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Petition to Randall L. Stephenson, Charles W. Dahlquist II, Michael Surbaugh, The Boy Scouts of America, Boy Scouts of America

Tell the Boy Scouts to End Discrimination Against Young Women

I cannot change my gender to fit the Boy Scouts’ standards, but the Boy Scouts can change their standards to include me. I am determined to be an Eagle Scout. It isn’t just a hobby, it’s access to some of the best leadership training there is. According to the BSA, over half of all astronauts were involved in Scouting and 16.3% of West Point cadets are Eagle Scouts. Of the current Congress, 191 members were involved in Scouting, 18 current U.S. governors participated in Scouting, and many of them are Eagle Scouts. The facts say it all -- high-level Scouting creates opportunity, and with opportunity comes a chance at success in the global community. Unfortunately for me and half the country’s population, we are excluded from most of these amazing opportunities for no reason other than that we are female. That’s why I’m calling on the BSA to end the discriminatory ban against young women and girls, and allow all children to participate in the Boy Scouts and earn the Eagle Rank. In most countries, Scouting is co-ed. International Scouting appreciates that separating children by gender is an artifact from a bygone era. The BSA has opened a few programs to girls and young women, but the Scouts exclude us from joining Scout Troops, and we are not eligible to earn the rank of Eagle Scout -- the most advanced, and most challenging leadership program they have. Boy Scouting teaches young people to be strong leaders. I, and many young women like me, want this chance at the best leadership training for our youth. Women can now hold all combat roles, and have already earned Bronze and Silver Stars, and Purple Hearts in war. Women have leadership roles in government, business, academia and entertainment. Imagine what else would be possible for women with Eagle Scout training.... Under the leadership of former Secretary of Defense Dr. Robert Gates, the Boy Scouts recently ended anti-gay policies, allowing all boys and LGBT adults full membership in Scouting.  The Boy Scouts should now end discriminatory policies based on gender, welcoming all children to participate in Scouting, including young women and girls.   I know I could rise through the ranks and become an Eagle Scout alongside the best of the boys -- all I need is the opportunity. Please join us in calling on the Boy Scouts to allow all children to participate in Scouting and earn the Eagle Rank. Please sign our petition and encourage your friends on social media to get involved. We can be reached at  Thank you for your support. Photo credit: Yasmeen Khan at WNYC. 

Sydney and Bryan Ireland
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Petition to Lauren Glynn, William Diaz, Finizio Joseph

Stand Up Against Over-sexualization of Teenage Girls

This is a petition against the high school administrators, who condone the sexualization and objectification of the bodies of young female high school students by enforcing the school dress code. We stand up against the restrictions placed on us by the idea of us being the provokers, when in fact we are victims of society’s over-sexualization of our bodies. We propose that it is not our responsibility or fault for how others look at us. As a matter of fact, boys and especially grown adult men or women should not see girls exposing their legs and shoulders as sexual. If they do, it is their problem and not ours. If they believe that boys will truly get distracted by the scandalous exposure of our legs, we encourage the administrators to simply ask boy’s about their opinions. We guarantee that no boys will agree that girls wearing shorts are distracting. They could care less about it. The accusation boys not being able to control their “urges” is also an insult to them, since that implies that that they have no self-control comparable to wild animals. Furthermore, placing this blame on us supports the idea that we are responsible for any assault and unwanted attention, because we are “asking for it” by wearing our summer clothes. Girls wears shorts because it's hot, if that was not already obvious. For us to be pulled aside and even get sent home for our attire is a waste of not only our time but also yours. Additionally, shorts that goes down out mid thigh and to our knees are hard to find in popular clothing stores such as Forever 21, H&M, Urban Outfitters, and Abercrombie & Fitch. They have gone out of style, and we should not be forced to go hunt for them for the sake of the school’s unreasonable dress code. This proposition is not to say we want to show off our buttocks, we merely strive to be able to wear what is appropriate for the hot weather. We hope that the sheer number of people made up of parents, students, and other adults who agree with our stance will open your eyes on how unjust, irrational, and sexist the current dress code is.  

