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Petition to Rockstar Games, Sierra Games, Mad Doc Software, Stainless Steel Studios, Rebellion Development

Bring back the Empire Earth franchise!

There are still hundreds of Empire Earth players on the first 2 games of the franchise. The third wasn't too great but that hasn't stopped us from playing on Empire Earth I & II. In fact, players have even created unofficial patches to allow multiplayer over the web once more. Empire Earth I Unofficial Patch Empire Earth II Unofficial Patch Empire Earth III doesn't have a unofficial patch. Here I am going to quote Daniel Zammit's petition which has recently ended. "The last installment in the Empire Earth universe was in my opinion and of others, a disappointing and rushed end of an era. I am starting this petition in order to show that there are old school RTS fans out there who are interested in the continuation of this franchise, or at least a proper Empire Earth standard game. The community surrounding this franchise will most likely show their support by sharing this petition with their family and friends. It's been almost 8 years since the last Empire Earth came out and we heard nothing about an installment ever since. This can be due to the fact that the founding developers of the franchise have either closed down or been bought by bigger fish(in the case of Mad Doc's software, which was bought by Rockstar games.) I hope this petition gets to the four corners of the world and spikes your interest." -Daniel Zammit With that said, please share this petition to get the word out. -Etanarvazac

Etanarvazac Taseet
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Petition to Capcom

We Need Resident Evil: 2 REmake News!!

The man directing Resident Evil: 2 REmake is Jun Takeuchi. If you didn't know: He served as the producer for Onimusha 3 and Lost Planet and chief producer for Resident Evil 5. Takeuchi has also worked on other Capcom games such as Street Fighter II for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2 for the PlayStation. "We as fans", just want some news about the game, we keep getting fake leak after fake leak.  Telling us the game is going to be a massive "DLC Crave".  Saying we aren't getting a full game for one price but multiple prices.  Capcom can't do a REmake with less content than the original game that's borderline blasphemy.  Plus Capcom will lose there entire "core fan base from 1996 to 2002." Capcom stated it to be a REmake not a re-imagining of the game.  Please don't use the OTS Camera just use the Fixed Angle Camera. Please don't charge us extra for modes that wherein the original, Resident Evil 2. I mean common Capcom get a clue. Micro-transactions shouldn't be such a big thing anymore. Video games shouldn't be a pay, pay, pay oh and you need to pay some more. Players shouldn't feel punished for being poor. I believe we've waited long enough to get a simple 15 seconds of game-play. You have to tell us something Capcom or you're going to lose us.  You've burned us time and time again with past Resident Evil games. List of games Capcom didn't create with the fans in mind:Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella Corps, Resident Evil 6, Resident Evil 5. Lets go into detail about how lazy this company is: Remember the PlayStation 3?  Yeah, we got the lazy HD Remaster of Resident Evil: Code Veronica X. Capcom was so lazy they didn't port that to the PlayStation 4 they just ported over the PlayStation 2 game and called it a day.  What I'm getting at is this company will create everything generally with no passion for the content in general and generic level design to boot. We don't want Resident Evil: 2 REmake to be created with no passion, we don't want the game to have OTS camera, we don't want the game to look generic!! Please sign this if you believe we should get a true Remake of Resident Evil 2 without the terrible newer Resident Evil games being incorporated into this. Capcom all you needed to do was this: Look at Resident Evil: 1 REmake Remaster, now Remake Resident Evil: 2 just like that.  It's simple you have a blueprint to work from you have the core idea right in front of your face. Please for the love of god give us something.  A video clip, pictures, some news about the development progress something.  Please, Capcom. Please.

Wayne Fry
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