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Petition to Political decision-makers all over the world., Chevron , ExxonMobil, BP , saudi aramco, Shell, U.S. Department of State, European Commission

Protect our earth from dying.

Right now we are facing the pollution effects. You see it on the news, on Instagram, Snapchat stories, and documentaries on Netflix. This problem is uniting all human beings. This one is for our future. This action is especially intended for all the teens and younger people out there. For the ones who want to be part of this change, (but don’t know how). What is the problem? Right now the earth is heating up, but the increasing temperature needs to stay under 1.5°C. This way the atmosphere can keep absorbing the CO2. But when experts and scientists made a prognostication about how we live now, and how the CO2 emission will develop, they came with a shocking prediction: By 2028 the atmosphere’s temperature on earth will have risen by a total of 1.5°C, and by 2045 a total of 2°C. So they say we won’t stay under the 1.5°C, which means that if we keep living as we do now, our earth will be exhausted in about 26 years, and we won't be able to save the world anymore. Calling on those who have a huge impact on our environment is the only option we have for our families and friends to live in a better world, now and in the future. Our demands: Do everything you can to stop the global temperature from rising by more than 1.5°C. Make climate action a priority across all parts of government. Reduce their greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2050 at the latest. Richer countries should do this faster. By 2030, global emissions must be half as much as they were in 2010. Stop using fossil fuels as quickly as possible.  Make sure that climate change doesn’t violate anyone’s human rights. Make sure that those affected by climate change the transition to a fossil-free economy, are properly informed about what is happening and are able to participate in decisions about their futures. Make sure that countries help each other reach these goals; richer countries must help others. Restore the environment at home and abroad, so nature can fight back against climate change. We can do this. Sign this action and call on the political decision-makers all over the world, to create a planet where there is (almost) no human emission of CO2. We will not go down without a fight. We will keep rising until governments will act. LET'S MAKE A CHANGE AND STOP THE CLIMATE CRISIS! LET'S SHOW UP FOR EARTH. Please support our campaign and join us! Sign this, if you are also #Showingupforearth Follow us on:

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Petition to Brittany Hardin

Call Pete Ricketts to create a Climate Action Plan for Nebraska

A Climate Action Plan is a strategy document that outlines policies and measures that are taken to reduce the emissions of Greenhouse Gases. A CAP (Climate Action Plan) uses Greenhouse Gas emissions as its foundation and provides local goals that need to be met to reduce these emissions. A CAP gives the framework and guides needed in order to achieve these goals. A CAP can be a standalone document or it can be integrated into a pre-existing plan whether it be a comprehensive plan or sustainability plan. A CAP is important because it shows that the local government system recognizes that there is a climate issue and that they are willing to take steps to combat the issue by enforcing guidelines. A plan for climate protection is an essential tool for guiding our community to start taking action in climate change mitigation. It helps prioritize actions needed to successfully reduce the emission of Greenhouse Gases. CAP also helps local governments use it as a roadmap when implementing municipal and community-wide programs, projects, and policies. I promote that the implementation of a CAP is proposed to Pete Ricketts and his team. Nebraska has yet to implement any sort of plan for this pressing matter. 34 other states have a Climate Action Plan implemented in the government system. Climate Change is an issue that everyone involved should be concerned about. Help me call Pete Ricketts to share the concern. 

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Petition to Brad Little, John Vander Woude, Paul Amador, Neil A. Anderson, Robert Anderst, Wendy Horman, Dorothy Moon, Heather Scott, Barbara Ehardt, Randy Armstrong, Rod Furniss, Linda Wright Hartgen, Laurie Lickley, Britt Raybould, Julianne Young, Elaine Smith, Sue Chew, Jake Ellis, Rob Mason, Maryanne Jordan, David Nelson

Reduce Emissions from Gas Powered Lawn Equipment

I live in North Idaho and see businesses having team members walk the streets with gas-powered leaf blowers every fall. These leaf blowers, while helpful in clearing leaves from sidewalks, are incredibly detrimental to the environment. Gas-powered leaf blowers kick out nearly 300 times the hydrocarbons of a pickup truck and 93 times the hydrocarbons of a sedan¹. They produce an alarming amount of carbon monoxide and nitrous oxides as well. These machines create so much pollution, that one two-stroke leaf blower that has been used for about 30 minutes of yard work produces the same amount of hydrocarbons of a pickup truck that is driven 3,900 miles straight¹. Not only do these machines pose a serious threat with the number of emissions they give out, but they also stir up large amounts of dust into the air². "Leaf blowers push 300 to 700 cubic feet of air per minute at 150 to 280 MPH. The resulting dust can contain PM2.5 and PM10 particles including pollen and mold, animal feces, heavy metals, and chemicals from herbicides and pesticides."² Basically, leaf blowers are causing harmful substances to swirl in the air, posing a health hazard to Idahoans via unsafe air quality. Gas-powered leaf blowers are hazardous on several fronts, they have high levels of emissions and leave a large carbon footprint as well as pollute the air with potentially hazardous materials. On top of those factors, "ozone is created when heat and sunlight react with nitrogen oxides and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are emitted from combustion engines, including lawn equipment." Cities with heavy use of gas-powered lawn equipment, like "St. Louis [are] among the top-ranked areas for ozone and particle pollution. In fact, according to the Clean Air Partnership, summertime ozone levels have exceeded federal-based health standards every year since the passage of the Clean Air Act. Therefore, small actions, like seeking alternatives to the standard use of lawn equipment, can go a long way in improving regional air quality and human health."³We have laws restricting emissions in vehicles and yet gas-powered leaf blowers and other lawn equipment have no regulations. There are several ways to go about solving this issue, I will not even begin to pretend to know which option is best. One option could be taxing the sale of gas-powered lawn tools, another would be to offer financial incentives to purchase electric tools and/or offer buybacks or vouchers to exchange gas tools for electric ones. We could require businesses to utilize only electric tools or offer businesses tax breaks for using electric ones. The best solution could be of these options, a mixture of them, either way, I feel it is time to take action on this topic. Idahoans deserve clean and healthy air, restricting or banning the use of gas-powered lawn equipment is an important investment in our future and a great step towards proper stewardship of our environment.Below are links for all quotes and statistics used above 1:,as%20much%20carbon%20monoxide%20and 2:,the%20amounts%20are%20even%20greater 3.

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