Fort Lee Girls
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Petition to South Spencer School Board, Dr. Richard Rutherford

Change the dress code at South Spencer High School

Females are being taught that it is okay for boys to treat them like sex objects. They are being forced to change how they dress because boys can't control themselves or change their way of thinking. I am a ninth grader at South Spencer High School and I have noticed that the dress code only applies to females for the most part. There are girls getting in trouble for wearing shirts with the shoulders cut out or for wearing jeans with holes in them. I don't know if they were provided with an explanation on why their clothing was inappropriate. I started getting dress coded around 4th grade. I remember a time in 4th grade I was pulled out of lunch and into a room by a teacher's aide. She informed me that I need to start wearing tank tops underneath my shirts because what I was wearing was a distraction to boys. I didn't wear anything that was low enough to show anything. As I moved from elementary school to middle school I started getting in trouble even more for my clothing. My shirts were always 'too low' or my dresses and skirts were too short. I remember vividly that my sixth-grade science teacher stopped me in the hallway and told me that I was dressing skanky. That day I was wearing a purple V-neck, skinny jeans, and converse. In seventh grade, I got in trouble for my clothing too many times to count. Moving into eighth grade, I remember getting in trouble for wearing a sleeveless shirt. My shoulders were not even exposed and I was forced to put my flannel on. Females should not have to cover up their body or be taught to be ashamed of their body just because males can not control themselves. What's so sexual about a females shoulders or legs? Girls get pulled out of class for breaking the dress code; they take the females away from their education because their clothing is a distraction to the boys. Is the boy's education more important than the females? Females should be able to wear whatever they want and not be told their clothing or body is a distraction to boys. Some people might say that boys have hormones and need to act upon them. If a female does not want that type of attention from the guy; he should not act upon it and sexually harass her. Just because someone is wearing something and someone else gets the wrong idea from it does not mean they need to act upon that idea. Imagine if someone tackled a football player when he was wearing his jersey and said 'look how he's dressed, he's asking for it.' just, because a female is wearing revealing clothing, does not mean she is asking to be raped or sexually harassed. All I'm trying to say is that the dress code needs to be revised and made less strict for the females. If you're concerned about someone possibly getting sexually harassed then start having assemblies and teaching people that it is not okay. Sexual harassment is not part of human nature. Instead of publically shaming girls, teach the males not to over sexualize girls normal body parts. School dress codes shame girls and perpetuate rape culture. Things must be changed. I must add that this was not made to single males out. I'm just simply stating that the school's excuse most of the time is that clothing will distract the boys.  

Hallie Green
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Petition to Secretary of Education

Release the Names of Secondary Schools Under Investigation for Mishandling Cases of Sexual Assault

Last year multiple teenage girls in our hometown of Norman, OK were raped by the same classmate and then bullied out of their school. Their peers blamed and shamed them, and the school administration was ill-equipped to handle these cases. The perpetrator wasn’t arrested until we formed the group Yes All Daughters and staged a protest in response to the school administration's mishandling of these cases. We must hold schools like Norman High accountable for their inaction. Sign our petition to tell the Department of Education it is time they release the names of secondary schools under investigation for the criminal negligence of sexual assault cases. High school girls are four times more likely than the general population to be victims of sexual assault, yet too many schools nationwide are not being proactive in combating rape and sexual violence among their students. After our protest at Norman High School, Oklahoma passed a law to train teachers and administrators on how to respond to survivors of sexual assault to prevent further re-victimization. This year we helped pass key provisions of the Teach Safe Relationships Act of 2015 – a law that requires schools to implement education programs to prevent sexual assault and intimate partner violence. Under Title IX, every student has the right to go to school free from sexual harassment and gender-based violence and discrimination. This includes bullying of sexual assault survivors. In most cases administrators fail to understand their obligation under the law to protect victims. Incompetence in sexual assault cases is far too common. It is the responsibility of administrators to protect our children, and when they fail to do so they must be held accountable. Over the past few years the epidemic of sexual assault at colleges and universities has become national news. The Department of Education released a list of colleges and universities under investigation for Title IX violations in their handling of sexual assault cases -- but this information is not available publicly for middle and high schools. Join us in demanding the Department of Education publish the list of high schools being investigated for violating Title IX. Learn more about Yes All Daughters Learn more about SafeBAE  

Yes All Daughters
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