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Petition to Mayor and Police President Inge Lenseclaes, Chief of Police Sébastien Verbeke

STOP attacks against gays in Belgium ! Do your job in Overijse, Mayor Lenseclaes !

Version française ci-dessousAnti Gay attacks and harassement from Olmengaarde are still unpunished in Overijse. Police and Municipality don't do anything against it. Belgium is turning into a lawless zone for gays and women suffering from such attacks. Let's stop it! Last November, I was attacked physically by my neighbours. They lured me out of my house and it’s only thanks to my Belgian neighbour and her son, that I could escape from them. Police did nothing ! Read the full story : Imagine you're cooking in your kitchen when suddenly you hear loud screams coming from outside. It's pitch dark, you can't see anything through the window, the veranda, up the hill and behind the fence. Knowing the troublesome nature of your neighbours, you carry on cutting your vegs, hoping they'll stop their usual mess asap. But then it starts again. Still nothing to see. For a  third time, you hear loud shouts and suddenly the crack of your fence being broken, followed by a glimpse of light searching through your garden…"Must be the new Belgian neighbours searching for their deaf dog, I'll go and tell them they can enter the garden."You're getting dressed, you go outside and head towards your Belgian neighbour's house that is Indeed fully lit and glowing in the dark. You can see your Belgian neighbour outside and three dark silhouettes. You obviously ask whether help is needed.At that moment, the three dark shadows jump on you and attack you verbally and physically.  “Dirty fag! Paedophile! There are some children out there!  You're cooking naked in your kitchen! Faggot! Paedophile! We’re going to break your legs!” Only then you realise they're after you, that they lured you outside to break your limbs, just because you were enjoying your fundamental freedoms :  being yourself (gay), and enjoying the privacy of your home (at least you thought so). "You've never seen a naked man before ?!" : your Belgian saviour is making fun of them, "You won't break anyone's legs." They're distracted, you can run and escape to your home! Safe! Praise the neighbour! Call the Police!Voyeurism, trespass, assault, homophobia: more than enough to arrest them.Belgium is after all a very advanced country for gays. You felt the thrill of that freedom when you arrived 20 years ago. The then Prime minister was openly gay, Farmers, workers and even the priest in your village paid you regular visits : a paradise of tolerance (and not ony for gays). It goes even further than tolerance, it's acceptance, it's warmth and benevolence  In Belgium, you're no longer tagged, you're no longer gay, you're just yourself. The Belgian people can never be praised enough for that : Merci. Dank U. Danke. But the Overijse Police arrive at your home and all that paradise turns into hell. You've just been attacked, your aggressors are shouting that they took pictures and videos of you being naked, even of you making love, that you're a paedophile, a dirty fag and the Overijse Police choose to ignore it all and tells YOU that it's enough now, that you'd better get inside your house…Your Partner asks several time the Police to seize the photos : ignored.You want to lodge a complaint : ignored.Then the "Religious" Police of Overijse tells you you should understand that they don't want their children to see you naked. Your freedoms are stepped upon. You've been aggressed : it' your fault, because you're gay, because you're naked, because you're free to do whatever you want at home. You feel the fate of the victims being told they were raped because of wearing a skirt, or not wearing a burqa. From a victim, the Overijse Police turns you into an aggressor.The worst thing that could happen after an assault. So you go to another Police Station, in Wavre. And there, they hear you, they have you lodging a complaint and there you meet a psy specialised into assistance to the victims. You're diagnosed with a PTSD, a post traumatic stress disorder. Thanks to the Wavre Police, you keep faith in democracy and the rule of law.So you go and meet the smily and compassionate Mayor of