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Remaster the Mass Effect Trilogy

The Mass Effect Trilogy is a game series near and dear to many people's hearts, but let's be honest... the graphics didn't age well. A remaster would allow Bioware and EA an opportunity to remind people why they love Mass Effect. There's something for everyone in Mass Effect. Not to mention the stated reason for not remastering the trilogy was because it would detract from the reception of Andromeda, which -not to put too fine a point on it- completely flopped! It wasn't necessarily a terrible game- and, in fact, had some redeemable qualities- but in the minds of the fans, it didn't qualify to stand alongside its predecessors, and it showed in the reviews and lack of purchases. Add to that the fact that Bioware/EA have straight-up quit supporting the single-player portion of Andromeda as of August 2017, and there's really no reason not to remaster the trilogy... apart from maybe pride, but if anything, pride in your work should inspire you to make it BETTER. This is why we need a Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster- or even a Definitive Edition- more than ever. Releasing a Remastering or Definitive Edition of Mass Effect would offer many benefits for both the fans and the company itself, for example: -It's a known quantity. Everyone loves the original trilogy (with a few complaints here and there, but it's mostly liked), so if we were given "the original but with all the DLC and better graphics" we would all buy it. This is a definite plus for EA, because more money is always good.  -Combat and Leveling could be streamlined. I personally liked the combat from 2 and 3 but the leveling from 1 and would love to see them applied to all three games evenly. Regardless of how it works, it would be nice to see it all be the same so you don't have to completely relearn everything in each game. -The above comment about combat and leveling also goes for armor and equipment. There could be a system that is universal to all the games so that it's never a question of which gun you can use or what armor does what things. Again, I personally liked the way 3 handled this with the weight class and armor pieces as it adds more options for character customization- although the upgrade system in 2 was pretty sweet. -The ending of 3 could be changed or at least clarified if the devs wanted. -DLC extras. A definitive edition doesn't have to stop with the DLC that comes with it. Additional DLC could be made and sold to make the already great game EVEN BETTER. -Remastering it for newer systems will prevent minor port-related glitches that happen when you work with backwards compatibility. In conclusion, a Mass Effect Definitive Edition is the best option to redeem Mass Effect as a viable franchise to keep working with, and it could even be announced and/or released N7 day, because HYPE!

Kalina Warner
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