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Petition to Philip Hammond MP, Theresa May MP

Stop taxing periods. Period. #EndTamponTax

The Treasury vowed to axe the outdated and overtly sexist tax on tampons, sanitary pads and mooncups in January 2016. By March we made history when Parliament accepted a tampon-tax-ending amendment proposed by the amazing Paula Sherriff MP. Following Brexit complications, this amendment will be implemented by April 2018 at the very latest. That sucks. But we're on it! We've launched a new project called 'Period Watch' to keep an eye on the Government and SMASH the period taboo in the meantime! David Cameron accepted that removing sanitary tax will be "very difficult to do but I'll have to go away and have a look and come back to you”. Well Mr Cameron, it’s time for a response. We need to know why the Government still taxes sanitary products on luxurious, “non-essential” grounds, but not helicopters, the maintenance of our private jets, or crocodile steaks. Even President Obama has coined the tax 'shocking' and 'unfair'. If you value the functioning of those who menstruate at least as much as you enjoy your flying crocodile Fridays then sign our petition and join our campaign. Help to put an end to the marginalisation of issues traditionally associated with women by demanding a zero tax rate for sanitary products. Periods are no luxury. You can ‘opt-in’ to extravagance. You cannot choose to menstruate. Despite this, a whole heap of disadvantages have been created for those who do. Not using sanitary products can lead to health risks, jeopardise maintaining a normal, professional or personal life, and result in public ridicule. Equally, by using sanitary products, our Government capitalises on misogynist discourse and period shame that has caused us to fear our own menstrual cycles. It’s a double-edged sword that cuts women on both sides. Tax allocations should expose the needs of society as a whole, and the needs of those who menstruate as well as those who don’t. Because we care about these people, this campaign was made in support of tax allocations representing them and reflecting something that is vital. George Osborne, sanitary products should join your list of essential, tax exempt products, which include “helicopters” (and “aircraft repair and maintenance”), “alcoholic jellies” and “exotic meats including crocodile and kangaroo”. While we can live without flying our own private helicopters, we cannot live without the public participation of those who menstruate, which is dependent upon the accessibility of sanitary products. We hope you support and join our campaign! Laura Find us on Facebook or Twitter for more information. We would love to hear form you. #EndTamponTax Stop taxing periods around the world, and join our sister campaigns! Active campaigns:Australia: shelters: http://thehomelessperiod.comItaly: Africa: States of America: World: SUCCESSFUL campaigns:Canada: News Coverage:The BBC: News: Guardian: Independent: Telegraph: and and The NewStatesman: Marie Claire Magazine: May issue 2015 and Magazine: and Confused: Post: The Fabian Society: Daily Mash: and and Mirror: Metro: Female Lead: Politics Home: Housekeeping: Women's Views on News: Women's Voice: projects: Extra information:After the UK joined the Common Market in 1973, a 17.5% sanitary tax was introduced. It was justified when Parliament classified sanitary products as “non-essential, luxury” items. After years of hard work, in 2000 Labour MP Dawn Primarolo (who we are working closely with on this campaign) announced that during the following year sanitary tax would be reduced to 5%. She explained the reduction was “about fairness, and doing what we can to lower the cost of a necessity”. EU law has prevented sanitary products from escaping tax entirely. Following the Union’s decision to standardise tax across the continent, no separate member state can revise VAT allocations without the EU’s permission. For this reason, hopefully with the backing of Westminster, we hope to convince the European Parliament that this is an important issue worth revising, too.

Laura Coryton
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Petition to Geoff Foster, Football Federation Australia, David Gallop

Reinstate Olympic FC Female Football program into elite competition.

Football Queensland have decided to expand the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues Women's competition for 2018, but have rejected Brisbane Olympic FC's application to continue in a competition they have been a part of since it's inception.  In making this decision, they have deemed Olympic FC incapable of providing an elite level of football education to female athletes, despite approving the club's application to compete in the equivalent league for male footballers. The decision has not been justified, and Football Queensland refuse to respond to requests for feedback from local stakeholders and federal politicians.  Olympic FC is one of only two Brisbane based clubs in this competition who have fielded teams in all divisions since the competition commenced, but have been overlooked for clubs who have never been able to meet licensing requirements. Some newly created entities who do not have a single registered player, and in some cases, do not have fields to play on, have been accepted ahead of an existing club with an existing community, existing administration and existing infrastructure. Our current player base, with girls as young as 6 years old, are talking about giving up on their dreams of being Matildas because they feel like they will not have a chance without this program in place.  Our club has worked hard to provide a positive football environment for female athletes, with many success stories having originated from Goodwin Park. In 2016, more players from our team went on to play in the Westfield W-League than any other club in Queensland, and another one of our players made her international debut in a World Cup Qualifier. More importantly, hundreds of young ladies have developed a sense of confidence and wellbeing through their involvement in our program.  We want the opportunity to continue the great work we have already started. We ask Football Queensland and Football Federation Australia to reinstate Brisbane Olympic FC into the PlayStation 4 National Premier Leagues Women's competition in 2018, allowing more female athletes the chance to engage in physical activity, develop self-worth and pursue their dreams of becoming international footballers.  We believe that Brisbane Olympic FC have been wrongfully excluded from this competition, and invite Football Queensland to correct this mistake, as they have demonstrated a willingness to do already. We have the coaches, we have the players, we have the infrastructure, we have the history, we have the knowledge and we have the passion to give the best opportunities to young female athletes. Help us continue to provide the same opportunities for a generation of young women that we do for young men. 

Phillip Canham
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