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Petition to Drop Entertainment Group, Z 103.5, Wild Water Kingdom

Stop Chris Brown from performing in Toronto

I could not agree more with the Mayor of Halifax. Chris Brown makes me feel “kind of sick” too. I saw the big petitions people made to stop Chris Brown from performing in Halifax and Winnipeg and realized we did not have a petition for the Toronto Summer Rush show where Brown is scheduled to be the headliner. So I set up this petition. As a social worker, I have seen the devastating effects of domestic violence. I feel it is my duty to speak out on this issue in order to stop institutions, such as the entertainment industry, from perpetuating violence against women in our communities. By promoting Chris Brown, organizers are sending a strong message to the GTA that they support the use of violence and that it is ok to break the law as long as you produce good music. Chris Brown must be dropped from the Summer Rush show coming up in August. I used to be a regular listener of Z 103.5 in Toronto. It makes no sense to me that the station mocks Chris Brown during gossip segments and then promotes his music at a concert they are sponsoring. Chris Brown continues to make excuses for his behavior and has been involved in further altercations since he was convicted of assaulting Rhianna. Concerned citizens in Halifax and Winnipeg are taking action and all of the negative attention caused major sponsors like Rogers and Molson to drop out of the Halifax event. We in the GTA need to join them and stand up for those who have been victims of domestic violence. Demand that the organizers, station and venue drop Chris Brown immediately!

Nicole Bryan
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Petition to Mike Fabian, Hon. Steven Fletcher, Rod Bruinooge, James Bezan, Joyce Bateman, True North, Promotions, Sam Katz, Joseph Ky, Stephen Tobin

Cancel Chris Brown's performance at the Energy Rush concert on August 29th

**Trigger Warning** Chris Brown beat a woman--badly. People have said that he's paid his dues and that he should be forgiven. I say that's garbage. Over the past five years since he beat the living daylights out of someone he supposedly cared about, he has made excuses for his reprehensible behaviour, been involved in altercation after altercation all the while blaming others--the guy even threw a chair thru a window at a daytime talk show because the interviewer dared to ask questions about the beating. And as of July 15th, he had his probation revoked in L.A. over yet ANOTHER altercation, this time, a hit-and-run. Apparently many people in Halifax, where people are fighting to stop Brown from performing at an event organized by the same promoter of the Winnipeg event, feel the same way. The mayor of Halifax has spoken out against Brown performing at the Halifax concert. He said the idea of it makes him "kind of sick." Major sponsors like Rogers and Molson have already dropped out of the Halifax event after hearing Brown would be headlining. We cannot let Chris Brown perform in our hometown. Do we want to support this criminal who has demonstrated over and over that he thinks he is above the law? I don't--I hope you don't either.

Kelcy Beirnes
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Petition to NS Justice Minister Ross Landry

Justice for Rehtaeh: Demand an independent inquiry into the police investigation.

**UPDATE** Rehtaeh will finally have justice. Today I received a call from the Premier's office saying they will be launching an "independent review of the actions of police and the Public Prosecution Service in the Rehtaeh Parson's case." They have yet to announce exactly who will review the case. Until the reviewers are announced and we know they are truly independent I will be leaving the petition page open for more people to sign. Holding authorities accountable is how we make sure tragedies like this don't happen again, so thank you everyone! I am horrified at what happened to Rehtaeh. She was a beautiful, caring person. She was a amazing artist. She loved animals. While I haven't seen her in a few years, I'm friends with her family and I can't believe how our community and the authorities failed to protect her. Seventeen months ago, she was raped. The rape was photographed and the photos were shared around her Nova Scotia community. Rehtaeh was destroyed by this. Any 15 year old would be. She was called a slut. She was bullied. She faced depression. And this week she took her own life. After Rehtaeh's rape, the RCMP investigated for a year but said there was not enough evidence to lay charges. How is this possible? Everyone knows what happened. Everyone knows about the photos. Everyone knows she was 15 when those photos were taken. Everyone saw her being bullied and shamed at school. How can police say they didn't have the evidence they needed to pursue charges? Do we not have laws that cover this kind of abuse, from photo-sharing to cyberbullying? Nova Scotia’s Justice Minister Ross Landry must call an independent inquiry into this situation. The Minister must find out if the police ran this investigation properly and determine if there is important evidence that was not taken into account when they decided to close this case. The Minister said he would not order a review of the of the RCMP investigation. Hours later, following the huge outpouring of concern from the community, he has said he is now open to considering what options are available. The Minister must call for an independent inquiry and we must all sign this petition to make sure he knows how important this is.

Sherri B.
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