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Petition to Harry

Make Harroche change his Xbox gamer-picture.

Harry's (a.k.a Harroche) Xbox gamer-picture is boring. It's just a man holding a keyboard wearing a cape. While funny at first, this picture has become old and stale. He has used it for months. However Harry, in his ever stubborn ways, won't change it. Many hundreds of people have been enraged by his photo after he killed him in Starwars Battlefront II, or Cod Black Ops, or any of the other games I'm not terribly interested in. He has caused an epidemic, probably killing...several? Yeah, several people via the laughter or cringe induced by his photo. I personally have been affected by this, as even my poor dog won't come near me as she knows "God he plays with a chap with that picture? I'm not having any treats from him, no matter how tasty!" So his concerned friends have decided to embarrass him publicly so show him how bad it is and how much he is embarrassing himself. Hopefully making him change it. Even if he doesn't we then know there is something wrong with him and can have him sent to a doctor...or shot...can we have him shot? *murmurs* Right, I've just been informed cannot have him shot.   *Quick legal bit* Neither me nor Harroche own the photo in this petition (which he uses as his gamer-picture ), so because of that I want to make sure everyone knows that the photo is not ours. From what I have been able to gather the photo is property of, to which we have no affiliation. The photo is purely for demonstrative purposes. If the owner of the picture would like us to alter the petition in any way regarding the photo, I will be happy to comply. As well as this, this petition has mainly been made for comedic purposes, and we do not expect anything to actually change because of the petition. The description above is all jokes and hyperbole. Don't take any of it seriously. -Max

Max B
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Started 2 months ago

Petition to Capcom

Bring Resident Evil 2 Remake for Nintendo Switch

To the Capcom Development Team and Director of the Resident Evil 2 Remake, Firstly and obviously thank you Capcom for developing RE2 Remake. Already having seen the trailer and some of its gameplay (again and again), you can clearly see and appreciate the marvelous work, effort and planning that must have gone into (re)creating this masterpiece with some extra added elements. I can still remember how when I first played this game and what a beautiful ride it was. Nothing like it! A revolution and the beginning to story telling survival horror and great cut scenes. (Nostalgia) Looking forward to release date and counting!!! So recently the specs of what is required to play RE2 Remake on the PC details have been given, the minimum requirements and recommended requirements, I could not help but wonder how this should be able to run on the Nintendo Switch, specially with Capcom's expertise I'm sure something could be worked out like Resident Evil 7 but would want a physical release (I know Nintendo's Cartridge maybe a little expensive but we fans will pay the price. Nintendo have sold a few titles and limited editions...etc for £60 £70 £80 £90...etc). I was really sad to see again a great legend title not coming to Nintendo Switch like Street Fighter IV or V for that matter. Really disappointed that you will not be bringing this game over to the Nintendo Switch. I can still remember when RE1 was remade for the GameCube, that mansion, thunderstorms, it was remarkable. Nintendo Switch is very popular and on the go, being able to play anywhere is such a game changer. Please, can you somehow allow for this to be released on the Nintendo Switch. There is a a very large fanbase, just take Zelda breath of the wild for example and it's sales. Look if you need like a pre-order or a sign up or pay in advance or a goal to reach or a time limit or all the above, I'm more than sure and positive realistically we can reach that threshold. I have played and owned maybe 95% of all the resident evil series and owned on multiple platforms, I have been a fanboy supporter since, we all want this on the Nintendo Switch. Please do it for us fans. Please!!! We also want to have this experience... Thank you again to all your hardworking dedication and to all the Capcom Team involved in RE2 Remake.

Ruman Uddin
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