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Petition to Instant Film Lovers

Support ONE INSTANT and bring analog packfilm back to life

ONE INSTANT. Analog packfilm re-invented (December 5th 2018) Today is THE DAY!After two years of researches and crazy efforts by "Doc" Florian Kaps and his amazing Team of "Superheroes", we can finally say: "Yes, together we can change the destiny of Packfilm!"I couldn't be happier, after all these years the strongest passion of amazing, passionate people finally brought a ray of light on us! They demonstrated that they already have a new kind of  fully-working film, compatible with our beloved Polaroid Packfilm cameras and Polaroid backs! Now it's time to ACT! We actually need the support of each one of you to succeed! The ultimate Kickstarter campaign is live now and even the smallest help is crucial! Check out the link below to find out what these guys devised to give us a new, amazingly re-invented analog Packfilm! ONE INSTANT. Analog packfilm re-invented Thank you for your amazing supportFrancesco :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Petition's reopening (September 2018)It's been a long time since the very first Fujifilm's announcement about the discontinuation of Fujifilm FP100C peel apart films.We saw few courageous attempts to rescue this film format along these years, from the Doc's Japan travel where he met Fujifilm ecxecutives to the "New55" very last try.The fact is that make these materials, starting from scratch, without specific and expensive equipments, is insanely complex and it just doesn't worth.It took a lot but finally "the Doc" Florian Kaps succeed, gathering a team of knowledgeable guys which seems will be able to give us a new working peel apart film compatible with our beloved Polaroid Packfilm Cameras and Polaroid Type100 backs.They announced the starting line of the ultimate KickStarter campaign on November 8th.The crowdfunding launch has been delayed and we're currently waiting for further informations from Supersense, the headquarter of this challenging project.This final attempt will decide the destiny of peel apart films.I'm here to give them a help and hope you'll be excited to do the same!If they can do that, it's just with the help of each one of us! If you want to know more about this ultimate project, check out Save Packfilm website here:'ll keep you posted!FrancescoFirst launch (Fabruary 2016)Fujifilm has announced the discontinuation of FP100C, the very last peel-apart instant film available for Polaroid Packfilm cameras and Polaroid backs. We want to keep on using our old Polaroid cameras and we are determined to avoid the discontinuation of this romantic kind of photography. We love to shoot with these cameras and wait for the result, this is a kind of magic! We ask to Fujifilm Coporation, Impossible Project and Lomography as well to save this product. Please, try to save it for us and for the entire world of photography. I'm sure that all subscribers will be grateful to you! :)

Francesco Gasperini
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Petition to European Parliament, Commissione Europea

Abrogate UE sanctions against Russia! Aboliamo le sanzioni contro la Russia!

What links Europe and Russia is much more of what divides them: shortly they are natural allies. The history testifies it and the actual chronicle brings it to the evidence. The considerations on the recent tragic events bring to the conclusion that this alliance must be renewed and consolidated. And it is duty of the European Institutions to feed this spirit and to remove the obstacles to the collaboration: let start with the abolition of the sanctions! Quello che unisce Europa e Russia è molto di più di ciò che le divide: in breve, sono alleati naturali. La storia lo testimonia e la cronaca attuale lo riporta all'evidenza. Le considerazioni sui recenti tragici eventi portano alla conclusione che questa alleanza deve essere rinnovata e rinsaldata. E' dovere delle Istituzioni Europee alimentare questo spirito e rimuovere gli ostacoli alla collaborazione: che si inizi dall'abolizione dell'embargo! Ce qui unit l'Europe et la Russie est beaucoup plus de ce que les divise: en brève, ils sont alliés naturels. L'histoire le témoigne et la chronique actuelle le reporte à l'évidence. Les considérations sur les événements tragiques récents portent à la conclusion qui cette alliance doit être renouvelée et renforcée. Il est devoir des Institutions Européennes alimenter cet esprit et enlever les obstacles à la collaboration: qu'on commence de l'abolition de l'embargo! Was Europa und Russland verbindet, ist viel mehr als was sie trennt, kurz: sie sind natürliche Verbündete. Die Geschichte ist ihr Zeugnis und der Datensatz zeigt der aktuelle Beweis. Die jüngsten tragischen Ereignisse führen uns zu dem Schluss, dieses Bündnis zu erneuern und zementieren. Und es ist die Pflicht der europäischen Institutionen diesen Geist zu fördern und die Hindernisse zu beseitigen zur Zusammenarbeit: fangen wir an mit der Aufhebung des Embargos! Lo que une a Europa y Rusia es mucho más que lo que los divide: en resumen, son aliados naturales. La historia es su testimonio y el registro muestra la evidencia actual. Los trágicos acontecimientos recientes nos llevan a considerar la conclusión de que esta alianza debe ser renovada y cimentada. Y es el deber de las instituciones europeas fomentar este espíritu y eliminar las barreras a la colaboración: procedamos con la abolición del embargo! Wat Europa en Rusland verbindt, is veel meer dan wat hen verdeelt: kortom, ze zijn natuurlijke bondgenoten. De geschiedenis is getuige en de feiten zijn het tastbare bewijs. De recente tragische gebeurtenissen leiden ons tot de conclusie dat deze alliantie moet worden vernieuwd en verankerd. En het is de plicht van de Europese instellingen om dit gevoel te voeden en de hindernissen voor samenwerking te verwijderen: start met de afschaffing van het embargo!

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