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Petition to Kalun Lee, Deputy Chief and Matthew Conaty, Deputy Chief/FCC Investigations/Radio Broadcasts

Remove Future's Song "Mask Off" (Molly/Percocet" From Radio!

I am an 80s/90s kid who grew up in an era when music was everything. I am a lover of music and of many genres of music with classic hip hop being my Set. Hip hop culture has always been cutting edge, trend setting, and thats part of its beauty. I am not one to believe that all songs that uses profanity or sex is and believe I still dance to and sing quite a few songs that do! But when I heard the rap artist Future's song "Mask Off" Molly/Percocet played on the radio it literally stopped me in my tracks, I honestly could not believe what I was hearing. I couldnt believe it so much so, that when I finally got out of the slow moving traffic of Los Angeles, the city I live, I went straight to google to look up the song. I read the lyrics, listen to the song, watched the video, read the lyrics again...Looking for a double entendre of some sort to justify what I was just wasnt there! This song was at it purest, simply glorifying the usage of the drugs Molly/Percocets; and Chanting it at that. I honestly could not believe this was blaring over the radio waves. That our radio stations have gotten this comfortable that they could be so irresponsible to play such a song over and over with only profanity word edits. Why would such a song affect me and inspire me to act so passionately as to start a petition of removal? Firstly as a professional person who has been in the Social Service field for 20 plus years, as a front line worker mainly in government, working with people in crisis...I felt it my duty to speak up. I have seen the horrors of what these drugs can do to people, and there is no glorification in it at all! I have seen these drugs rob entire communities of one young person after another, who parents never thought they would bury their children. As a worker on the frontline of crisis in hotline investigations of child abuse, I have seen children...babies left in hotel rooms with their dead parents who just overdosed on these drugs...yet Future gets to rap about it in a cool inconsequential manner. As an institutional parole officer, I cannot tell you the number of young men who sat before me and shared how these very drugs took them from being the star football player in high school to the dark streets at night looking for their next high, into homelessness, to stealing from their families and eventually landing them into the penal system...yet Future gets to make these drugs into a mantra on the radio.  85% of my professional career has been centered around drugs ripping folks lives apart. But personally, it has affected me on a deeper level of understanding that I wished I didnt have. I have witnessed not one, not two but three very close family members journey to hell and back in their drug addictions; taking all their hopes, dreams, children and everything else around them, with them...So, NO Future, you do not get to glorify these drugs as if they do not have any consequences...You do not get to tell our young people its something cool to do! And the radio stations will be held accountable to the public! Almost every US citizen...child, mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins have been negatively impacted by drugs. I want everyone reading this petition to think about the love ones they have lost...set the catchy tunes to the side and really listen to what they are saying...and imagine your loved one, in that dark room, alone, hopeless using that drug that took them away from you. No, Future you do not get to say this is okay to do! And Future is not the only artist doing this, but he will be the example! Music has gone too far, to glorify in the very thing that is taking our loved ones away from us. How and why is this ever okay?! Its time we wake up and take some responsibility; hold these music production companies accountable, hold these artists that we pay accountable and to a certain standard, and hold these radio stations accountable to play music that doesnt glorify drug addictions and death of our family members.  

Radio Gone Too Far
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Petition to Hanford City Council

Hanford City Council, do not sell our valued Park Land to developers.

