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Petition to Department of Education, Theresa May MP, Sam Gyimah MP

Interest-free student finance

Its essential that everyone has an equal right to university education. Many muslims in the UK have to make the choice of going against their religious beliefs and taking the loan or not going to university altogether, due to the student loans having interest on them. Interest (usury) is forbidden in Islam. This is problematic for many muslim students as it is a very competitive world out there. In my opinion, a degree helps propel one towards a brighter and more successful future.  It is therefore vital for me as a Muslim student to who is passionate about education to have an alternative method of financing myself whilst at university. The government consultation in September 2014 indicated an alternative finance university tuition fee model would be introduced in September 2016. The government’s proposed alternative finance Takaful model which, whilst being identical to the current interest based model in terms of cost and repayment terms, uses a non-interest based finance mechanism. The government initially planned to introduce this alternative finance by September 2016, it has not yet done so, and has not committed to a date when this model will eventually be introduced. Please can the government prioritise making this happen by September 2018 and recognise the negative impact on many Muslim students of not being able to benefit from a university education. Please sign this petition so that everyone is given an equal right to university without having to compromise their religion. 

Raheem Bilal
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Petition to Department for Education, Justine Greening, Jeremy Hunt

Demand that Mental Health Is implemented into the British education curriculum

Last week I lost my good friend Mush who was battling depression. You can see us in the photo above - he is on the right. To most, he seemed fine, many didn't even know that there was something wrong. But there was. I believe if we had been taught to understand mental health from a young age, we might have noticed the signs, we might have been able to get him support earlier, he might still be alive right now. That’s why I have started this petition. Right now teachers are not made to go under any mandatory training on mental health. Having it on the curriculum will inform them of signs too. That's why I started this petition. Mental health impacts all of us, including teenagers like me. Three children in every classroom have a diagnosable mental health condition. Over a two year span our country has seen a 70 percent increase in reports of self harm in British children aged between 10 and 14. Last year the National Association of Headteachers carried out a survey and found that three quarters of school teachers feel that they lack the resources to meet the mental health needs of their pupils. Reasons included were a lack of training, financial constraints and the absence of support from professional NHS services. Many adults can trace the symptoms back to childhood so making mental health education a compulsory part of the curriculum could give schools the chance to stop mental illnesses early - or at least give people the resources to spot and understand what is going on with them. Schools are here to teach young people the skills we need to thrive in life, and understanding mental health is one skill we desperately need. I sometimes wonder if we’d had mental health support like this, where my friend would be now. Please sign this to help others before it's too late. Thank you. #ITSOKNOTTOBEOK

Oliver Ball
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