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Petition to Governor Charlie Baker

Gender Parity Matters in MA Education Leadership: A Campaign to Change the Status Quo

  We, the undersigned, request that Governor Baker publicly commit to a transparent and open process to increase gender balance within the Education leadership of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts; Whereas, research shows that including women and people of color in leadership improves decision-making, governance, revenues and productivity; Whereas, diversity of thought and experience is critical to the future of Massachusetts; Whereas, there are no women among the four leadership positions in the education department (Secretary of Education; Commissioners of Early Care and Education, Elementary and Secondary Education, and Higher Education); Whereas, in the 60-plus-year history of the Department of K-12 Education (ESE), there has never been a woman commissioner, even though women comprise 75 percent of the State’s teachers; Whereas, women held five of the fifteen Presidency positions at our state universities in 2008 and currently hold two; Whereas, women only hold two of the twelve seats on the Board of Higher Education, yet comprise 57% of all higher education students in Massachusetts; Whereas, ensuring gender and racial diversity in leadership of public colleges and universities, state boards, departments and secretariats is foundational to the success of the Commonwealth; We believe that a transparent and open process by Governor Baker should result in an action plan to dramatically increase gender and racial parity in Massachusetts’ education leadership, reflective of the state’s population; Therefore, we call on Governor Baker to make gender and racial parity a priority in order that all voices are at the table to drive forward change for our children, communities and future workforce.

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Petition to United Nations

Promote Girls' Mentorship Programs on Data Science, GIS, and Robotics (#DayoftheGirl)

On October 11, the world will celebrate the International Day of the Girl Child. This year, the focus is on preparing girls to enter a world of work that is being transformed by innovation and automation. By engaging organizations and groups around the world, the United Nations is bringing people together to address this global issue. This involves encouraging them to expand existing learning opportunities, chart new pathways and call on others in the global community to rethink how to prepare girls for a successful transition into the world of work. One way that the United Nations can prepare girls for the world of work is to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). As pointed out by Gwendoline Tilghman, the gender gap in STEM starts in school. When girls are not introduced to STEM technologies early in life, they are far less likely to pursue STEM degrees. Furthermore, girls are far less likely to study STEM subjects when their friends are not studying those subjects. The United Nations therefore needs to promote programs that introduce groups of girls to STEM subjects. We believe that one of the best ways to introduce groups of girls to STEM subjects is through an annual shadowing program on data science, GIS, and robotics. We believe that such a shadowing program would not only help to close the global gender gap in STEM employment. It would also help to cement the legacy of the United Nation's "A Skilled Girl Force" campaign. We therefore call upon the United Nations to reach out to leading companies and nonprofit organizations to promote the establishment of an annual shadowing program on data science, GIS, and robotics for girls around the world. 

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