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Petition to Shri YOGI ADIYTA NATH SINGH, Shri Narendra Modi, Shri Ram nath kovind

COWS ON ROAD-Stop Road accident and prevent harvest by framing a law on wandering of COW in up

Dear Prime minister and chief minister of Uttar pradesh 1-) I'm always thankful to our government But the order of closing illegal cow slaughter houses was a great initiative.But did you plan about what will happen to cows,ox and the animals?they are just wandering here and there and destroying crops of people.Agriculture is main occupation in rural areas.But Due to nomadic animals which is hurting every nook and corner of agriculture practice in UTTAR PRADESH. Right to livelihood and Right to get food is just in constitution as just fundamental right. 2-)RIGHT TO LIVE AND RIGHT TO HAVE GOOD HEALTH My father and grandmother was coming home on bike,due to plenty no. of nomadic cows,they collided with these animals in night.these animals coming running towards road from fields where is no light there.Due to slow speed,my father and grandmother is alive but they were injured badly. Second instance,When I was going on bike with my friend for shopping in night,a collision with these nomadic animals again happen.this time i was saved because of just 1 second late.But two other bikes collided and they injured badly in front of me.Now we can be safe if we don't go on roads.these accident is frequent in rural areas.Please It's my request to our chief minister,come with a good law which ensure our safety.  Please sign this petition to Save some lives.  

Nimesh Tripathi
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Petition to The Government of India, the people of india, Narendra Modi

Towards achieving a better sense of humour in Indian societies

Hey, Have you ever felt scared to post something online, because of the fact that people may harm you due to the post? Have you felt scared to voice out your opinion because of the fact that it's just that? YOUR OPINION? We live in the second most populated country in the world, which may change in the coming years. We, the People and Government of India, have been labelled the largest democracy in the world, The question is, are we really living up to that Reputation? In recent times, the resolve of the people and the government has been tested by the various events in our surroundings, and i'm very emotional in saying this but we fail every time. One of the biggest freedom our constitution grants us is the Freedom to Speech and Expression. It does bear some limitations, but it tells us that we have the right to question and speak out. A democracy cannot function without this freedom. But this freedom is being hampered by a lack of humour in our society. Nobody takes things in their stride and moves on. They get offended and use means unthinkable of, to prove their point. It really is starting to feel like the only people who can criticise anything are the people closed in a room with one guy standing up, but remember that also failed once, with the offended party also being okay with it. "Cough" The AIB Roast. We have a Parliament, where if, anyone speaks something even slightly hurting someone else's own personal dilemma, they would start hurling sandals or cause chaos during the session. Our Parliament should take a lesson from the British Parliament as they turn those insults into a funny gesture and have a good back and forth at it. I talked to a Jaisalmeri recently about Padmavati as well, while most are scared to even open their mouth about the topic in Rajasthan. They have pride about their queen, but he had accepted the fact that the movie will release somehow or the other in Rajasthan, and the limits to which the protestors had taken it was really a bad call. This was just a movie, what if someone opens their mouth about the protestors themselves on national media? That's close to a death wish. Now we will know if someone learnt the lesson when Kangana Ranaut starrer Manikarnika approaches. We look around everywhere, and in foreign lands like the US, there is such a high level of humour amongst people that even the President of the US is criticised and he takes it on the chin. Can we as ordinary people have that here? Are our news journalists the only ones that have a right to criticise politicians on media? Are we, as the general public, relevant only during the elections? The Politicians themselves need to open their ears to us and learn to listen to criticism whether it be at the national level or the state level or even the district. The solution lies in strengthening and taking action against those who are shutting down the people who are trying to open up! The government needs to empower the general public to speak their minds without fear of retribution. Empower the regulatory bodies so that they can pass judgement without fear. Having a better sense of humour starts with yourself. When you look at yourself in the mirror and have a laugh about your imperfections, that is when the change starts and truly all change starts with us. I've made this petition to try to change the way our society thinks. We need to open up, because if we don't open up to change now, our country will never progress in the direction we want it to.  Wishing for a more light hearted future! 

