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No Olympics or Paralympics in Radioactive Fukushima!

Children are our most beloved and cherished gift and they are also the most vulnerable to the generational damage of man-made radiation in air, food, soil and water.  Around the world children who are currently adolescent and possibly younger are in training to compete at the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Japan.  Their parents most likely have no idea that some of the venues are near the most devastating and ongoing nuclear and industrial disaster in world history, Fukushima Daiichi.  Source:  On March 11, 2016, the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima triple nuclear meltdowns, the Japanese Olympic minister Toshiaki Endo stated to the Associated Press that preliminary softball and baseball could be moved from the host city of Tokyo to Fukushima Prefecture.  But it gets worse, now soccer has been added too. This isn’t mere speculation, in fact organizers are developing J Village, only a few miles from Fukushima Daiichi, into a training facility for Japan’s soccer team and possibly more.  J Village was used as a disaster staging and support facility during the early days of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.  Source:  SO HOW DID WE GO FROM THE WORLD'S WORST NUCLEAR AND INDUSTRIAL DISASTER TO ONE OF THE VENUES FOR THE 2020 GAMES?  In a stunning development in 2013, Japan’s Olympic bid was won by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe when he promised the International Olympic Committee (IOC) that "it (Fukushima Daiichi) has never done, and will never do, any damage in Tokyo”.  Consequently, the IOC and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) are now left to engage in a dangerous game of bait and switch by using venues not only in Tokyo as originally agreed upon, but also in Fukushima Prefecture, not far from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster site. Source: Holding Olympic games in Fukushima Prefecture will endanger young athletes. To date there is no solution in sight to the ongoing radiation releases leaking into air, soil, food and water not only from Fukushima Daiichi but also from areas around the country that have been used for the open storage and incineration of toxic and radioactive tsunami rubble and garbage. The man in charge of decommissioning Fukushima Daiichi, Naohiro Masuda, stated on NHK television in Japan that the solution to the radioactive leaks at Fukushima Daiichi “still needs to be invented” and appealed for international assistance.  Meanwhile, the Japanese government and IOC are planning for children, parents and coaches worldwide to travel to the region for the 2020 Olympics.  Source: Hundreds of types of radioisotopes are emitted in nuclear accidents, many of which are long-lived and remain hazardous for millions of years.  Easily inhaled, they pose a significant danger to everyone in affected environments and certainly to athletes during strenuous competition. Consider these facts: **There is no safe dose. Women are 2 times more vulnerable to the harmful effects of ionizing radiation than men; girls are at 10 times more at risk, boys are 5 times more at risk.   The Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation 7 (BEIR 7) report states "it is unlikely that a threshold exists for the induction of cancers"  meaning that any dose of radiation, no matter how small, carries health risks. Following the Chernobyl nuclear disaster it became scientifically evident that the DNA damaging effects of ionizing radiation are passed on to future generations.   Source: **Highly radioactive water used to cool Fukushima Daiichi’s damaged reactors is leaking and also being intentionally discharged into the Pacific Ocean every day.  In addition, highly radioactive soil and other toxic waste has been moved to locations all over Japan and stored in open fields or incinerated by the ton.  In one location, nearly 11 million tons of bagged radioactive garbage, soil and more is accumulating in Tomioka, Fukushima Prefecture. Source:  **Radioactive hotspots have been detected in other areas of Japan including Tokyo. In one case even further south, in Yokohama, a petition on behalf of public schools and childcare facilities is pleading for the removal highly contaminated mud from rainwater recycling tanks, school roofs and gutters.  Source: **Bioaccumulation and migration of radionuclides are extremely complex issues.  Greenpeace has reported high readings in areas of Fukushima Prefecture where extensive decontamination measures had already been taken by the government.  This information has informed local citizens who had been told previously that they could return home. **Tokyo Electric and Power Company (TEPCO) the owner of Fukushima Daiichi reactors, as of March 2017, has not been able to locate the molten fuel that continues to release significant amounts of radioactive material into the Pacific Ocean. TEPCO is incinerating more than 8 tons of garbage per day, much of it toxic and radioactive, with plans to burn 90% of all waste on site. It's just one example of an aggressive nationwide incineration campaign underway for several years.  Source: **TO MARKTHE 6th ANNIVERSARY of the ongoing Fukushima disaster, March 11, 2017, nuclear engineer, Arnie Gundersen of Fairewinds Energy Education, provides the most recent update on the condition and near impossible task of "cleaning up" the Fukushima site: Source: **Drinking water and food are critical concerns, because internal contamination is the most dangerous form of radiation exposure.  Trace amounts of radionuclides from Fukushima Daiichi have been found in the tap water of numerous cities, and some samples contain both Cesium 134 and 137.  Cumulative trace amounts can pose a significant health problem because there is no safe dose. Source:  **Laboratory tests have documented that some of the highest concentrations of radiation from Fukushima Daiichi are airborne which then settle to the ground.  Recent samples from vacuum cleaner bags collected in Japan show readings as high as a shocking 4,454 Becquerel’s per kilogram. Source: **The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) guideline for the public is 1 millisievert per year compared to Japan's 20 mSv/year since the disaster.  By hosting the Olympics, Japan is willing to expose not only their own citizens but also children, young adults, families and coaches worldwide to higher than publicly acceptable levels of radiation per the ICRP. The emergency guideline of 20 mSv/year was never intended by ICRP to be a long term solution. Source: Allowing the Olympic and Paralympic games in Fukushima is nothing less than preposterous, because it's impossible to shield children from widespread radioactive contamination. Even after 30 years, the 30 km area around Chernobyl remains an exclusion zone, yet only 5 years after the Fukushima disaster began there are misguided plans to train young athletes in the town of Nahara at J Village, which is located 19 km (12 mi) from Fukushima Daiichi. Source: Here in the United States, Presidential candidate and Senator Bernie Sanders has stated grave concerns about the dangers of nuclear power and has called for the immediate closure of the Indian Point nuclear reactors near New York City.  Now that you know the facts, we petition you to learn as much as possible too and then work to stop any and all plans that will endanger athletes, their families and coaches worldwide due to the Fukushima Daiichi ongoing nuclear disaster at the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics.  Holding the 2020 Games in Fukushima or in fact anywhere in Japan will not, in reality, make the Fukushima Daiichi humanitarian and environmental crisis go away.  It will only spread it much farther afield. The whole world is watching this very dangerous game.        

