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Petition to North Carolina Governor

Alternatives to plastic

We need alternatives to plastic such as metal straws instead of plastic straws or maybe not using so much plastic in bottles and use aluminum bottles/cans instead. It would help reduce animal deaths in the ocean and pollution. Animals die because of pollution in the ocean caused by humans, we can make a tremendous difference if we all help and work together. Please help the animals from suffering from issues like eating or getting and strangled from being trapped in plastic. We are on this earth together so we should help protect and respect the animals here and the earth itself. You can make a difference by signing this petition, spreading the word, hosting and/or attending ocean cleaning events, not littering, try to use items made from other things besides plastic, and recycle. If you would like to learn more about that you can go to to learn more about how you can help and other things involving that. THIS IS NOT A JOKE! GLOBAL WARMING IS EVERY TIME GOING TO WORSE CONSEQUENTLY, PRODUCING THE CLIMATE CHANGE. EVERY DAY WE ARE POLLUTING EACH TIME MORE AND MORE. THE HUMAN BEING IS CONTAMINATING THE PLANET WHICH IS THE ONLY ONE WE HAVE! NON-RENEWABLE ENERGIES ARE ACTUALLY THE MOST USED ENERGIES IN OUR DAILY LIFE. RENEWABLE ENERGIES SHOULD BE USED THE MOST IN OUR DAILY LIFE AND NON-RENEWABLE SHOULD BE THE LEAST. PLASTIC IS THE MAIN CAUSE WHY WE ARE BURNING FOSSIL FUELS EVERY DAY, LIKE COAL, GAS AND OIL EVERY MINUTE TO MAKE PLASTIC. WE ARE DESTROYING THE NATURE, THROWING AWAY TONS AND TONS OF PLASTIC AND RUBBISH INTO THE SEA KILLING HUNDREDS OR EVEN THOUSANDS OF ANIMALS. IF THE TEMPERATURE IN THE PLANET INCREASES BY A FEW DEGREES DURING THE NEXT FEW YEARS, WE WILL BE INTO A SERIOUS PROBLEM. WHEN FOSSIL FUELS ARE BEING BURNED EVERY DAY, WE ARE CONTAMINATING THE EARTH'S ATSMOSPHERE WITH CARBON DIOXIDE (CO2) PRODUCING THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT OVER THE PLANET EARTH WHICH IS THE ONLY CAUSE TO WHICH GLOBAL WARMING IS BEING PRODUCED. IF WE CARRY ON LIKE THIS, I KEEP INSISTING, WE WILL BE INTO A REALLY SERIOUS PROBLEM. THE FOSSIL FUELS, ARE NON-RENEWABLE SOURCE OF ENERGY.   

Noah Crouse
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Petition to Chairman , Director General

Make backyard trash burning illegal in Sri Lanka

Backyard burning of trash in Sri Lanka is a huge problem, and the negative repercussions it has on the environment and the people do not need an explanation. People are burning trash today in massive amounts because there are no legal ramifications for doing so, and also, it's the easiest way to dispose of waste. What they are not thinking about is how they are contributing to large scale problems such as air pollution, climate change, and global warming.  The average temperatures in Sri Lanka are accelerating at an alarming pace. It means that we are experiencing the consequences of our actions first hand and continuing to burn trash is only going to worsen the problem. I believe that illegalizing the backyard burning of trash will force people to look for alternative ways of disposing of it that are healthier for everybody and earth.  I don't think it is too late for us Sri Lankans to make a progressive change that will create not just a better country but a better world.   Stop Backyard Burning! Open Burning of Trash: A Hidden Toxin Trash burning worldwide significantly worsens air pollution The Practice of Burning Trash in Developing Countries Burning Trash Bad for Humans and Global Warming Sri Lanka's Waste Problem Is Massive Possible alternatives for burning trash Reduce the amount of waste generated by separating your trash into recyclables, compost, and other trash Implement and promote backyard composting Educate people on good recycling practices Increase the frequency of garbage and recycling collection  Build new and improve exciting trash disposal infrastructure, including increasing the number of controlled incinerators SriLanka can be the country to set standards for the rest of South Asia on responsible waste management practices.

Maneesha Wijesinghe
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