Raj Taprial
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Petition to Thaawar Chand Gehlot, Ramdas Athawale, Krishan Pal, Vijay sampla, Maneka Gandhi

Ban arbitrary discrimination by housing societies in Indian cities

The Problem Young working class is the backbone of any progressing nation. However; in India they are the most ill-treated when it comes to finding a place to stay in a new city where they go to find work. I am married to an aspiring vocalist who has moved to Mumbai to find and pursue a career in music, where as of now I continue to stay in Bangalore. Surprisingly, more than the Mumbai prices, it was the harassment and torture we received at the hands of housing societies that left us helpless. Even if the owner of a flat is fine with giving us a house, the housing societies overrule a tenant because he/she is going to live single (I continue to stay in Bangalore as of now). My wife cannot share her apartment with 2 girls to share the rent, because single girls call male friends to their house. And why is that a problem? Because if they do so, they must be prostitutes. If you are not from a regressive family, housing societies ruled by archaic mindsets are more than willing, even too eager to perform the kind act of giving character certificates to your wife for you! Are you a single male? Please stay away because you must be a known trouble maker. How is that? Because we said so. Are you trying to find work? So, you are a struggler? Stay away, because you will commit suicide. And of course, the discrimination against communities and religions. These lowly, harassing and offensive remarks and discriminating acts are made nonchalantly and openly by the people running the housing societies. Please note these are the cases where the house owner/landlord is OK with you occupying their property. The Aim Through this petition, I want to represent and get help for thousands and thousands of young people that face this treatment, just like we did and continue to do so, and get the required change in the system that helps them exercise what is only their fundamental right. I was advised by lawyers to file a writ petition to high court to drag a particular housing society to high court; but I don't want to stick to solve one individual's problem (see this Q&A page for details where I got this advice from a lawyer: ) but ensure that a fair and just social setup exists for everyone, and there is no need to file individual writ petitions. The Solution Since housing societies come under State under article 12 of the Constitution of India, and these acts prevent exercising the fundamental constitutional right of having an equal opportunity, we ask the decision makers of Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, and also those of Ministry of Women and Child Development to ban housing societies from discriminating people based on age, gender, caste or any such factors and restrict them to at most at requesting and accepting police verification only.

Reetesh Ranjan
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Petition to Chandrababu Naidu, Arvind Kejriwal, Devendra Fadnavis, Siddaramaiah

