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Petition to Mayor's Office, City of Toronto, Justin Trudeau

Force the Government to Acknowledge and Act against Air Pollution!!

Air pollution causes 1 in 8 deaths worldwide!!!! 92 per cent of the global population live in places with unhealthy air quality!!!! Global Warming is affecting everyone and needs to be solved before we face major consequences!!! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ What is it? Air pollution is a rising problem in today's society, with clean air being more important than anything. Air pollution has a huge impact on people’s lives, with people in Beijing having to wear masks every time they go outside. The problem of air pollution needs to be stopped, but it may be to late, as the amount of carbon emissions is around 10 gigatonnes, more than the heaviest thing in the world by far (RSS Spaceship 2,500 tonnes). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Why is it Important? Air pollution is a scary topic to think about when thinking of the Earth’s major problems. Around 5 million people in the U.S. died due to air pollution, whether that be directly or indirectly. Air pollution impacts almost every region, besides the few that want to help the Earth and make their carbon emissions less. Cities, mostly in eastern Asia, with China emitting 1.6 billion tonnes and India emitting 20 times that much between 2005 and 2013, with 20.54 billion tonnes of carbon being emitting.  --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What Countries are most Affected by it? The top countries most affected by air pollution are: Pakistan                   Iran                                       IndiaQatar                       Egypt                                    BahrainAfghanistan            Mongolia                               NepalBangladesh             United arab emirates            China -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Companies that Air Pollute Many Coal mines, especially in the major coal mining industry of China, are usually the main source of air pollution in today’s society. Companies like Coal India, BHP group, Shenhua, are many of which pollute the air with massive quantities of greenhouse gases at a time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The problem of air pollution needs to be stopped, but it may be to late, as the amount of carbon emissions is around 10 gigatonnes, more than the heaviest thing in the world by far (RSS Spaceship 2,500 tonnes).!!!!! presentation:

Ishaaq Khan
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Petition to Justin Trudeau


Boycotting animal agriculture  industries all together is the single most effective way to help voiceless and vulnerable farmed animals, prevent destruction to the planet and improve our health.   I do not believe the Government of Canada is doing a very good job of protecting our environment, making our health a priority, and ending the unnecessary exploitation of farmed animals. Here’s why! Health Canada recently released a new Canada Food Guide that cuts out meat and dairy almost entirely and even shows tofu! So why is the Federal Government, despite recommending Canadians SIGNIFICANTLY reduce consumption of animal based products, still subsidizing the very industries they clearly indicated are not healthy for us.  With OUR TAX DOLLARS!   If the Government wants to tax us then okay, you’re going to anyways. But don't spend OUR TAX DOLLARS funding animal agriculture industries that promote EXPLOITATION and VIOLENCE. According to U.N.F.A.O, "animal agriculture is the second largest contributor to human-made greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions after fossil fuels and is a leading cause of deforestation, water and air pollution and biodiversity loss."   Instead those taxpayer dollars could be used to: Help farmers and people involved in the animal agriculture industries to transition to plant based farms. Even better, help them transition to whatever type of work that doesn’t involve any violence. Repair the damage to the planet that you have funded.Invest in schools, improved education, shelters for the homeless, community gardens, etc. The list goes on!   There are a large number of ways to invest those subsidies and handouts instead of in the destruction of our planet, damaging our health, and the exploitation of farmed animals. Every day, more and more people are realizing that they can get great healthy, affordable, and delicious food without hurting animals .. and they are!   Please choose compassion and join thousands of us in this movement. ___________________________________ IMPOTS! Si le gouvernement veut nous taxer, d’accord, ils vont le faire quand même. Mais ne dépensez pas NOS TAXES ET IMPOTS pour le financement d’industries d’élevage d'animaux faisant la promotion de l’exploitation et de la violence. Selon l’U.N.F.A.O., «l’agriculture animale est le deuxième plus grand contributeur d’émissions de gaz à effet de serre (GES) produites par l’homme après les combustibles fossiles et il est une des principales causes de déforestation, de pollution de l’eau et de l’air et de perte de biodiversité». Au lieu de cela, l’argent des contribuables pourraient être utilisés pour: Aidez les agriculteurs et les personnes impliquées dans les industries de l'élevage animal à passer aux exploitations à de plantes. Mieux encore, les aider à faire la transition vers n’importe quel type de travail qui n’entraîne aucune violence. Réparez les dommages causés à la planète, que vous avez financée. Investir dans les écoles, améliorer l’éducation, créer des abris pour les sans-abri, créer des jardins communautaires, etc. La liste continue! Il existe un grand nombre de moyens d'investir ces subventions et ces dons au lieu de détruire notre planète, de nuire à notre santé et d'exploiter les animaux d'élevage. Chaque jour, de plus en plus de personnes réalisent qu’elles peuvent obtenir une alimentation saine, abordable et délicieuse sans faire de mal aux animaux… S'il vous plaît choisissez la compassion et rejoignez des milliers d'entre nous dans ce mouvement.

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Petition to Justin Trudeau

Stop The Demand for Breathalyzer Tests in Homes, Restaurants and Bars

We are writing this petition as concerned citizens of Canada in regards to bill C-46 and the unprecedented and unethical authority it grants police to breathalyze Canadian citizens in public areas such as restaurants, bars, on private property and in their own homes. With little or no media attention to alarm citizens, police now have the totalitarian right to approach citizens in public places and private residences and demand a breathalyzer test for impairing substances without “reasonable suspicion” and without the peoples right of being “presumed innocent.” Refusing to do so can result in: fines, DUI charges, license suspensions, arrests and criminal records. Bill C-46 was passed surreptitiously by the federal regime, seemingly without notice, without party resistance, without public dialogue and without the consent of the Canadian people. Although similarly practiced in communistic countries, this new law stands far apart from historical and respectful Canadian laws and violates the human rights of Canadians by making citizens vulnerable, to be falsely targeted and accused while inciting communities to voluntarily denounce their neighbors, ex partners and other “bad” people to the police with such accusations of criminality-also a common practice vigorously supported by autocratic leaderships. This is not the Canada Canadians fought for or the Canada we want for our children. We strongly encourage all Canadians to seriously consider the implications of this legislation, its true intent and the dangerous precedence it sets for Canada and its future governing laws. Please take a moment to sign this petition to show the government of Canada that its citizens will not tolerate such violations and imminent wrongful persecutions by a dictatorial rule of law.  Thank you for your time.   

Alban Zeqiri
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