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Petition to Electronic Arts

The Sims 4: Make All Languages Available For The Base Game Everywhere

At the moment, Electronic Arts, the publisher of Sims 4 is restricting certain language options for the Origin download version or the base game to certain purchase locations, eg. The Sims 4 Digital Deluxe Edition bought in the United Kingdom only offers the installation language English (US) and nothing else. There are no language restrictions for the expansion- and stuff packs, however they are automatically bound to the base game language which cannot be changed.Why that is? Who knows! There is no comprehensible reason as to why the digital version of The Sims 4 should only offer specific languages depending on location of purchase. There are plenty of multilingual dedicated Sims players that live outside their homeland but still prefer one language over another or might even want to change to another language to learn it better. Why should you not be able to change to a language that you feel more comfortable with or understand better only because you live in different speaking country? Why should there be such an outdated restriction when no other publisher or game client has put up such a ridiculous barrier?To be clear, we are not talking about the Sims' own language simlish but about the language the game is installed in, the language of your user interface and the languages that WE speak, be it english, german, french, italian, russian, swedish etc.This petition is asking Electronic Arts and inevitably the Sims 4 developers Maxis/The Sims Studio to offer ALL language installation options in the digital version of the game to EVERYBODY, no matter in which part of the world the game was purchased or is being played.

Christina Huhn
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Petition to KOEI Tecmo, Team Ninja

Bring NIOH to PC

NIOH is an upcoming game being developed by Team Ninja and published Koei Tecmo, which is only being released on PS4 currently. It looks incredible, a visually stunning hack & slash samurai epic that takes inspiration from Dark Souls, Japanese history and mythology, and Team Ninja's own Ninja Gaiden. NIOH is a game that I would purchase in a heartbeat if it came to PC, as would a great many others, and I hope to prove that interest with this petition. Why it makes sense: PC Gamers are hungry for good console ports, and you have a huge audience here that are eager to play your game. Let us take a look at some other recent ports for example. Earlier this year Capcom released Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen on Steam, it was reported to be Capcom's fastest selling PC title to date, with over 400,000 owners according to SteamSpy. Before that, Valkyria Chronicles was released late in 2014, it's sales have "blown all predictions out of the water" said publisher Sega, and has just shy of 875,000 owners according to SteamSpy. Most importantly, it took a petition to bring Dark Souls to PC back in 2012, which has sold over two and a half million copies on PC, with all 3 collectively selling over five million copies. It was reported that 40% of the Souls series total sales were on PC. NIOH is exactly the kind of game that would be extremely successful on PC, and the brutally difficult dark fantasy Samurai RPG gameplay would have a huge audience on Steam. Everything about it, from the gameplay to the setting to the enemy designs and art direction looks absolutely incredible, so we ask one thing: give us the opportunity to play your game on PC. Koei Tecmo have recently been greatly improving the quality of their PC ports, so it makes perfect sense that NIOH makes it's way to Steam. Thank you.

Casey Explosion
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Petition to Tim Cook (Apple), Sundar Pichai (Google), Jeff Bezos (Amazon)

Stop Cosmetic Surgery Apps Aimed At Kids #surgeryisnotagame

Hello, I'm Andrea Mara a mother of three who recently discovered cosmetic surgery games and I'm supporting this petition with Endangered Bodies Ireland. This is one of eight linked petitions by Endangered Bodies directed at Apple, Google and Amazon.  Like many parents today, what little I know about online games I’ve learned from my kids, and most of what mine have played so far have ranged from clever to educational to downright silly. But one game stopped me in my tracks when my nine-year-old showed it to me recently - it was a plastic surgery simulator game that had come up on her Kindle when she searched for ‘free games for kids. To show me how it works, she carried out cosmetic surgery on her (animated) patient’s nose. This involved marking where the incision should go, using a scalpel to cut into the skin, moving a bone inside the nose, then gluing and stitching up the wound. And once that game was over, some of the other suggestions included ‘Pregnant Mommy’s Surgery – Caesarean Simulator Game’ – I kid you not. I was really surprised that the cosmetic surgery game existed at all – I mean, who wants to play a game that simulates cutting into skin and delving into someone’s nose – but I was particularly surprised to see it marketed to kids. Not only is it graphic and gross, it’s also sending a really negative message to little girls. Don’t like how you look? Just go under the knife – because you are nothing beyond your appearance.   Right now, my kids aren’t particularly body conscious, and although I can’t keep them wrapped up in cotton wool, I’d definitely like to keep them away from plastic surgery games and the messages they send. That app developers are allowed to promote plastic surgery games to children is tasteless and offensive and to quote my nine-year-old, icky. I’m signing the petition to ask Apple, Google and Amazon to regulate how these games are marketed – will you sign too?  #surgeryisnotagame ~ From Endangered Bodies Ireland: The images above come from some of the many cosmetic surgery apps available on the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store and the Amazon App Store. These cosmetic surgery apps, which often feature animated characters, are being marketed to kids as young as nine, a target group that is already influenced by our body-toxic culture. Our societies are saturated with images of perfect and unattainable bodies, with over 21 million cosmetic procedures being performed throughout the world in 2015 according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. The dissatisfaction many adults face with their bodies has trickled down to our children. Statistics from The National Eating Disorder Association in the U.S. show 81% of 10-year-olds are afraid of being fat. In the UK, the 2016 Girlguiding Girls’ Attitudes Survey found more than a third of girls aged seven to ten felt women were valued more for their appearance than their abilities. Globally, children deserve to be challenged and inspired by their toys, not to spend their free time worrying about how they look. On January 14, 2014, Endangered Bodies supported the UK-based Twitter account Everyday Sexism in its call to remove plastic surgery apps aimed at children featured on iTunes and the Google Play store. Within 24 hours, both platforms removed the flagged apps. Although neither platform released an official statement, their choice to remove these “games” indicates that they recognize the potential harm they can cause. Deceptively designed as children’s games, the apps encourage users to slice virtual patients apart using scalpels, syringes, and other tools used in surgical settings. By making cosmetic surgery apps available for download, Apple, Google and Amazon are allowing companies to stoke and profit from the insecurities of children. We at Endangered Bodies challenge the toxic culture that promotes negative body image. Cosmetic surgery apps, which promote body dissatisfaction and shame, are not games that should be marketed to vulnerable young people. Although in some cases (where games have age-based ratings) it is possible for parents to limit access to these games through parental controls, we believe that further action is needed. Apple, Google and Amazon need to scrutinise the apps that already feature an age rating to ensure the content isn’t in fact directed at younger children, using the age limit as a way to still offer their app for download. In other words, we don’t want these platforms to use the age rating system as justification to continue to offer these apps, which are clearly designed for children. Please sign this petition to ask Apple, Google and Amazon to implement a policy which is clear to every developer, that they will not accept any such apps that are targeted at children and make a commitment to protect the mental health of their young users.  

Endangered Bodies Ireland
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