Overijse, Inge Lesenclaes, hoping that she would use her say as Police President to bring back sanity into the Druivenstreek Police of Overijse… And then ? Nothing happens, all that compassion and smiles were fake. The Police still doesn't come when you call, claiming there's an intervention. When you ask for an appointment with the Chief of the Police, it's denied. So your neighbours carry on. They throw rubbish in your garden, they threaten you to get the guns out, they point their spotlights into your kitchen and your living room, blow the car horns unconsideratly, let the alarm on and open the doors on purpose, dig out at night with a backhoe loader, repair cars day 24/7 and when you tell the Overijse Police about carplate trafficking going on for months, the answer is that only the Police can state such a thing, that you don't have to point it to them. Two days later, the car is hidden, the wheels are taken off…  Because of such behaviour of the Police and the Municipality, Belgium is turning into a lawless country. Dare you have lawless neighbours, as they have the right to impose their ways upon you, regardless of the law of the country. It's time to defend our freedoms as Sébastian VERBEKE, Chief of the Police and Inge Lenseclaes, Mayor and President of the Police, are not able or willing to do so. Help me ! and Help yourself by signing the petition, as our freedoms are universal, whoever you are, wherever you are ! Thank you and please share the petition ! "Fun" facts: a female friend of mine was at home for a few months. Also Walking aroung naked, did not seem to bother the neighbours… The hedge was cut down on request of the neighbours, who then complained they could see into the house The angle to see the neighbours from our kitchen is such that you have to lie on the floor to see anything VERSION FRANCAISE Les attaques et harcèlement anti gays à Olmengaarde restent encore impunis à Overijse. La Police et la Commune ne font rien contre. La Belgique devient une zone de non-droit pour les gays et pour les femmes qui souffrent de ce genre d’attaques. Arrêtons-les ! En novembre dernier, j’ai été attaqué physiquement par mes voisins. Ils m’ont attiré hors de ma maison et c’est seulement grâce à ma voisine belge et à son fils que j’ai pu leur échapper. La Police n’a rien fait ! Découvrez toute l’histoire : Imaginez que vous cuisiniez dans votre cuisine quand soudainement vous entendez de grands cris à l’extérieur. Il fait nuit noire, vous ne voyez rien par la fenêtre, par la véranda, en haut de la pente et derrière la clôture. Connaissant la nature tapageuse de vos voisins, vous continuez de couper vos légumes en espérant qu’ils cessent leur bazar habituel le plus rapidement possible. Mais voilà que cela recommence. Toujours rien de visible. Pour la troisième fois, vous entendez de grands hurlements et soudainement le craquement de votre clôture en train d’être détruite, suivi par le balayage de votre jardin par un faisceau de lumière… « Ça doit être les nouveaux voisins belges en train de chercher leur chien sourd. Je vais leur dire qu’ils peuvent entrer dans le jardin. » Vous vous habillez, vous sortez dehors et vous dirigez vers la maison de vos voisins belges, qui, effectivement, est entièrement illuminée et qui luit dans la nuit. Vous pouvez voir que votre voisine belge est dehors ainsi que trois silhouettes sombres. Bien évidemment, vous demandez si ils ont besoin d’aide. C’est à ce moment que les trois ombres noires se jettent sur vous et vous attaquent verbalement et physiquement.   “Sale pédé! Pédophile! Il y a des enfants ici!  Tu cuisines tout nu dans ta cuisine! Pédé! Pédophile! On va te casser les jambe!” C’est seulement à ce moment-là que vous vous rendez compte qu’ils en ont après vous, qu’ils vous ont attiré dehors pour vous casser les membres, juste parce que vous faites usage de vos droits fondamentaux : être vous-même (gay en l'occurrence), et profiter pleinement du caractère privé de votre maison (enfin, c’est que vous croyiez). "Vous n’avez jamais vu d’homme nu ?!" : votre sauveuse belge se moque d’eux, "Vous ne casserez les jambes de personne." Leur attention est détournée, vous pouvez courir et vous réfugier à la maison ! En sécurité ! La voisine soit louée ! Appeler la Police ! Voyeurisme, intrusion, agression, homophobie: