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Petition to Electronic Arts, EA Games

New game mode for EA SPORTS' FIFA Owner Mode

 In my perspective it would be quite interesting to see a career mode in which you may completely own a football club, this new game-mode could potentially include features such as:1. The possibility of being the owner of an already established football club or creating, and therefore owning, one from scratch. In the latter case, players would be generated as a youth squad, however they would have scaled attributes when compared to the league in order to avoid being overwhelmed.2. Having an option to create and/or modify the clubs' uniform, stadium and logo. This could be done by allowing the player to select the club's colors and selecting the location of advertisements and sponsors throughout the stadium and uniforms.3. Implement prerecorded stadium and club names so that announcers can comment about the game in a realistic and immersive fashion.4. Manage activities outside the football field. In other words, adding the option for the player to arrange sponsors, obtain sources of finance and manage public relations.5. Allowing the player to either hire or dismiss the club's coaches. Nevertheless the player would still act as one.6. Arrange meaningful events such as commemorative matches or special matches (such as a fundraiser or awareness event). 7. In my country (Mexico) it is posible to acquire other teams as a form of club growth, if this strategy is not frowned upon in other countries it may also be implemented.8. Create a sense of prestige for the club throughout history depending on results yielded each season. In other words, allowing the player to create Spain's next Real Madrid or the next Bayern Munchen in Germany, etc. Therefore, these 8 points represent the premise of the "owner career". It may be argued that this idea is too complex, however, it was inspired by Madden 25's similar game-mode . I sincerely believe that with proper adjustments this game-mode could really benefit FIFA.

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Petition to Monochrome LLC

Give ZPS some love. Work and release ZPS in Source SDK 2013 build version.

Zombie Panic! Source it's a Half-Life 2 modification, released in Dec, 2007 for Source Engine, won many awards while and after been released. From Moddb won MOTY Unreleased in 2007, 2° place MOTY in 2008, 3° place MOTY in 2009 and take one place in honorable mention in 2010 - and it's currently on 21° place of "Top 100 mods" in Moddb.Unfortunately, many other mods have been release after 2010 and ZP:S couldn't take a good place in MOTY after 3 awards strikes in Moddb's page, but we know Zombie Panic! Source it's the best zombie survival multiplayer mod ever made for source engine. ZPS is currently owned by the company Monochrome LLC. My name is Wallace "Tabajara" Moura, I'm 19 years old Brazilian guy, started mapping for this mod since 2009 and applied to be playtester for ZPS in 2012. My playtime hours registered shows how much time i had spent on this simple HL2 mod for almost 5 years, and it was well spent for sure! I have met so many people from different places and countries that some of them become one of my friends and best friends. Thanks to this mod and to all dev team that made this mod public-free to us! All of the contributors, supporters, donors, level designers, animators, modelers and programmers - thank you ALL that put your hard work and own hands on this mod to be how it is today. We appreciated for what you guys did for ZPS.Of course, the community have and are helping the mod in some way to support ZPS developing community maps, hosting stocks/vanilla/custom 24/7 servers and inviting your friends to give a shot on this free mod. Each of you had helped this mod to stay alive for many years and WE can't let "die" for now. ZPS have so many good gaming communities to play around - some of them have closed unfortunately due to the lack of the players in their servers or/and the game updates - but somehow, we still give our support to the mod hosting theses servers and adding fun events, functions, funny moments to play with strangers and friends. And afterall, we all enjoy ourselfs playing ZPS, don't you think?The 2.4 have been released in 2012 and we're in the middle of 2014! And we, the community, are feeling this part remaining/left in the game that is the "ZPS Dev Team" doing your part as always have been doing for a long time! We're losing people that we have been playing for many years, losing friends from this best mod for other games in Steam and we can't let it happen - the Dev team can't let it happen too! It's about time to the development team do something as soon as possible to our mod to keep it alive and working how should be. I know Contagion needs some attention since it's your first indie game of the company, but you guys have to give some time, some spare time to ZP:S too. It's from there where everything started, you guys need keep it working how supposed to be. One/two week(s) working on ZPS won't hurt anything, would bring us to the community some hope for the mod!I know all mods have your ups and downs time, but we need our big "up" time for ZP:S to make our mod be on the top again like old - good f*cking - times. Thanks to this mod i had met good friends from many countries, that I can talk, laugh, mess and chill around. Without it or if I haven't known this mod, i couldn't think how my life would be now: just simple and out of the gaming stuff probably.Please, if you're a ZP Veteran, ZPS Wizard, Addict, Fanatic, Pro, Standard person, sign up for this petition to reach the Dev Team/Monochrome LLC and let them know hard how this mod is falling without updates, without 2.5 version to public. Let them know that we the community want our ZPS back on track as soon as possible. And then, bring back our old/new friends to the game to have some fresh fun in-game. We're just asking for a recently version of ZPS out of us. Sorry for any grammar mistakes i did in this article.Thank you for reading and signed up in this petition. Appreciated !Sincerely,ZPS Community.

Wallace Moura
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Petition to Ubisoft

Sequel to Rayman 3

Why a Sequel to Rayman 3 instead of games like Rayman Legends and Origins? Many people that played and loved Rayman 3 or even Rayman 2 are still waiting for a sequel. It's the 3D experience, the adventures, the exploration and the atmosphere that we're all waiting for.  The newer games like Legends and Origins are of course great too, but it will never be a sequel to the 3D games. The longer the time goes, more people will most likely start to forget about the 3D Version of the game, and that will of course make the demand of a 3D game less. Why I care My experience with Rayman started one day when my mother bought me breakfast cereals that included the Rayman 3 Demo disc in it. I played the demo over and over, and it was the first game I really enjoyed as a kid. One day, on my birthday I got a gift from my father, and it was the full Rayman 3 game. I was very happy, and played it for many hours, trying to complete the game. I still have nostalgic memories from this when I play the game today. A few years later, I got Rayman Raving Rabbids for my birthday, and I was really excited to continue my Rayman adventure. I quickly got disappointed when I realized that the game have turned from an adventure game to a arcade game full of minigames. I want to explore the 3D world that Rayman 2 and 3 offered once more and it doesn't seem like Ubisoft will make a Rayman 4 anytime soon. Why a petition? The reason that I start this petition is that we together can let Ubisoft know that we actually would like a sequel. The more people that raise their voice, the more likely it is that Ubisoft will be interested in making a sequel! We can make this happen, and we'll need as many people as possible, so don't hesitate!

Joakim Andersson
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