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Petition to Electronic Arts, Hazelight Studios

A Way out czech subtitles | A way out české titulky

//EDIT Zjistil jsem že stránka se snaží tuto hru přeložit a zatím se jim to daří, takže cíl této petice je prakticky splněn, jen s tím rozdílem, že titulky udělali fanoušci. Tím děkuji překladatelům, kteří se to snaží přeložit a lidem, kteří se zapojili do této petice Zde je zatím nedodělaný překlad: Nazdar lidi, tuhle petici jsem založil z jednoho prostého důvodu. Cizí jazyky mi moc zrovna nejdou, mám problém s češtinou natož abych mluvil plynule anglicky. Anglicky plynule neumím, neznám slovíčka, atd a rád bych si zahrál hru A Way Out. V tom není problém, že bych tu hru nemohl hrát, ale problém je v tom, že ta hra je příběhovka a co budu mít z té hry, když anglicky neumím dost dobře na to abych si to celé přeložil? Absolutně vůbec nic. To je jako číst knihu a nevnímat děj, jen číst ten daný text a nepamatovat si z toho absolutně nic. Určitě se zde najde spousta lidí, kteří také neumí dost dobře anglicky na to, aby si to rychle přeložili a právě pro tyto lidi je tato petice. Pro lidi co by si rádi zahráli tuto hru s českými titulky. Please help us to get czech subtitles to game A way out, because lot of czech people's doesnt speak english and don't understand the story of the game. Like me We want czech subtitles!

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Petition to Cédric Devuyst

We want to know where Skylanders is going

We, the fans of the Skylanders franchise, want to know more about what is going on with our beloved franchise. All old Toys2Life competitors have given up, yet still new ones, like Starlink, are taking the spotlight. This tells us that Toys2Life, and by that Skylanders too, doesn't have to be seen as dead. Yes, Skylanders does have Skylanders Academy and Skylanders Ring Of Heroes running, but those experiences aren't why most of us fell in love with this franchise, the Toys2Life aspect did make us. We want another main-stream Skylanders experience, even if it were to be the last game, with the main focus on what the fans want. We understand you may want to take a break from the yearly Skylanders games, wich we of course think is for the better, yet we don't want to be left in the dark about when it is coming back. As on what the fans would want, or what I think could make this new experience as optimal as possible, I have made a list: Bring player versus player Battle Arenas back. (We know you've said the kids would think it's weird if Skylanders fought eachother, as they are the heroes, but you could just give a very simple explenation: they do it to train themselves.) This would instantly bring back a lot of players. I myself really went in on Skylanders when I saw how fun the PvP was in Skylanders Swap Force (wich was in 2016), instantly ordering the other games (as I only had the first 3 games to begin with). When I learned later installements didn't include the Battle Arenas anymore, I was quiet upset. The Battle Class of creation crystals needs to be ressetable, and I am not saying it should be able to be done without a small effort, we just need a way to do so. You could even add a small level to reset the Battle Class, called the 'Path Of Clearance', where they would have to go through to be resseted. Yes, this doesn't make too much sense from a commercial standpoint, but I got a solution: microtransactions. If players don't wanna go through the 'Path Of Clearance' to reset their Imaginator, they could also pay $5 for 10 resets or so. Then everyone could be happy. Allow us to go digital. Starlink does, and so can you. Yes, this game is Toys2Life, but some Skylanders are too rare in the real world to find. Giving us an alternative way to still get to play with these super rare ones, would really be some top-level fan service. The exclusives (thinking Gnarly Tree-Rex and Dark Spyro) wouldn't even have to be purchasable digitally, just the regular formes. We don't need more special Skylanders, re-release some instead. Of course, for people who have collected them all, this wouldn't be as benificial, but hear me out: they don't have to be an exact re-release. They might as well have a different real-life figurine with a different pose. Some new voice lines and animations would also be great. This way, there are new figurines to collect, but you can play with the old or the re-released one and it would feel bassicly the same. Get a propper online mode. And I ain't talking about racing. I am talking about letting us do Battle Arenas, Arena Battles, maybe even levels together over the internet. I, personally, have quiet a few friends who love Skylanders, but they live too far away. Giving us the option to play over the internet with eachother, would really give us what we want and need. But this way the petition I made. I really hope with all my heart and soul this could happen, as a huge fan I am. If you feel so too, please share this with the #SkylandersWillBeBack. Any help is appreciate, as I wouldn't know what to do if this franchise is here just to die out. - Cédric Devuyst  

Cédric Devuyst
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Petition to SEGA

Localize Yakuza Ishin! #SaveIshin

Since the time "RGG: Ishin" was released in Japan on PS3 and PS4 in 2014, people in the West really wanted to get their hands on the awesome story of Ryoma (A.K.A Kiryu, but not really Kiryu), yet the localization never happened... Well, guess what SEGA? The whole wants to whole hardheartedly thank you for localizing Yakuza 0, Yakuza Kiwami, Yakuza Kiwami 2, Yakuza 6 and Fist Of The North Star, but amidst all of the praise and joy you get when you announce every new localization is the lingering question.... "Where's Ishin"? You yourselves, have turned localization of Ishin into a joke to tease the fan base. And in a lot of the community's eyes, that sadly ain't very acceptable.  Yes, we know you have told us that there's a lot of terminology and Japan related things in the story and the world of the game itself, but that shouldn't be a problem. It should be an opportunity to let more people learn about that. Alright, look at it this way: When you introduced words like "-san_, "-chan" and "aniki" in recent localizations, were people offended by it? Were they mad or confused by it? I don't think so. Why should things like these be a problem now? We don't care if you do the localization 1 or 2 years from now, we just want to experience what a big amount call one of the best Samurai and Yakuza games of all time. And if you still won't do it, we still want to thank you for all the hard work you're doing!

Jonas Beržinskas
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