plus que suffisant pour les arrêter. La Belgique après tout est un pays très avancé pour les gays. Vous avez ressenti la griserie de liberté quand vous êtes arrivé il y a 20 ans. Le Premier Ministre de l’époque était ouvertement gay, les agriculteurs, les ouvriers et même le prêtre de votre village venaient régulièrement vous rendre visite : un paradis de tolérance (et pas seulement pour les gays). Et cela va bien au-delà : il s’agit d’acceptation, de chaleur et de bienveillance. En Belgique, vous n’avez plus d’étiquette, vous n’êtes plus gay, vous êtes juste vous-même. Le peuple belge ne saurait être suffisamment encensé pour cela : Merci. Dank U. Danke. Mais la Police d’Overijse arrive chez vous et tout ce paradis devient un enfer. Vous venez d’être agressé, vos agresseurs crient qu’ils ont pris des photos de vous nu, y compris en train de faire l’amour, que vous êtes un pédophile, un sale pédé et la Police d’Overijse choisit d’ignorer tout cela et VOUS dit que ça suffit maintenant, que vous feriez mieux de rentrer dans votre maison.. Votre partenaire demande plusieurs fois à la Police de saisir les photos : ignoré. Vous voulez porter plainte : ignoré. Ensuite la Police « Religieuse » d’Overijse vous dit que vous devriez comprendre qu’ils ne veulent pas que leurs enfants vous voient nu. Vos libertés sont piétinées. Vous avez été agressé : c’est votre faute, parce que vous êtes gay, parce que vous êtes nu, parce que vous êtes libre de faire ce que vous voulez chez vous. Vous connaissez le destin des victimes à qui l’on dit qu’elles ont été violées parce qu’elles portaient une jupe, ou parce qu’elles n’ont pas porté une burka. De victime, la Police d’Overijse vous transforme en agresseur. La pire chose qui puisse arriver après une agression. Alors vous allez dans un autre Commissariat de Police, à Wavre. Et là, ils vous écoutent, ils enregistrent votre plainte et vous rencontrez une psy spécialisée dans l’assistance aux victimes. Elle diagnostique un TSPT, un trouble de stress post-traumatique. Grâce à la Police de Wavre, vous gardez confiance en la démocratie et l’état de droit Vous allez donc voir la Bourgmestre souriante et pleine de compassion d’Overijse, Inge Lesenclaes, espérant qu’elle fasse usage de son autorité en tant que Présidente de la Police pour que la Police d’Overijse Druivenstreek retrouve la raison… Et ensuite ? Rien ne se passe. Toute cette compassion et ces sourires étaient factices. La Police ne vient toujours pas quand vous appelez, prétexte une intervention. Quand vous demandez un rendez-vous avec le Chef de la Police: refusé. Et donc vos voisins continuent. Ils jettent des détritus dans votre jardin, ils menacent de sortir les fusils, ils dirigent leurs projecteurs vers votre cuisine et votre salon, klaxonnent inconsidérément, laissent fonctionner l’alarme en ouvrant les portes à dessein, creusent la nuit avec un tractopelle, réparent des voitures 24h/24h et quand vous dites à la Police d’Overijse qu’il y a un trafic de plaques d’immatriculations qui a lieu depuis plusieurs mois, leur réponse est que seulement la Police peut faire ce genre de constat, que vous n’avez pas à leur indiquer quoi que ce soit. Deux jours plus tard, la voiture est cachée, bâchée et les roues sont enlevées. C’est à cause d’une telle attitude de la Police et de la Commune que la Belgique devient un pays de non-droits. Malheur à vous si vous avez des voisins hors-la-loi, car ils ont le droit d’imposer leurs vues sur vous, quelle que soit la loi du pays. Il est temps de défendre nos libertés car Sébastian Verbeke, Chef de la Police et Inge Lenseclaes, Bourgmestre et Présidente de la Police, ne peuvent ou ne veulent pas le faire. A l’aide ! Aidez-moi et aidez-vous aussi en signant cette pétition, car nos libertés sont universelles, qui que vous soyez, où que vous soyez ! Merci et merci de partager la pétition ! « Un peu d'humour...» : une amie que j’hébergeais pour quelques mois vaquait aussi nue à ses occupations dans la maison, cela n’a pas dérangé les voisins semble-t’il… La haie a été coupée sur demande des voisins, qui se sont ensuite plaint car ils pouvaient voir dans la maison… L’angle pour voir chez lez voisins depuis notre cuisine est tel que vous devez vous couchez sur le sol pour voir quelque chose...

