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Eliminate Garbage Dumping Grounds from Delhi - It's Killing Us! #ClearTheDump

We are all very much familiar with Garbage Dumping Grounds in Delhi. Ghazipur, Mukarba Chowk and Okhla are very famous. Standing as tall as 80 ft height and soon to be the tallest man-made structures in Delhi. Everyday thousand tons of garbage is thrown there. But do we know what exactly happens to our garbage once it leaves our home? These dumping sites were meant to process the wet waste and recycle the dry waste. But are they actually doing that? Have we ever questioned our municipal corporation on this? Have we ever thought why removing dumping grounds are never on any party's poll agenda? Have we ever thought what we are doing to the city?  FACTS: Delhi produces 1.5 metric tonnes of garbage DAILY!!! And 80% of it is exposed to the environment without even treating - Check this Article by India Today Garbage mountain at Delhi’s Ghazipur landfill to rise higher than Taj Mahal by 2020 - Check this article by Hindustan Times Delhi's dumping grounds are FULL and OVERFLOWING! The High Court has ordered to construct a new site! - Check this article here  Delhi's Ghazipur Dumping ground is as tall as Qutub Minar! - Check this article by India Today Complete Report on Solid Waste management by MCD can be downloaded via this link WE CITIZENS OF DELHI ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Health hazards - Increases in risk of adverse health effects -LOW BIRTH WEIGHT, BIRTH DEFECTS, CERTAIN TYPES OF CANCERS have been reported near individual landfill sites. Read complete report here The five municipal corporations, comprising over 280 wards, generate approximately 14,000 tonnes per day (TPD) of solid waste. However, we do not have a clear idea whether these are accurate figures. Per capita generation in the city ranges from 550-600 grams per day. As per the figures provided by the MCDs, over 10,500 TPD of garbage is collected. The city has a processing capacity of 6,100 TPD, thanks to its three incineration plants and two centralised composting units. Approximately 4,600 TPD is disposed in three dumping sites of Delhi—Okhla, Bhalswa and Ghazipur. - Source What can be done? Please watch this episode of Satyamev Jayate to know what exactly is happening and what can be done in detail. Few pointers are mentioned below: 1. There is NO need of any dumping grounds anywhere in the country, if the garbage is treated right 2. The garbage we throw out is actually a resource and can be processed into a profitable business - WET garbage (biodegradable waste and includes Cooked and uncooked food, fruits, vegetable peels, flower waste, and other organically decomposable waste) can be processed into manure. DRY Garbage (any waste which will not rot or disintegrate over time and has little or no moisture content. Dry waste can also be described as inorganic or non-biodegradable waste given its lack of food products like - Metal, Glass, Plastic, Furniture, Wooden cases, Paper and cardboard, fabric and aluminium foils) can be recycled 3. The cost of doing this is minimal compared to the cost borne by authorities to dump this garbage in landfills 4. We can make the authorities to do this together What can you do? There are a couple of things you can do:  1. Sign this petition and help us make the authorities do this. And then share it with your friends and family. 2. Segregate your garbage - Dry Waste and Wet Waste and also ask your neighbors and garbage collector to do same. 3. And most importantly - Ask the political parties to include this agenda in their manifesto - Delhi Elections are about to be held in February 2020, this is the perfect time - TELL POLITICAL PARTIES, WE WILL VOTE ONLY FOR THE PARTY WHO WILL MAKE SURE WE FOLLOW SUSTAINABLE AND COST EFFECTIVE MEASURE TO DEAL WITH WASTE MANAGEMENT AND REMOVE THESE LANDFILLS ONCE AND FOR ALL! 4. Use Hashtag : #ClearTheDump to tweet or share the issue on facebook and instagram. Let's make our voice stronger. Today, I, Vishesh Allahabadi request you all to think - Is it healthy to ignore this alarming situation? Is this what we are ready to accept?  Is this the legacy we want to leave for our next generation?  What is important? Money or Health?  Political parties and municipal authorities will do this only if we have substantial number of people supporting this. Request you all to kindly make this viral and get as many signs as possible.  Let's tell the authorities WE ARE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS AND EVERY VOTE IN THE UPCOMING ELECTION WILL GO TO THE POLITICAL PARTY WHO WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILITY TO REMOVE THESE LANDFILLS AND WILL GET IT DONE WITHIN 6 MONTHS OF BEING ELECTED.  

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