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Petition to Maritime Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Stop Coming Out Ministries from speaking at Camp Pugwash

The Youth speakers for camp meeting 2018 at Camp Pugwash were announced to be Coming Out Ministries. A group of people who do not reflect God’s message of love and acceptance. Their message is hateful and directed at one group of people, the LGBTQ+ community. Their views are harmful for the youth to hear since they are in an easily influenced stage in their lives. By spreading hate, you create more hate.  The suicide rate for LGBT youth is four times as much as cis, heterosexual youth. Instead of preaching to the youth that their feelings are wrong, Camp Pugwash and the Maritime Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church should spread God’s love and seek to bring LGBTQ+ youth closer to Him.  This message has already been brought to the Maritimes three times. There is no need to once again spread this hate.  When I was younger the Coming Out Ministries came to Sandy Lake Academy (the only school in the Maritimes Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church). I attended these meetings in hopes to find a “cure” for myself. What I found was self loathing. I became deeply depressed after hearing their message, and even had suicidal thoughts. I was pushed further and further from God and from His church. Their message is dangerous. I have since found peace within myself. I have found God and will never stop worshiping Him, but I still lead a homosexual lifestyle.  By highlighting their opinion on a controversial subject, and not giving any other opinion the same exposure, Camp Pugwash and the Maritime Conference are creating a narrative and a mindset that being LGBTQ+ is wrong.  LGBTQ+ People already face many challenges. We are faced with hatred from all corners of the world. The Seventh-Day Adventist church used to be safe haven where we could be ourselves and worship our God. This is a direct attack on those of us who wish to continue our faith in God and feel safe in our churches.     

Matt DeMerchant
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Started 9 months ago

Petition to Supreme Court of British Columbia

Petition to ban Conversion Therapy in B.C

As some of you may not know, conversion therapy is still legal under our provincial law. For those who don’t know what conversion therapy is, it is a series of violent techniques used to “convert” LGBTQ+ individuals into cisgender heterosexuals. Some of these techniques may include; shock therapy, brainwashing, and chemical castration. Did you know that British Columbians can use extended medical for conversion therapy? “So far only Ontario and Manitoba have taken action against conversion therapy.” “In 2015 Manitoba issued a regulation that prevented doctors from billing the Manitoba Health Insurance Plan for conversion therapy.” Ontario then passed a law, called the “Affirming Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Act”, which bans payments for any Ontario Health Insurance to cover conversion therapy. Unfortunately these acts and policies only restrict medical professionals. Churches in B.C. such as Journey Canada are still protected under our provincial law. Journey Canada claims to be “against conversion therapy”, but still uses methods which they call “discipleship” courses, for those who want to “correct” homosexuality/ gender identity. Please sign and share this petition if you believe that conversion therapy should be banned in B.C. and other provinces across Canada. All of the information in this petition is not my own and all credit goes to the sources below.

Kyra Saliken
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Started 11 months ago

Petition to Universal Studios, Universal Pictures, Universal

Add Bechloe Kissing scene on Pitch Perfect 3 Blu-Ray/DVD release!

People ship Bechloe and we always wanted to see them kiss. Anna Kendrick and Brittany Snow has filmed the scene but it wasn't added into the final cut of the film, instead Universal cutted the scene off and said no to it! We were hoping it would get added onto the Blu-Ray/DVD release but it isn't going to be there! I checked on for it and there's only one deleted scene and it's only "Aubrey visits Amy's Hotel Door". I'm hoping that us Bechloe shippers will get what we want most out of this and that Universal will listen to us Bechloe fans! If this deleted scene won't come to Blu-Ray/DVD I am not going to buy it! Show your support Bechloe shippers! IMPORTANT NOTE: So for those who have already signed or about to sign, please keep on copying and pasting the link to this petition! I know it seems we're making a big deal over just one kiss but we as Bechloe lovers and shippers have been waiting for this for a long time! So look for Bechloe shippers on Instagram! Send them the link in pm and reply to there comments that they are saying "I want the Bechloe kiss!" Or "Is the kiss going to be there?" In pictures. Anything that involves the kiss say to them "I sent you a link to a petition on about adding the Bechloe kissing scene in the Blu-Ray and DVD release! Sign It!" And don't forget to tell them to spread the word! Let them share it on Facebook, Twitter, anything that involves social media! Let them post a pic of my petition regarding adding the Bechloe kissing scene in the Blu-Ray and DVD release on Instagram so their followers will know what to DO! And keep going! We need to make it past perhaps 2000! Until Universal will notice it and listen to US!

Kenneth Smith
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