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Petition to Narendra Modi

LGBTI in India and Diaspora Call for Support : SAY NO to Section 377

Love is Not a Crime! Protect Our Right to Equality – #Repeal377 This petition is to request to repeal Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code and decriminalize homosexuality in India. Imposed on India by the British, Section 377 is a Draconian law dated from 1860 and puts 50 million LGBTI Indians in harm’s way. It has been used as an excuse for harassment, blackmail, extortion and physical and sexual abuse, multiplying existing inequalities based on caste, class and gender. The UN states that “decriminalizing homosexuality is an essential first step towards establishing genuine equality before the law.” In the latest Universal Periodic Review, the report from the Human Rights Council Working Group on the UPR (Twenty-seventh session) states: "Section 377, Indian Penal Code, criminalizes homosexuality. In 2009, the Delhi High Court declared this section to be unconstitutional. This decision was reversed by the Supreme Court of India in 2013. However, the Supreme Court in February 2016 agreed to another hearing on the matter, which is now subjudice. In a related judicial development, in 2014, the Supreme Court recognized that sexual orientation and gender identity are integral to a person’s personality and are “basic aspects of self-determination, dignity and freedom.” The Court stated that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation violates India’s constitutional guarantee of equality" This petition therefore asks the Indian government to: Repeal Section 377 legislation which criminalizes same-sex sexual activity in India Put in place an immediate moratorium on the enforcement of any existing laws criminalizing homosexuality Commit to engage in meaningful dialogue with their LGBTI communities to facilitate an informed debate about the means to remove all legal and other impediments to the enjoyment of their human rights Commit to open and free debate across the Commonwealth on the decriminalization of homosexuality Support public education initiatives to inform the people of the Commonwealth about the case for LGBTI equality Support the right of an LGBTI Association to register with the Commonwealth alongside all civil society organizations and be free to express its views and engage in public debate. Fully include LGBTI people in development and other programmes on an equal basis with the rest of society. A previous petition by the Humsafar Trust, the oldest LGBTI organization in India, was delivered to the Prime Minister of India stating: "Section 377 is an archaic British law that finds mention in all Commonwealth countries in some form or the other. The law criminalises any sexual behaviour against the"Order of Nature" which in practice criminalizes the lives of LGBTI people in India. While the law was read down in Britain in the 1970s , the law continues as a colonial legacy. Presence of the law further stigmatizes and discriminates against people of alternate sexual orientation and individuals who may not adhere to Victorian mores of sex. The law is used by the police as well as anti social elements to extort and blackmail LGBTI individuals. The law poses one of the greatest risks to HIV prevention programs as even a simple act of distributing condoms is affected by this law. No person should feel or be treated like a criminal for loving someone!" Section 377 only serves a political purpose to criminalize love between consensual adults and encourages homophobia and multiple discrimination in India.

British Asian LGBTI
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Petition to home office, Sajid Javid

Make the UK Home Office visa application process fair and transparent

Hello, we are Edison and Dimitrios. We met over a Facebook game in 2010 and since then we became friends and partners. In 2012 I moved to Colombia and we started living together for four years but in 2016, after my work contract finished, I decided to move to the UK and work there to offer us a better quality of life. On the 31st of May 2018, we tied the knot and thought we could finally live our lives together as a married couple. So what's the problem? I am an EU citizen, Edison is Colombian. We had no idea it was so impossible for my married partner to visit the UK, especially since every single EU country does not require a Visa for a simple visit of up to 90 days. In the UK, however, it's practically impossible but we had no fear, we had the law on our side. So we provided our official and legal marriage certificate, a small representative excerpt of our 12.000 pages of Facebook conversations, another small representative excerpt of our 800 pages Whatsapp conversations, screenshots of our daily phone calls and video calls, pictures of us being together for the last 8 years, proof that I have been sending my partner money since I arrived in the UK to support him, proof that I am working and I am capable of supporting us both as I have been doing for the past 2 years, and attached them all to our Visa application. With all these overwhelming evidence of a legitimate and long-lasting relationship, we had no doubt that our application would be successful - besides we provided everything the Home Office described on their site that we needed to provide and more. (Take a look here: ->DOCUMENTS YOU MUST PROVIDE: “You must provide: a valid passport evidence of your relationship to your EEA family member, for example a marriage certificate, civil partnership certificate, birth certificate or proof that you’ve lived together for 2 years if unmarried, your family member’s valid passport or national identity card (or a certified copy if you can’t provide the original), proof of your dependency if you’re dependent on your EEA family member”.) So what happened? The ECO acknowledged the marriage certificate and all the other information and proof we provided but after demonstrating an unimaginable abuse of power refused the Visa Application on the grounds that "you have failed to submit any photos of your wedding to prove that it took place." The existence of a marriage certificate ipso facto proves beyond any doubt that the marriage took place. We are not obliged to parade our personal life to satisfy anyone's lack of professionalism, especially since we are not asked by law to do so. Help stop the misuse of the power of the ECO. This petition is about everyone. We need to protect ourselves from people who do not follow the letter of the law but instead seek ridiculous excuses to block Visa Applications! We demand: That the ECO's examine the proof the applicants provide according to the official Home Office site guidelines. That they do their job ethically and look into every single case following the letter of the law and do not misuse their power inventing unsubstantiated excuses to deny Visas. That they are accountable for every abuse of their power over the Visa Applicants.   Help us put an end to this appalling abuse of power and demand that the ECO's do their job by investigating in depth the Visa Applications and the proof that is provided. Help us stop the separation of families over unsubstantiated excuses that have nothing to do with the law but everything to do with the ECO's lack of interest and apathy.        

Dimitrios Spyridon Chytiris
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