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Petition to OFGEM, Dermot Nolan, Martin Crouch, Pamela Taylor, Greg Clark

Fix Ofgem to fix the “broken” energy market

This petition calls on Ofgem to: 1.     publish the required fuel mix and complaint-handling data for all of the energy suppliers in the market, not just a select few; 2.     provide clear and unambiguous standards as to how data is calculated and presented, and enforce those standards, and; 3.     include data on whether a supplier is unreported, or reporting a value of zero, and whether the reporting is up to date.   From Theresa May, who coined the phrase the “energy market is broken”, to the Labour Party, which has pledged to re-nationalise portions of the market, no one is dealing with one simple and obvious issue: The energy regulator (Ofgem) is doing a poor job of regulating the energy market. Dermot Nolan (Chief Executive of Ofgem) has said that, “if [the energy suppliers] fail to keep prices under control or do not provide a good service, they risk being punished as customers vote with their feet,” but went on to say that the energy market “is not as competitive as we would like.” [Utility Weekly, 7th March, 2017.] The energy market would be more competitive if both Ofgem and the suppliers provided information about service levels in the market. Ofgem already requires that suppliers publish this information:  1.    As of 2005, electricity suppliers in Great Britain were required to disclose their fuel mix (the proportion of Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Renewable and ‘Other’ sources by which they generate their electricity). At the moment, not Ofgem, is the best source of data on fuel mix – it is seldom available from energy suppliers’ own websites. In addition, suppliers that have been trading less than a year are not required to provide this data. If they are getting all of their energy from a single generator this loophole is pointless. 2.     All energy suppliers have been required to publish data on how many complaints they get each quarter, since at least 2013. Ofgem do publish data on customer complaints, but only for British Gas, E.On, EDF Energy, NPower, SSE, and Scottish Power (aka the ‘big six’), six mid-sized suppliers, and six smaller suppliers. It is not clear how the selection of the mid-sized and small suppliers is carried out, nor why the regulator only publishes data for only a quarter of the market.   Despite months of research for Social Consumer, I have found these “required” data published by only 40-50 of the 70+ energy suppliers currently in the market. In addition, I have found errors in the reporting from some companies. Why did it take an email from me to have one supplier correct their reporting? Isn’t that the regulator’s job?  Why have some suppliers failed to update their data for over six months (customer complaints) and, in some cases, for as long as two years (fuel mix)?  How can a conscientious customer research which supplier they should switch to if the data are not there to do the research?   The obvious answer is that Ofgem and the individual suppliers should publish all of it.   Image Copyright: davizro / 123RF Stock Photo

Social Consumer
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Petition to Michael Gove

Revoke the killing of Geronimo the alpaca and allow testing

Geronimo the alpaca is due to be killed by Defra because our government have decided he has bovine tuberculosis (btb) based on a single highly questionable blood test result. All other tests are negative. He is fit and healthy and there is no other evidence to support this decision. This test was done voluntarily. Killing a healthy animal needlessly on the basis of a test is beyond comprehension. We are not asking for the results to be disregarded. We are only asking for further testing under the Defra agreed isolation conditions on our farm, as recommended by the test developers. No diagnostic test is perfectly accurate and there is no performance data for the way this test was used. Camelids are a unique species completely unlike cattle. Geronimo has come from a tb negative tested herd in New Zealand and has moved to a tb negative tested herd in the UK. If Geronimo dies then owners will stop testing at all. This will undo all the efforts of the Camelid community to carry out voluntary disease surveillance. The UK camelid industry has taken responsibility and worked extremely hard over the last few years to get a voluntary btb testing scheme in place for the benefit of all camelids, their owners, buyers and the people they meet on farms, at trekking centres, weddings, care homes etc. Whilst the prevalence of btb is very small indeed in UK camelids, the industry wants to do all it can to keep it that way and support Defra and the wider livestock industry in eradicating bovine tb from the UK. Even the testing equipment was entirely funded by the industry because the government would not pay for it. Defra are being very short sighted. Michael Gove’s department are insisting Geronimo must die. Why? Because we wanted to do the right thing by our herd and the camelid industry. Since when does a department paid for by tax payers get the right to play god because they are unwilling to use science as a learning tool for the benefit of everyone?

Helen Macdonald
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