Order of uniform laws for tenant all over India. Stop #TenantExploitation

Summarising points as I feel description is a bit lengthy so many supporters might not read it all 1) We are raising voice against Tenant Exploitation and demand a uniform tenant law.2) No discrimination should be practised based on marital status/bachelor or married couple staying away from family.3) A stricter law which applies to societies, owners as well as to tenant which ensures any wrong practice, illogical rules and regulations aren't imposed based on emotions or mentality of few. 4) Proper check on amount of security deposit asked from Tenants (likes of Bangalore asking 10-11 months of security deposit)5) Stop discrimination on usage of society amenities for bachelors or tenants. If owners are paying for amenities, tenants should also be allowed to use facilities upon payment. Many societies don't allow tenants to use Gym, swimming pool, common recreation areas.  If you feel being harassed and ill-treated and could connect to any of the above mentioned point, please SIGN this petition. You can read more below as I have mentioned issues in detail. FULL Context Below:India is a independent country with centralised judiciary, laws and rights as per our constitution. Our rights are common to everyone be it rich or poor, educated or illiterate. And we all know this too. I had to bring this as few associations or people; even the well educated ones, forget about them and at times feel much more superior to constitutional rights. Every now and then, we see cases of tussle between tenants and society, where latter always seem to have an upper hand and dictate terms even if it's incorrect as per law. This kind of behaviour is common in Pune and Bangalore and I am sure it will be similar if not worse in other parts of urban India. Even the well educated senior citizens of our country criticise and continuously push societies/associations to have strict rule for tenants be it bachelors or family. This categorisation of tenant based on marital status(married couple with family staying away/unmarried /live-in), gender and native is another form of hypocrisy pushed deep into our roots even in 2017. We are looking at 2020 and hoping to be a developed nation but it can never be achieved if thoughts of citizens are still under-developed or I should bluntly say backward. Rules are formed and modified at will. Had they been equally proactive towards other issues like water, electricity, greenery, etc and followed norms for security as per law, things would have been really good. But no, 90% of their concentration is towards tightening the screws for bachelors or tenants. Even the promised amenities to owners/landlords are not provided in most of the societies when a flat is given on rent. Owners are still paying maintenance and even then societies are failing to maintain proper functioning of gym, swimming pools, club houses and everything else. Being an owner or president of society doesn't mean the person to just objectify tenants and ignore wrong deeds of owners. Today, societies are seen pointing out tenants for smoking, drinking, guests, interactions with other residents and even standing in balconies (I will share one such recent notice in attachment). Where are the rules for owners then? I have seen and many of us would also agree that owners have visited public or common areas with cigarettes in their hand walking casually. Or over a weekend an almost fainted owner returning late night from a party creating disgusting scenes in parking lots, lifts, stairs, etc. Have they being reprimanded by society or been fined heavily for this behaviour or threatened to leave society? Answer is NO and society association can't even do that since they had purchased the flat. So, in same way tenants specially bachelors are paying more rent then any family will ever pay for same flat. Bachelors are forced to pay 10% extra each year which they have to agree but one cannot force a family tenant to pay 10% extra every year. Recently, a lady posted about being checked by her society about male friends visits at her flat. Even when her owner dint have any problem with it, some cheap minded people in society pointed out that to society officials seeking an action. I believe she was first warned indirectly and when thing dint work out their way, society went one extra mile in taking pain of pasting a notice just opposite her flat's main door saying opposite gender visitors should be avoided or strict action will be taken. Can you believe it? I am 100% certain that same society would not have even bothered if tenants had complained about wrong deeds by any of the owner. In this case this was a lady who was reminded and warned publicly about something that doesn't even count as wrong. For a male bachelor, situation is even worse as they are seen like drunkards, smokers, hippies, ill-managed, pathetic human beings who even after working 5 days a week, 10 hours per day and spending most of their day in office, can't even stand in their balconies and are considered threat to overall comfort to other residents and facilities in the society. I am not a bachelor but a tenant who recently got married. Since I am staying away from family, only I and my wife stay here in Pune. We have visitors over the weekend like any other owner would have over the weekend. Sometime we go out with female friends to market or late night for parties. Since few of stalkers (oldies and young) keep track of who goes where and with whom, they doubted if I was a bachelor or married. Even I already had submitted my rent agreement where it is clearly mentioned that I am married along with police verification and owner personally went to society's desk to confirm that. I remember one such day in last month when I went to market with my female friend while my wife was at home handling other friends at flat. A guard came running behind me and stopped me to ask if I was married or unmarried. I was surprised and then got angry with this disgusting question. Not that I found this question foul because he was asking me if I am married but just because I went out with a female friend to market and it had happened in past, someone (I know who it could be, a respectful senior citizen being completely idle, living here since inception and thinking as if he is the society owner himself) who was more than interested in my life told guard to ask this from me. To which I replied him to let the question come directly to me from the one who asked and should I paste a tag or something on me which should confirm if I am married or un-married. Who are these educated illiterates who based on marital status could judge and spread false news to everyone else in the society? Even in small altercation, when they come to know that other person is a tenant, confidence level goes to maximum as its a general notion amongst owners/society presidents hat tenants need to keep their tone soft. Additionally there are cases of owners/landlords/brokers asking for 10 months security deposit in Bangalore. From where will a fresher give 10 months security deposit if he/she has just passed from college. Don't people thing before making a rule? These are general problem that I had seen when I was bachelor and now also I am facing even after marriage. We are ready to abide by rules but those rules should not be specific to tenants only. Rules are for everyone and if exceptions are to be made for bulk of residents then there is no point in implementing them. Also most important motive is to let this reach everyone in Pune/Bangalore, etc. So that people could share their experience and most importantly share snaps/proofs and experience of these wrong doings.  We want Hon'ble Minister of State for Housing and Urban Affairs along with Chief Ministers of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh to push for a Uniform Tenant Law with following inclusions: Procedure for reporting unethical laws pushed by Societies/welfare associations. Strict restriction on security amount equivalent to 2 months rent and mechanism to report the same if forced. Making welfare associations to adhere to guidelines and code of conduct set by government and ministries. Preventing cases of exploitation of bachelor tenants against societies that deny flat/house on rent to them. Lastly I would like to urge all the tenants, be it bachelor or family, please don't overdo things thinking you will find a new flat if current society interferes. People like these make it difficult for well behaved ones too and should be poked for any wrong doings. The fight is not against owners/landlords/societies only but against wrong practices which need not be forced to anyone. Looking forward for people's support via comments and snaps of any wrong doing and unethical laws. I am not a professional at writing petition and all so I also would like to take constant feedback from everyone to improve this post so that our government gets clear message.  - Amit   

Amit Bhardwaj
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