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Petition to McGuckin Hardware

Tell McGuckin Hardware to stop selling harmful pesticides and herbicides!

McGuckin Hardware is a well-loved local business here in Boulder. From tools and hardware to art materials, garden supplies and kitchenwares, McGuckin seems to have it all. But there are some products that simply shouldn’t be sold on the shelves of this local establishment: harmful herbicides and pesticides. These products are destroying our health, our food security, and our environment. It’s time for the Boulder community to take a stand. Sign the petition to tell McGuckin Hardware enough is enough. We do not want dangerous chemicals sold in our community! Harmful inorganic pesticides and herbicides such as neonicotinoids and glyphosate (RoundUp) are having detrimental effects on our health and our environment. These chemicals aren’t just used in industrial agriculture; homeowners purchase and use these products every day on their lawns and gardens. Bee populations are rapidly declining as a direct result of these chemicals. As bees are responsible for pollinating one third of the world’s food crops, our food security is facing a tremendous threat. Inorganic pesticides and herbicides have also been linked to cancer and other health problems in humans. At McGuckin Hardware, these chemicals are found in pest and weed control products, as well as in soil mixes and plants.  Sign the petition to tell McGuckin Hardware to remove these dangerous products from their shelves. The Boulder community claims to value health, sustainability and natural resources. It’s time to walk our talk! Inorganic pesticides and herbicides are not in line with these values. We must demand that our local businesses end the sale of these products and begin promoting organic and restorative yard and garden practices. Let’s take this crucial first step in regenerating our ecosystems and protecting our food supply. End the sale of detrimental pesticides and herbicides at McGuckin Hardware! Sign the petition today.  Click the following links to learn more about these dangerous products:

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Petition to Food and Drug Administration, Environmental Protection Agency

Tell the EPA and FDA to ban Monsanto’s cancer-causing herbicides

A North Carolina groundskeeper was awarded $78 million from Monsanto for damages. Those damages were cancer. Dewayne Johnson is 46-years old. He had been spraying Roundup on school grounds for years. Sometimes the chemical would get onto his skin. Dewayne hadn’t heard the rumours about Roundup causing cancer. Since there are no health warnings on Roundup, Dewayne thought it was safe. By the time he knew something was wrong, it was too late. Four years ago he noticed a rash, that rash turned out to be the beginning of non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma. His doctors estimate he has at most two years to live. He’ll leave behind a wife and three children. There’s something the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) can do today to make sure others aren’t faced with a similar fate. Tell the EPA and FDA to ban Roundup. Dewayne’s story has now unleashed a floodgate of lawsuits against Monsanto, with 8,700 plaintiffs suing for similar reasons. Since the 1970’s, Monsanto’s Roundup has included a harmful substance called glyphosate. Scientists have studied the effects of this chemical and determined that it can cause serious health impacts, including cancer. Traces of glyphosate have even been found in the food that we eat. Demand the EPA and FDA ban glyphosate. Chemicals that can cause cancer shouldn’t be sprayed on our food and yards. Roundup can cause irreversible life threatening damage to people. It could even harm consumers who eat glyphosate laced foods. Tell the EPA and FDA to stand up for Americans, ban Monsanto’s cancerous herbicides.

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Petition to Weyerhaeuser, , , , , , ,

Weyerhaeuser, Don't Use Glyphosate Herbicide Mixtures Around Lake Cavanaugh

Our request for help is URGENT. Weyerhaeuser could begin chemical applications as early as Monday 8/27/18. Help us urge Weyerhaeuser to use alternative methods in their forest vegetation management practices. Out for a walk along South Shore Drive on Monday 8/20/18, a community member spotted a barely legible notice on what looked like standard-sized printer paper. This notice was posted at the entrance to logging sites West of Lake Cavanaugh in Mount Vernon. Basically, it reads the logged area will now be sprayed with glyphosate (Roundup), imazapry, metasulfuron methyl, sulfometuron methyl and methylated seed oil (surfactant). There was no outreach beyond these tiny signs. The sign said to contact Kelly Dougherty at Weyerhaeuser with concerns. Our community has discussed our concerns with her to no avail. Since it's such a large area, Weyerhaeuser will conduct ground applications followed by aerial applications as early as the week of August 27th, 2018. This is incredibly troubling not only because of the known health risks of these chemicals and their carcinogenic nature, but also because of its close proximity to Lake Cavanaugh and its watershed - a drinking water source for many of the residents on the lake. The lake provides resources not just for its human residents, but wildlife as well. Even if Weyerhaeuser is found to be in compliance with the rules and regulations put forth by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Washington State Department of Agriculture (both who regulate these chemicals), as well as the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (which issues permits for the chemical application process), our community’s goal is to get Weyerhaeuser to stop using them in our area based on the growing body of evidence indicating their detrimental health effects to humans and animals. The push-back against this type of product, and glyphosate in particular, is widespread and growing. Monsanto, who makes Roundup, has 8,000 pending lawsuits alleging its glyphosate-based product gave the plaintiffs or their loved ones cancer. The World Health Organization labels glyphosate as a probable carcinogen. France has banned its use. Italy has banned it use. The European Union is working on banning its use. Arkansas has banned its use during the summer. The state of California has labeled it a probable carcinogen. California’s city of Santa Rosa has banned its use where children play. The Oakland hills are working to prevent its use. Our local neighbors in Kitsap and Jefferson counties, as well as the Skykomish River Valley are also working to prevent its use by their local logging outfits. The list goes on. As it says on our community website, "Not only is Lake Cavanaugh a beautiful place to live and play, but we also pride ourselves in being a small community that works together toward common goals." Right now, our common goal is to protect our beautiful lake, the families around it, our watershed and our ecosystem. Please help us stop this poisonous event. Your signature asks Weyerhaeuser to be a responsible neighbor, stop using these chemicals in our area, and instead opt for safe alternative methods in their forest vegetation management practices.  More information: Chemical Spraying page at RCW 70.54.010 “Polluting Water Supply – Penalty” Drift and accidental exposure during aerial applications happens! Read the story below.Timberland Herbicide Spraying Sickens a Community

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Petition to Governor Jerry Brown

Governor Brown: Ban Glyphosate in California!

Did you know that one of the most widely-used herbicides in history, sprayed on our food crops, streets, playgrounds, and parks, has been proven to cause serious harm to our health? I’m concerned about my children’s health and safety, and Monsanto’s Glyphosate  weed killer (Roundup) is putting all of ours at risk. Join our campaign asking Governor Jerry Brown to ban the use of Glyphosate in California. In fact, Glyphosate is considered a carcinogenic by the WHO and even the California State Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment. Glyphosate herbicides have also been found to be linked to various cancers specifically lymphoma, are endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic, and a cause of liver disease. Yet this dangerous chemical is so pervasive that glyphosate is now found in our children's urine, mother's milk, our bloodstreams, and our food, beverages, water and more. There is a global movement taking place to ban this toxic chemical, and we’re asking California to lead the way for the U.S.  Other countries have begun to take action to protect their health, and the health of their children. Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and El Salvador have banned glyphosate. France is phasing out the use of glyphosate herbicides in agriculture over the next 5 years completely. In Europe, after 1 million Europeans requested a ban, 72% of the Members of the European Parliament voted to ban glyphosate and EU Member states have refused to renew the license. Sign my petition asking Governor Brown to ban glyphosate in our great state! To further support a glyphosate ban in California contact 

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