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Petition to Rahul Gandhi, Sushmita Dev, Apsara Reddy, Prof M.V. Rajeev Gowda, Atishi, Rajeev Chandrasekhar

Include LGBTQIA+ Sensitivity Training For All Govt Employees in 2019 Election Manifesto

2018 was a good year for the LGBTQIA+ community. The Supreme Court struck down the archaic section 377 that criminalised them. But decriminalisation isn’t enough if society continues to discriminate against people on the basis of their identity and sexuality.   2019 is election year and the perfect opportunity to further educate people about the LGBTQ community. Help me make this year as iconic as the last! Sign my petition asking the leaders of major political parties to add LGBTQ sensitivity training for all government employees, including police officials, in their 2019 election manifestos. The discussion on gender equity and women empowerment is ongoing but this conversation leaves out the LGBT community and gender non-conforming people. In these gender discussions, we rarely discuss the challenges, aspirations and achievements of the LGBT community. In the 2014 Supreme Court verdict, the central government was directed to put in place regular training and sensitisation efforts for government employees, including police officials, about the LGBTQ community. But this isn't happening. The biggest challenge comes when people from the LGBT or gender non-conforming community can’t access their basic fundamental rights. The right to be identified as equal human beings by the society. This can’t happen because of insensitivity on the part of those officials who are meant to interact with India’s citizens on behalf of the government. When these officials treat someone as less than a ‘normal’ human being, then where is the equality? Providing the community with rights on paper is very different from active implementation. Join me in asking our political parties to commit in their 2019 election manifestos that they will put in place training programs in government institutions and for government employees so they can interact with the LGBTQ community with greater sensitivity. Let us come together and work to uphold the 2014 Supreme Court verdict in letter and in spirit! #2019ForLGBTQ #SheVotes2019  #LGBTQSensitivity #InclusiveManifesto

Meenakshi Gandotra
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Petition to Naveen Patnaik, Tathagata Satpathy

Naveen Patnaik: Give 33% of poll tickets to women in Odisha Assembly Elections 2019

I have always been a proud Odia. Today, I have one more reason to celebrate my identity. Biju Janata Dal, a political party from Odisha has announced that it will give 33% tickets to women in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This decision has created history in Indian politics and will lay the path to bringing gender equality in our country's politics. I would also like to acknowledge the fact that we are the first state in the country to pass the 33% Women's Reservation Bill at the state level and also the first state in the country to give 50% reservation to women in the panchayat elections. This effort by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik to bring gender equality in Indian politics was recently recognised by the United Nations. So, if the BJD has already announced 33% tickets to women in the Lok Sabha elections, why not in the state assembly as well? BJD should become a role model for the rest of the country. Sign my petition asking the BJD to announce 33% tickets to women in the state assembly elections. The 2019 General Elections are nearing and political parties are in the process of finalising their candidates. In the last state assembly election, only 8% tickets were given to women candidates across all parties in Odisha. And the total number of women MLAs in the current assembly is just 11 out of 147 which is again just 7%. Can't a political party that has been at the helm of Odisha for the last twenty years, find 49 women leaders to give tickets to in the election? Sign my petition to the President of Biju Janata Dal to issue 33% tickets to women in the state assembly elections. Let's bring more women into politics! Image credit:

Pranay manjari Samal
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Save the dignity of women and Girls #NoSilenceForViolence #MahilaMitra

I faced severe violence at the hands of my husband for seven years, but was not able to speak about it to my family or even complaint to the police. When I became widow at 28, faced lot of hardships of shame, guilt and unwanted sexual advances. Then I got remarried at 35 but things became only worse. I am not the ONLY one faced violence, almost many girls and women face violence in their life time. But women are not confident and courageous enough to say no to violence due to societal norms, taboo and scared to go to police. Me with Vasavya Mahila Mandali a 50 years NGO led by women activist Chennupati Vidya collaborated with Vijayawada city police, launched Mahila Mitra in 2017 with 200 members, which created confidence and courage among women to face life in crisis. These women became peers and counselled and supported each other. Today they are confident and are leading happy and safe life. This initiative has created impact in 20 police stations in Vijayawada city police area. If this is scaled up to about 600 police stations in 13 districts of Andhra Pradesh it will be very effective. Sign my petition and request the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh to scale the initiative.  Women is a mother, daughter, sister, wife but most importantly, a human being. An individual of her own. It is everybody's concern that women and girls in each family to be safe and confident. Let join in this campaign to make Sunrise state Andhra Pradesh to commit in reaching No violence on women and Happiness Index. Nara Chandra Babu Naidu, Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is an example for all the states in India since he initiated in 1990s the key women’s empowerment programme: self help groups. Today in India almost 70% of women are in this biggest women’s network which helps in poverty alleviation. So his visionary personality will certainly think of making Andhra Pradesh safe for women so that all other states can follow.  Each ones support in signing this petition, is a strength for all the girls and women. Let every family be happy. 

Keerthi Bollineni
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Petition to Election Commisson of India, Sunil Arora

Allow Indians on the Move to Vote from their Current Location in 2019 Elections #LostVotes

What do Pranjal, an IIT student and Vinod, an Uber driver have in common? Neither can vote in the 2019 elections. Because they study and work in cities away from their hometowns. “We discuss politics a lot at IIT, Delhi. I was so keen to vote in my hometown Kota in the recent Rajasthan elections. But sadly I couldn’t make it as I couldn’t afford to skip my studies for 3-4 days,” says Pranjal. Etah-resident Vinod drives an Uber cab in Noida. “I didn’t have the money or the time to travel 200 kilometres to cast a vote in the UP elections. It would have been a lot simpler if the location of a voter did not matter, only the vote did,” he says. Like Pranjal and Vinod, crores of Indians are on the move. For work or education. And many have voter cards but live far away from their constituencies where they are registered.  It’s time to make every Indian’s vote count in the 2019 elections. Unlike numerous services - like mobile phone numbers, bank accounts and Aadhaar number - that remain the same whether you live in Agra or Agartala, our voting right doesn’t move with us. This is one of the biggest reasons why millions of Indians were not able to vote in the 2014 elections. Sign this petition asking the Election Commission of India to make it possible for every Indian with a voters card to cast their vote no matter where they live in India - in their constituency or thousands of kilometres away. Afterall, if NRIs can vote by proxy, why can’t Indians on the move right here in India? It’s time to turn these #LostVotes into votes that count. Because they can shape the destiny of our nation. If you wish to sign the petition in Hindi, click here:

The Times of India
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