Hanford City Council, choose now to build a better future for our community. Stop voting to sell our park land to build more houses. There is a 40 acre park in the middle of town. When the City acquired this land 40 years ago, and their planning consultant, and Hanford resident, Robert Grunwald, brought to them his dream of rolling hills of grass and trees, the City said they didn’t have the money for such an endeavor. It was the City Council at the time that suggested community involvement might cut costs. And so, because the community picked up their shovels, constructing the stage of ubiquitous laughter for children they would never meet, we have a jewel, Hidden Valley Park. Half of the plan was completed, and the other half, the 18 acres just west of the park we know, has lain bare ever since. In the 35 years since the debut of the completed half, with each newly elected City Council, their desire to sell the land to development resurfaces. And each time it does, every 5 or 6 years, the community shows up and reminds them they want their park land to remain safe. For the last 35 years, this has been enough. On March 7th, the Hanford City Council ignored the public comments they’d just heard, and voted to list the 18 acres of undeveloped park as surplus.   On April 18th, the Hanford City Council will vote on accepting the new General Plan Update, which has the 18 acres rezoned from “Public Facilities” to “Low-Density Residential”, one step closer to selling to development. Urge our elected City Officials to reverse their current course regarding the land our community has consistently told them is to remain a public space. Should they not do so on the 18th, this petition will continue for as long as necessary. Here’s my plan: Earth Overshoot Day is the date on which humanity’s resource consumption for the year exceeds Earth’s capacity to regenerate those resources that year. 1987 December 19 1990 December 7 1995 November 21 2000 November 1 2005 October 20 2016 August 8 Kings County is in the center of the Central Valley, AG capitol of the world. California has the 6th largest economy in the world, because of our agriculture industry. We feed the world. Centrally located, we are ideally placed to set an example. Permaculture is "the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient.". That goal of sufficiency is helped along by practicing rain harvesting/ directing that water with purpose. When planting, you emulate the forest, facilitating naturally occurring ecosystems. You mimic everything from canopy trees, to shrubbery, and the mulch on the ground, allowing plants to work together to maintain the health of the soil, and attract wildlife; birds, bees, squirrels. Because we'll have these ecosystems in abundance park-wide, there is plenty opportunity for trails both beautiful, and informative; highlighting indigenous plants, animals, teaching visitors how to properly harvest fruit and veggies while they walk the trails. We have the sketch of the original park, which spanned the full 38.8 acres. We combine the original plan with this new vision for the future, and we expand on an already unique, and exciting asset of our community. The kicker here is my plan to integrate this into our local schools. Farm Academy Live is a local virtual-education platform that has consistently landed in the top 20 in the country since 2009. They satellite into classrooms around the world with video-conferencing technology, and educate children about agriculture, and its importance. They send tactile aids, like cotton, milk, to give the students something to touch and feel. We take a page from their book, maybe work with them if they're willing, and we teach our local schools about permaculture gardening, with the tactile aids of raised-bed planters.. They learn about earth sciences, biology, and they help a living plant to grow.. then come the end of the planting season, they take a fieldtrip to the park, and plant their little plant into the greater whole, seeing how it fits into the world.. how their bit is integral to the cohesiveness of life. The program will grow with the first class of students to allow for increasing complexity, so by the time these first students reach high school, and know the food forest like the back of their hands, they'll be learning advanced biology, chemistry, and beyond. There's also opportunity for applied economics lessons, and business management, should we build a year-round produce market downtown, and let the students run it, even maintain supply agreements with downtown restaurants, and door delivery services. And all the money raised going back into the program, allows the eldest students to manage the engine that funds the program for their younger classmates. It is potentially a program that can give our children a better footing in all areas of life, and pay for itself ten times over. In all this they are learning to grow their own food, and on occasion their lessons are instead, "Do It Yourself" workshops, where they learn how to make their own soap and the like, giving students a break from routine, and making them more self-reliant in a world less so each day. The Central Valley feeds the world. Let’s give our children the tools to revolutionize how it’s done. Hanford City Council, choose now to build a better future for our community, and the world we feed; stop voting to sell our park land to build more houses.

Nathan Odom
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Petition to Alan Krasnoff, Rick West, Lonnie Craig, Roland Davis Jr., John de Triquet, Robert Ike, Suzy Kelly, Debbie Ritter, Ella Ward

Develop a Comprehensive Plan for Renewable Energy in Chesapeake

The development of wind and solar energy promises supplemental electricity from  natural resources.  The benefits of the clean energy will be felt for generations to come.  However, as with any new technology, several concerns have arisen that must be addressed prior to the full implementation into our city.  Within the last 12 months, at least four solar energy production sites have been proposed in Chesapeake, totaling near 1000 acres.  With Chesapeake clearly being a prime target for solar companies, it is increasingly important for our city leaders to develop a comprehensive plan that mitigates any potentially negative impacts. The citizens of Chesapeake deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing that all reasonable scenarios have been plotted and all negative impacts have been considered.  There is no doubt that Chesapeake planners have evaluated these sites from a zoning perspective, and that is fully appreciated.  However, many aspects remain to be considered, including but not limited to: -Solar and wind energy sites are exempted from Real and Personal Property taxes per Virginia House Bill 1305.  How much revenue is Chesapeake willing to lose for these types of sites? -What total acreage should be consumed by solar sites? -Will the sites be treated with herbicides that are detrimental to the long-term viability of the land? -Solar Energy is a very expensive form of energy production and results in increased utility rates.  How will Chesapeake combat this side-effect? -Solar companies rely on federal subsidies to remain viable businesses.  How will future policies from the new Trump administration impact these subsidies?  Is there a risk of these sites being left abandoned due to cancelled subsidies? -Solar technology is growing quickly.  If several sites are constructed immediately, does that leave room for future implementation of new and better solar panels?  What rate should these sites be brought into Virginia? -Could roof-top solar panels be implemented rather than 150-300 acre sites? -What impact will the multiplication of these sites have on local farms and related businesses? -What is the ideal contract duration that minimizes risk to the city?  

David Schleeper
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