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, President Donald Trump

STOP Fukushima Radioactive Water Dump

UPDATE: News reports seem to indicate that TEPCO's decision is being opposed in Japan by fishermen, environmental groups and the government. This is good news for the moment but a final decision about what to do with the tritium laced water has not been made. An article covering this new development can be found at The Mainichi. I will be leaving the petition up until it's clear a responsible decision has been made on how to deal with the tritium tainted water. TEPCO has recently announced its decision to dump over 1.54 billion pounds (777,000 tons) of tritium tainted water into the Pacific Ocean. Tritium is the radioactive isotope of hydrogen and has a half life of 12.32 years. So if dumped, the radioactivity in this water will emit for close to 25 years in the Pacific Ocean which joins to every other ocean on the planet. This petition is an effort to stop this irresponsible decision made by TEPCO on behalf of planet earth and all human and animal life. Having followed TEPCO closely since the earthquake and tsunami which took place on March 11, 2011 which caused the nuclear incident that is still being dealt with in Japan, I know that this is not the first horrible decision TEPCO has made regarding the management of the nuclear disaster. Enough is enough. We have to stand up globally and let Japan know that we won't accept this decision. Truly, evil flourishes when good people do nothing. Please join me in sending a message to your country leaders that they have to act now to stop this reprehensible decision to dump over 1 billion pound of radioactive water into our oceans. Share this petition far and wide. Share it with friends and coworkers. We are responsible to watch over the planet. We must stand up and speak now. I've included Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and President Donald Trump as leaders in North America who will be notified of this petition. But please be inspired to do the same in your own countries around the world sending a message to your leaders to put pressure on Japan to stop this irresponsible and life threatening action now. TEPCO has been dumping radioactive contaminated water into the Pacific since they began recycling water used to keep the damaged reactors cool. Unfortunately we are not hearing enough in the news anymore about the continuing radioactive issues from Fukushima, but we need to pay close attention now and be alert. Add your voice in an effort to make a change on this number one issue that affects us now and for future generations.

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Petition to Stephen Burns

Close Pilgrim Nuclear Station before it’s too late

The shaded area of the above image represents Fukushima’s fallout plume from 25 hours after the accident, superimposed on Pilgrim, which has the same type of reactor as Fukushima. Within a day of a Fukushima-type accident at Pilgrim, radiation contamination could extend from Gloucester to Worcester to Providence, RI to Long Island,NY and the Connecticut shore, including Cape Cod and Greater Boston. To Nuclear Regulatory Commission Chairman Stephen Burns and Commissioners: Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth, Massachusetts, one of the oldest commercial nuclear reactors, is the same design as the 3 reactors which exploded at Fukushima, Japan due to loss of coolant. Pilgrim is owned by Entergy corporation, and for several years has been ranked by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) as one of the three least-safe reactors in the nation. Recent NRC reports show that nothing has improved. In 1972, when Pilgrim was first licensed, top government regulators realized it’s design is unable to contain a severe accident. This deficiency was demonstrated in 2011 when Fukushima Units 1, 2, and 3 suffered meltdowns. Those accidents are ongoing, and 100,000 people may never return home. The NRC has allowed Entergy to let Pilgrim Station ignore its own management plan, ignore industry best practices, and skip ‘required’ fixes that could make the difference between a controlled or uncontrolled release of nuclear material. Among many other violations, the NRC has allowed Entergy to: skip implementation of fire safety regulations; falsify 200 fire watch records over a 2-year period; ignore a non-functioning weather monitoring system necessary for an effective evacuation; operate for months with broken equipment; fail to replace critical equipment as many as 30 years past its replacement date; and put off needed repairs or inadequately implement them. Such is the NRC’s implementation of “lessons learned” from Fukushima. Last month a leaked email written by the head of the NRC’s special inspection team, Don Jackson, revealed that Entergy’s management had allowed an ineffective safety culture “that a lot of talking probably won’t fix,” and that Pilgrim has a “team of employees who appear to be struggling with keeping the nuclear plant running.” Plant workers fail to follow well-established programs. Broken equipment doesn’t get properly fixed. Plant “experts” lack required expertise. Staff members do not understand their roles and responsibilities. Corrective actions in the recovery plan seem to have been hastily developed and implemented, and some have been circumvented as they were deemed too hard to complete. And we learned recently, that even though the terrorist threat to this nation has escalated, Entergy’s management failed to follow security regulations - not once but nine times in the past year. People on Cape Cod are downwind of Pilgrim much of the time, yet they have no evacuation plan. Because one or both bridges would be closed, they are expected to shelter in wooden homes which offer little protection from fallout. The Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency has a plan to “relocate” hundreds of thousands of residents after an accident, if needed. Home insurance does not cover nuclear disasters; your home value could drop to zero overnight. For these reasons and more, we are asking the NRC to close Pilgrim now, ahead of the planned refueling scheduled for this May.

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