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Petition to IKEA , IKEA Industry, Ikea Media

Demand IKEA Remove ALL Animal Products From its Shelves

IKEA represents its business practices as being progressive and sustainable. They like the public to believe they are a green and eco friendly company. Unfortunately, there is also a dark side to the business practices of IKEA.  IKEA sells a wide variety of animal products: cowhides, sheepskins, leather furniture, woolen rugs, pillows and blankets made with feathers (down) from geese and ducks. Despite IKEA's claim of being a sustainable and green company, the reality is that their choices to sell certain products are just the opposite. IKEA sources sheepskins and cowhides from Argentina, where animal agriculture is one of the main causes of massive deforestation and pollution. The industry that IKEA is supporting has already affected some of the most vulnerable ecosystems in Argentina, such as the Espinal and Chaco ecoregions. Sadly, this is only one example. Ikea is being dismissive of the fact that animal agriculture destroys lives of animals by saying that animals are killed “respectfully”. Ikea still ignores the fact that there is no way to slaughter humanely someone who doesn’t want to die. Ikea still insists that animals raised in factory farming and murdered in slaughterhouses have “freedom from discomfort, pain and injury”. We are asking IKEA to stop spreading the “humane slaughter” myth. There is NO miraculous “animal welfare” standard that justifies the slaughter of ANY sentient being for ANY purpose. For IKEA to be progressive and green like they claim, they need to take ownership for their destructive and inhumane decisions and become innovators for developing “new ideas and inspiring for a better future”. We are demanding that IKEA  REMOVE ALL ANIMAL PRODUCTS from their shelves.  For the planet, for the animals and for a better humanity.   

Roman Thompson
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Petition to Kathryn McGarry, Justin Trudeau, Canada Goose

Ban Leg-Hold Traps in Canada

Scared, hungry, thirsty, sick, cold, and trapped for days; this is the reality for animals caught in leg-hold traps. Yet in Canada, every province and territory still has legal leg-hold traps. The problem these traps have is the abrupt force put onto an animals limb, leaving the animal in extreme pain. The animals caught in leg-hold traps are left trapped in a panic for days, and sometimes even up to a week. Leg-hold traps are used to kill coyotes (one example) for the trim around the hoods of Canada Goose jackets. Canada Goose claims they receive their fur from "ethical" sources. Is leaving an animal immobilized, keeping them from eating, caring for their young, or finding shelter ethical? Is leaving coyotes trapped to die of dehydration, infection, disease, and/or frostbite ethical? Is shooting the coyote, after being stuck in a leg-hold trap for days, or a week, ethical? In some cases, animals have chewed off their own limbs in order to free themselves from the trap, leaving them with broken bones and teeth.  Leg-hold traps are not an ethical way in which an animal can be killed. In some cases, the leg-hold traps can close on other parts of animals, such as their heads. There have also been cases where domesticated animals, such as dogs, have been found caught in these traps. In January 2017, there were 5 different cases in which a pet cat and 4 pet dogs were caught in traps meant to catch animals for fur. Out of these 5 cases, one dog died, one dog broke his neck, and the others were left with minor injuries. By banning leg-hold traps, we can begin a movement to completely ban genuine fur in Canada. For now, coyotes at least deserve the chance to die in a more "ethical" (loosely used words) way.  Animals deserve the right to not be used and killed only for a fur trim. They deserve a life where they choose their actions and roam around freely without the chance of having a leg-hold trap snap on their legs.  Canada Goose not only represents their brand negatively, but most importantly all of Canada. Our name is on their logo. I stand with PETA in supporting the end to leg-hold traps. I support an end to the use of fur for clothing. Join me.   

Anthony Masciarelli
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Petition to Anne Martin-Vachon

Stop Today's Shopping Choice (TSC) from Selling Real Rabbit Fur!

Today’s Shopping Choice (also known as The Shopping Channel, or TSC) is selling real rabbit fur products.  They are currently selling a rex rabbit fur coat by Adrienne Landau, which can take up to 35 rabbits to make. The fur is coming from rabbit farms in China, where the fur is often removed while the rabbit is still alive, conscious and fully aware. TSC has issued a statement telling consumers that the Rex rabbit fur is “ethically sourced", and a "by-product of the meat industry”. 1. Ethically sourced fur does not exist. The fur for this coat comes from a fur farm in China. With NO animal welfare laws in China, the caging, transport and killing methods of for these rabbits is abysmal. Routinely, factory-farmed rabbits are crammed together in small and bare wire cages with little space to move. Bone disorders, foot abscesses and vertebral column deformations are common due to the inability to exercise and inadequate housing conditions. Rabbits suffer high levels of stress through being unable to perform natural behaviours. The rabbits are not raised or killed humanely or ethically and are often skinned alive. 2. Rex rabbit fur is NOT a by-product of the meat industry. Meat rabbits are entirely different breeds. Rex rabbits are bred specifically for their fur.  Millions of rabbits are specifically bred and killed on factory farms for their fur because the rabbit fur industry demands the thicker pelt of an older animal for a particular quality fur. Rabbits raised for meat are killed too young, when they still have their unstable infant coats or have begun their subadult moult. Make your voice heard:  Tell Anne Martin-Vachon, President of Today’s Shopping Choice, that fur is not socially acceptable and that you will not be purchasing anything from her company until they discontinue the sale of real fur. Contact TSC at: 1888 2020 888, press "0" for operator.  You can also leave a comment on their FaceBook Page. Let's work together to Make Fur History and end this cruelty. More Info:

Rabbit Rescue Inc.
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Petition to Sport Chek

DEMAND Sport Chek Remove Fur From its Shelves

After announcing last year that fur would be completely removed from their shelves, Sport Chek is now introducing a line of outerwear, Woods, which uses REAL fox fur, rabbit fur, and goose feathers. These products are already available on and in select Sport Chek stores. In 2016, Sport Chek made this statement to the Fur-Bearers: "We're continuously evaluating the types of products we carry in our stores across Canada to bring our customers what they need to support their healthy, active lifestyle. We are managing through our remaining inventory but at this time, we do not have plans to add anymore animal fur trimmed products to our inventory at Sport Chek and Atmosphere locations." Why is Sport Chek supporting animal cruelty once again? End Fur Farming explains: "Fur factory farms resemble puppy mill style operations where animals are forced to live in restrictive wire cages stacked side by side.Animals like mink & fox never touch the ground and are inhumanely killed by electrocution and suffocation.Long periods of inactivity and lack of stimulation lead to frustration, distress, and abnormal repetitive behaviour such as pacing, cage biting, self-mutilation and physical deformities.Animals are forced to breathe toxic fumes from their own urine and feces causing respiratory problems and eye infections.Many countries have already made fur farming illegal." LET'S MAKE FUR HISTORY. DEMAND SPORT CHEK REMOVE FUR FROM ITS SHELVES AND COMMIT TO NEVER BRINGING IT BACK! Photo courtesy of Jo-Anne McArthur

Victoria Kaulback
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