1 person, 1 Social identity (eKYC of social media accounts in India)

Social Media websites should stop promoting creation of fake accounts by promoting eKYC of users. This will reduce the spread of fake news and false propaganda among the nation. There is an estimate that out of every 5 facebook accounts, 1 is fake. This implies that if there are, say 1L citizens accounts on Facebook, 20k are just fake accounts spreading nuisance and hatred. In every election, help of these fake accounts ate taken to promote extremism and create a sense of anguish among the citizens. Its therefore nedded that there must be check on these social websites. Just think what it take to make social media a account. One email and 1 mobile number. Both of these can be produced any number of times resulting in many more fake accounts. Means there is no check on all the info sources which are basic needs of fb account.  If email cant be put under scrutiny, atleast we can promote 3 4 sim cards only for a person and eKYC of social media accounts. A handsome amount of money is spent in promotion of propaganda just before the time of election. It is estimated that in BJP India IT cell, 5k people are recruited for managing social media accounts per year. They already have it cell user base of more than 5L person headed by Super 150 at top of hierarchy  So to stop the spreading of fake news and false propaganda we demand for - 1 person, 1 social identity (FB account)

Anshul Gupta
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