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Petition to Katie Scott

Permission to wear leavers hoodies

At PACA, we haven't been granted permission to wear the leavers hoodies. These hoodies are part of our year 11 year as this is the year we leave and move on. We have all paid for these hoodies and would love to actually be able to wear them. But, unfortunately, we aren't able to wear them.  Realistically, it seems to be a debatable topic. There are reasons for, and there are reasons against. The baby pink hoodies have been said to be too vibrant to be work and may be a reason that we don't have the permission. As well as that, it has been said that sometimes the hoodie doesn't match with the uniform.  However, us year 11s at PACA would love to wear them as during these cold days, we can stay warmer than we would in a jumper and blazer. In addition to that, this would be one little reward and bit of freedom that we year 11s can have. This is due to the fact that we are facing a lot of stress, pressure and hard-work for our GCSEs. Simply wearing this hoodie would be one less issue and problem for us.  For most previous years, they have always worn the hoodies. I personally have never asked if they had the permission. I am, however, aware that many other schools across the UK wear these hoodies and it doesn't seem to affect their learning.  I am able to see both sides of the arguments but obviously are more biased towards the year 11s. I was asked to make a petition by students and parents so that we can show what this means to us. Whether we're successful or not, we'll still show a community of people coming together to change something. 

Allyshia Vallier
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Petition to Stanborough school

Our GCSEs our decisions!

Stanborough has introduced "pathways" ( blue, yellow, purple ). They are based on "learning ability" but are really just down right excuses for people to make fun of other people. Basically, the purple people are the ones who achieve the highest academically and the blue people the lowest. It makes people feel peer pressure if they get into the purple group and it also makes people feel bad about themselves if they are in the blue group. Along with these there are ebacs, ebacs are basically the most academic of the options. The ebacs are the options which people struggle with the most ( computer science, geography, history, Spanish and French ). The school makes the purples do two ebacs ( and only have 2 options of free choice ), the yellows do one eBac ( and have 3 options of free choice ) and the blues get all four of their options free choice. How is this equality? It isn't. Everyone should get free choice because they are the ones deciding their futures and they shouldn't have to do options which are not going to be valuable to them when they can do options that are actually going to help them. For example, I would do better at art than I would at French but because I'm purple I have to do 2 ebacs which are not going to help me at all. It's completely pathetic and there's nothing I by my self can do about this. We are students and we shouldn't have to put up with this. Off this petition isn't successful, we will end up not being able to work the jobs which we want to do.

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