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Petition to Paul Lyons, Okotoks Waste, April Bouchard, Florence Christophers, Mayor Bill Robertson, Ken Heemeryck, Councillor Matt Rockley, Councillor Ed Sands, Councillor Tanya Thorn, Councillor Ray Watrin

Stop the bi-weekly garbage pickup pilot in Okotoks

We, the undersigned, wish to stop the Town of Okotoks from forcing Mountainview and Woodhaven residents to participate in the bi-weekly garbage pickup pilot. This pilot project is being forced on residents without proper notice or consultation and will burden residents with extra costs and time required to manage household garbage.  The Town has not provided an adequate alternative for diversion of waste  during this pilot project and the $2.50/mo rebate proposed does not even come close to compensating residents for the extra hassle. While we do understand the Town’s desire to get to an 80% diversion ratio, the current pilot project does not offer residents a valid alternative to dispose of their waste other than investing in town-specific garbage bags at our own expense or making extra trips to the eco centre on our own time and fuel cost. It also does not factor in issues such as waste odours from soiled diapers and attraction of pests due to those odours. We do not feel that this pilot or the ensuing town-wide policy are wanted by the majority of residents and that any future move in this direction should be an election issue or plebiscite. We call for the immediate cancellation of this pilot project.

Ryan Nix
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Petition to University of Victoria, UVIC

Sipping Sustainability: Coffee Cups on UVIC Campus

At UVIC, over 3000 paper coffee cups are thrown out every day. That is the equivalent of one average sized tree here on Vancouver Island. So we made a statement by taking all the coffee cups that would have previously gone into the landfill, and we dumped it on my head. If you like trees, hate garbage, or just like signing petitions, please add your voice to our campaign to get the University of Victoria to provide alternatives to disposable coffee cups.  So what's wrong with disposable coffee cups? Beyond deforestation, our campus' cup waste is contributing to climate change. When you throw your paper cup in the garbage, it won't just compost in the landfill. As compostable materials break down in a landfill they decompose anaerobically and release greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Coffee cups are also not obviously compostable. There are many eco-friendly ways to dispose of these cups, but it isn't clear for the average student to know what those are. The paper cups sold on campus are compostable and recyclable, but due to a lack of education and clear signage, most of these cups end up in the garbage. Our goal with this project is to get the University to provide alternatives to the current sole option, disposable cups. Here are some solutions we have thought of:  1) A campus wide cup share program similar to those being trialled at universities around Canada. These systems provide reusable cups for people to use when they forget their own, and can then be returned for a deposit.  2) Mugs in the cafes around campus so that people can sip their coffees to stay. This will not only make campus more personal but will help keep cups out of the trash.  3) Subsidized travel mugs available at the cafes around campus to encourage people to bring their own mugs from home.  And there are many other options! Sign the petition, share the video, and give us your ideas for a cup-free future on campus.   

Levi Hildebrand
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