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Petition to NSW Police Force, NSW Police

Jail Matthew Atkins (Matthew Leveson body dumper) and make him attend the coronial inquest

Michael Atkins buried his then 'boyfriend', Matthew Leveson, in the NSW Royal National Park, leaving him to rot away, undiscovered, for nearly 10 years. Atkins got away with burying a dead body, acquitted by a jury who did not have all the evidence before them, and has since lied repeatedly under oath about Matt’s whereabouts, denying Matt’s family for years on end, the right to say goodbye to their baby boy who had the rest of his life ahead of him. Since when did our justice system let people get away with such a terrible act against another human being? Since when did our justice system for not telling the truth? And, since when did the public sit still and let this all happen without fighting back? As members of the community and public, we have a duty to protect the safety and wellbeing of each other. Recently, Deputy State Coroner, Elaine Truscott admitted, “Michael Atkins has no credibility as a witness,” and going on to say, it is “more likely than not” that Atkins had not told the truth in the last statement he made to police, in which he claimed he had woken to find Matt dead on the floor of their bedroom from a drug overdose. If this is the case, why doesn’t the coroner’s court subpoena Atkin’s to appear before the coroner’s court on 26 September 2017 and make him face Matt’s loved ones? If this is the case, why isn’t he charged with perjury? (I understand he was given immunity but only for the false statements he made before the coroner’s court, not for the information provided in his police statement). No family should have to go through the hell the Leveson’s family have been through! Atkins must be forced to face the music and the police should do their job and charge and arrest this animal. Justice for Matt Please share this on social media and let your friends know out of respect and support to Matt and his beautiful family.    

James Vasilic
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Petition to Ms Jacquita Miller, Mr Simon Birmingham, Ms Tracy Davis, Mr Luke Howarth, Malcolm Turnbull, Kate Jones

We need Safe Schools Program in Aspley State High- Stop bullying because of sexuality!

I'm a mother of two young boys who went to primary school with Tyrone Unsworth, and my eldest son starting at Aspley High next year. I was horrified when I was told of Tyrone's death; a young boy with the world at his feet. Tyrone was at the age where he should be discovering himself in a safe and accepting environment. Instead he took his own life after years of torment from bullies because of his sexuality. With programs like Safe School we can save others like Tyrone Unswroth. Safe Schools is a national program funded by the Australian Government. By creating safe and supportive school environments, we can reduce homophobic and transphobic bullying and discrimination in schools. As a part of the Aspley High family, I can't standby and watch another LGBTI child be bullied, self harm or commit suicide. I feel that our kids need this at Aspley High. Please sign and share my petition, no more bullying in our school because of sexuality.   Some Media Reports Mother Leads Charge To Introduce Safe Schools I was horrified when I heard mother at tyrone unsworths school calls for anti-bullying prog news safe-schools petition for Aspley State High School Reaches 20,000 sign the petition to bring safe schools to aspley high

Joelene Roulstone
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Petition to Texas Gay Rodeo Association, International Gay Rodeo Association, Ron Trusley, Anthony Valdez, David Hill

Let The Gay Cowboy Ride!

My name is JOSH GOYNE, I am asking you to sign my petition so I can Ride in the IGRA Finals. Currently, the International Gay Rodeo Association have illegally banned me from riding to save them the embarrassment of addressing a incident that occurred at the Denton Rodeo. That you might understand better, I was assaulted had my C@#$ grabbed by a member who has gone unsanctioned and become an IGRA official assistant Judge, he had been previously sanctioned for sexual harassment of other members who complained. When I turned the Guy down as I am engaged and had no interest in him.I thought nothing more the incisent, until He continued harassing in me through text messages and Facebook "private messages". Disgusted I reported the situation to TGRA TIM and BRUCE GROS, President of the IGRA. In a PRIVATE not Public Message, I begged TGRA TIM to keep the guy away from me or I would use my "Second Amendment Rights" should he touch me again. Poor choice of words for sure, since being an Aussie I saw it on a bumper sticker at the Rodeo; but the point was made, I will defend myself if need be. I sent an email of Apology for my poor selection of words, but for the record, it was TGRA TIM that rather than curb his "friend" chose to take my PRIVATE MESSAGE and Confidential plea asking him to help ome; on blast to the IGRA stating I was a threat. He did edited my words to cover his ineptitude, and continues to lie about what happened and what was truly said. Bruce Gros, IGRA disqualified me and further more covered up for his Gropping-Friend and has attacked me in my process to be reinstated, they even elevated this Man to being a judge. This is the story in a nut shell. Forgoing all that, all I want to do is ride. I have been falsely accused of so much, when most of it is false. I want to remain in IGRA, I want to ride, and I'll be back to do so. I don't want and never wanted any problem. I simply want to compete, to show in the arena like everyone else. I know you personally don't know me, but won't you give me a chance to make IGRA proud?** Any one doubting what I have said here, please message me and I will send you the proof. The IGRA have wrongly sanctioned me banning me from 2 rodeos and finals with no substancal evidence."... I was banned saying I would defend myself from someone who not only grabbed me sexually but then continued to harrass me on FB. He was blocked for harassment. I personally reported this incident to Bruce Gros and Tim the president of Texas gay rodeo association who told me not to file an EPRB complaint! Which they deemed a threat after emails, phone calls and letters of Apology for any use of perceived threat or language both IGRA and TGRA are making it impossible for me to compete the rest of this year and have banned me with only one side of evidence till April next year they claimed I threatened the perpetrator with a gun , I don't even own a gun and this couldn't be any further from the case. But the perpetrator didn't even get a slap on the wrist, seems fair hey? I was banned just before I was due to compete in San franciso which only one bull and steer rider turned up seems fishy hey? I have spent 30k this year travelling to igra rodeos to qualify for world finals with my flights already booked and paid but because I stood up to sexual violence it has all been thrown back in my face!  please voice your opinion on the issue and help rewrite this injustice! wanna help me keep riding on the pro circuit ? Or Visit

Josh Goyne
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