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Stop exploitation of grieving families in Georgia

Death happens to everyone, and that’s what makes the funeral industry so lucrative. Funeral consumers, everyday citizens who have experienced a loss and require after-death services, are uniquely vulnerable to price gouging. Due to the stresses and stigmas that surround the death of a loved one, transactions between the funeral industry and the funeral consumer are open to abuse. Currently, the funeral industry can abuse consumers by being vague and confusing. General Price Lists (GPLs) contain the pricing information for all funeral goods and services sold by the provider; however, they are shrouded in relative obscurity.   That's why the law needs to be changed.   While many funeral homes attempt to give the consumer fair options, those providers are only mandated to present price lists in a physical meeting with a potential consumer or when requested to provide pricing over the phone. Both of these options leave room for the provider to take advantage of the consumer’s grief for the sake of a pricier sale.   Because there are no legal requirements for standardized packages of products and services, making price comparisons between service providers is nearly impossible.    Although the issue seems complicated, there is a relatively simple way to protect the consumer from pricing abuse.  Passage of House Bill 525 of the Georgia House of Representatives will change the process of obtaining after-death care pricing from funeral homes. The bill will require that general price lists be available on funeral home websites. With this change, consumers will be able to access prices directly, without having to meet and interact with funeral providers. Consumers will be able to compare prices between providers, and will no longer have their vulnerability exploited. They be able to decide what services they want, at the price they are most comfortable with, independent of provider influence.   House Bill 525 needs YOUR help. There are currently four members of the GA House involved with the funeral industry who are likely to support vague pricing as it now exists.   We, as Georgians, have the opportunity to send a strong message to the funeral industry and the Georgia House that we want no more secrecy surrounding funeral costs.   Lobby to get House Bill 525 passed.    Visit (Funeral Consumers Alliance of Georgia) for information on how to contact your legislators and make your thoughts be known. 

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