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Petition to Robert A. Altman, Zenimax Media Inc

Zenimax: stop rushing Bethesda Game Studios, employ more staff and stop streamlining games

Bethesda Game Studios' reputation has been suffering for a while. As much as we love the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series, business is ruining art.---------------------------------------------------------------------------[addition]I feel I should address the elephant in the room and mention the "Creation Club" which apparently is "not mods".When you take a mod, pay the modder, put it through the dev cycle and sell it - what you're left with is a posh mod, but a mod all the same. A mod that people have to pay for to use. Otherwise known as "a paid mod".We'd really appreciate it if you'd make your "Creation Club" an optional, seperate DLC file, instead of writing it into the base game files. You'd still sell to the people who want it but you'd anger far fewer of those who don't. "Creation Club News" serves as a constant reminder, to people who hate it, not to buy future Bethesda games.-------------------------------------------------------------------------When a game company is understaffed and forced to rush games out the problems listed below, that result in an inferior generic game are the reality. And if you've not heard the insulting nickname "Bugthesda" by now, you've been living under a rock.Fallout 4 is a prime example (Skyrim too to a lesser extent). The game made you an insane amount of money and you expanded your fanbase but you lost the respect of a huge amount of your long term fans. The problems with the game:*bugs and gliches*an appalling lack of story content*weak story content*insulting game padding ("radiant" quests and excessive base building)*oversimplification in features*unfulfilled potential...the list goes on. If you want a more detailed account of problems with ideas to improve the game, I got you covered: petition is to request that you:- increase Bethesda Game Studios' number of staff- hire a talented writing team- quit rushing the studio to get games out as fast as possible- put a stop to the excessive streamlining- put a stop to the excessive game paddingWith the huge amount of money Fallout 4 made, you can easily afford to put more money into developing future games. And you really need to do this before 2 beloved franchises go so far downhill that you ruin them completely.The following is to expand on the request.WRITINGFallout 4's main story is regularly ridiculed... and with good reason. Fallout 3 and 4 both had you looking for a family member- it's time to try something new. The main story is lazy and didn't really allow the player to choose who they wanted to be.It also would have been great if life in the vault was expanded on instead of rushing straight to cryo.Also, there's "kid in a fridge". Previous Fallout games have established that ghouls need food and water, and this tiny quest completely ignored that. The quests in the game did too little to expand on the rich lore of the series, and there were far too few proper quests. "Radiant" quests are not an acceptable substitute.A lot of the quests are fetch and kill quests (yes I'm talking about Skyrim too). Bethesda's games more and more lack depth.With a dedicated writing team, who actually respect the established lore (retcons are annoying), even just a few people, the quality of quests could be drastically improved.STREAMLININGPerks, dialog, weapons, legendary items - the dumbing down so as to appeal to the lowest common denominator is not the way to go. Instead, what should have been done is tweaking the original systems to make them easier for people to understand. With ESO (yeah, I know that's you and not Bethesda) the One Tamriel update is another example of this. You should allow people to choose whether they play the world scaled to them, or if everything should be leveled so you have to train up to advance.The point is- either make dumbing down optional, or streamline in a way that interfaces and systems are more user friendly.By "make dumbing down optional" I mean that you should offer players, at the [Start New Game] stage, the option to use the traditional UI or the "streamilned" one.GAME PADDINGI don't know why I have to keep saying this, but "radiant" quests are an insult. They may be situationally appropriate, but they add nothing to the lore, story or have any real effect on the world or characters. "Radiant" quests are an ANTI-RPG element. Simple, repetitive junk quests don't belong in an RPG in such huge quantities, if at all. It's obvious that they're there to make up for lack of story content.If you're going to insist on using "radiant" quests all the time, you should have a "radiant" quest option: [on], [infrequent], [never do the same thing twice], [hell no]Settlers constantly needing help, Preston giving you quests you don't ask for - these kinds of quests should never be forced on you.Then there's settlement building. 30+ across Fallout 4 and its DLC's? Seriously? You should have allowed the player to choose whether to build the settlements themself or allow the settlers to do it. Is it so hard to have a dev-created settlement build so you don't have to spend several hundred hours making these areas look good?At the end of the day, a story rich RPG is better than a sandbox full of junk quests and Sims.Incidentally, have you seen the masterpiece that is the "Transfer Settlements" mod? If you took a look at that, added a location where you could pay someone to build the settlements from a selection of blueprints... that would be fantastic.MORE STAFF AND LESS RUSHINGAt the end of the day, a creation like an open-world RPG needs many creators who have time to realise their ideas. You can afford this. Easily. So please, give Bethesda Game Studios everything they need to create true masterpieces.As I write this I feel I must tell you: I don't trust Bethesda anymore. I'm worried that my 2 favorite franchises, and whatever new IP's you have in the works (that could potentially become favorites), will so badly unfulfill their potential that I'll nolonger want to play any more of your games. I'm certainly not buying another Bethesda Game Studios title until I'm certain it's not another Fallout 4.At present, I'm not looking forward to your future releases. I'm looking forward to mods: Cascadia, Skywind, Skyblivion, the remakes of FO3 and NV in FO4's engine and so on.Talking about mods, you should see to it that this gets made: Zenimax, let Bethesda fulfill its creative potential.

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