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Petition to President Donald Trump

Revoke CNN'S White House Press Privileges

CNN has breached its duty to the American people to provide objective and factual information regarding President Trump and his administration. Therefore, we the undersigned, respectfully request that President Trump revoke CNN's White House Press credentials. CNN has repeatedly broadcast "fake news" about the President and his administration under the fraudulent guise of objective reporting. CNN has falsely accused the President - contrary to evidence - of being a racist and of being mentally unfit for office. CNN has recklessly, deceitfully, and maliciously accused the President of supporting Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacy; in spite of the President's numerous, full, and vehement denunciations of Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and White Supremacy. And, in CNN's most brazenly egregious and outrageous breach of its duty to the American people, CNN on-air personality Don Lemon, on August 22, 2017, recklessly, deceitfully, and maliciously declared - without any supporting evidence - that President Trump is attempting to start a Civil War. The First Amendment protects CNN's right to broadcast and publish as it sees fit. However, those protections do not include an unlimited and unfettered guarantee of any access at all to the President, White House briefings, or members of the President's administration. Such access is a distinct privilege which is entirely subject to the discretion and pleasure of the President of the United States. CNN has definitively demonstrated that it is not a legitimate news organization, but, rather, a propaganda operation determined to damage the President and his administration by any corrupt "journalistic" means necessary; including outright lies, slanderous claims, and the outrageously reckless, crazed, and wholly unsubstantiated claim that President Trump is attempting to start a Civil War. President Trump, please revoke CNN's White House press privileges.

Richard Jarzynka
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