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Petition to Bill Lee, Bill Haslam

Pardon for Cyntoia Brown

The words in my open letter also go to current Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam. I implore both of your administrations to look further into the matter. Mr. Bill Haslam/Lee, I was born and raised in Tennessee and I’ve lived there my whole life. Even growing up in the sleepy rural areas, I’ve always been proud of my home state. We have one of the best economies in the country and some of the best people in the world call Tennessee home. Unfortunately, when it comes to the case of Cyntoia Brown, the decisions made do not reflect the values my Tennessee upbringing instilled in me.  I doubt you’re not familiar with this as it has been a trending news story on multiple occasions over the past few years, but if you are, I’ll catch you up. "Ms. Brown was tried as an adult and found guilty at trial and has served the past 14 years behind bars. In May, the Tennessee Board of Parol was spilt 2/2/2 on whether to grant clemency, deny it, or make her parole eligible in 25 years. Now as of this week, the Tennessee Supreme Court has ruled she must spend 51 years behind bars before she is eligible to be released, though she has been labeled as a “model inmate”. Let that sink in for a moment. A person who went to prison at as a teenager will now be in prison 4 times longer than the time they were “free”, though I believe that growing up in the conditions Ms. Brown did, she has never been free." Mr. Haslam/Lee, I’m not a celebrity, I’m not a rich person looking for a bandwagon cause to get behind. I have nothing to gain from this. I’m a normal Tennessean. I grew up believing in the values of family, community, and doing what’s right by others. I served 8 years in the Tennessee National Guard because of my convictions at the time to give back to a community that had always been there for me. So I find it insulting as a veteran being told that we fight all over and police the world so “freedom and justice” will be kept here at home, only to see that neither has been given to a member of our Tennessee community. Once again we’re talking about a 16 year old being prostituted out to a man more than twice her age, taking his life for the fear of her own, and now will be 20 years older than the predator that got her here when she’s eligible to be a normal member of society again. We as a community have allowed the justice system to fail one of our own. We’re not talking about a common street “thug.” We’re talking about a victim of sexual slavery that took the law into her own hands for fear of her life because our juvenile system failed her only to turn around and have our Justice system do it as well.I’ve always found it odd that a state that touts so highly on its conservative values, would shut down an appeal on a case where a child fought back against a child predator. Mr. Lee, I know the time up until you swear in will be busy, and I know that time after you take office will be as well. On the other hand, I also know that Tennessee is stable and doing well, in my humble opinion, for you to serve due diligence to look into this matter for yourself and strongly consider pardoning Ms. Brown. I know you are a family man and have children of your own, I know you’d never want to see your child in this position much like most loving parents in our great state and across the country would. Remember, that is something Ms. Brown never got the pleasure of experiencing for herself growing up, but now is a time we can fix that. The right to self-defense is paramount to a free society and is a right afforded to all, regardless of circumstance, and it is perfectly in line with the values instilled in Tennesseans. This woman’s family failed her, the system has failed her, let us not as a community continue to fail her. Letter found here: An Open Letter to Governor Elect Bill Lee In Liberty, Jesse M. Fullington President, Liberty Institute of Freedom and Economics   Follow this and future projects on our Facebook Page (@lifelibertyecon) or Follow us on Twitter(lifelibertyecon).    

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Petition to Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, Richard Burr, Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, U.S. Senate

Tell Congress WE THE PEOPLE are sick of the Unconstitutional Bills and Laws

    I represent the American People. We the People are tired of unconstitutional bills as well as Laws being passed by states and Federal that go against the Constitution. For example, Red Flag Laws and Bills... These break at least 3 Constitutional Rights, Such as Amendment 4. Which Bars the Government from UNREASONABLE Search and seizure of an individual and or there Property. As well as the 5th Amendment that states any Criminal Charge must be started by a Grand Jury, Not by a judge, and a person cannot be convicted of a crime without Due Process.  The 5th also states People cannot have property taken away without Just Compensation. Let alone this example also violates the 2nd the right of the people to keep and Bear Arms. The Red Flag Laws also Violate the 6th amendment as well.  Not being allowed to face there Accuser not able to plead there case. This is an example. Here is another example of what We the People are Tired of US Codes being violated with no consequences? US Codes 1324, and 2101 to be exact.    I am Presenting this Petition because the Peoples Voice needs to be Heard. It is the Governments Job to uphold the constitution, Protect our borders, foreign affairs and Deliver the mail. Our Borders are Wide open, we are a laughing stock of the world and our enemies are probably in our backyard. Innocent lives are at risk. We the people want Congress to do their Job. Protect the nation's borders, as well as our nation as a whole, Not strip its citizens of God-given rights protected by the constitution. 

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Petition to Mike Pompeo, President of the United States

Please Help Me Fight for My Mother's Freedom

My name is Iris. I’m a CPA working at a university in Tampa, Florida. My mom was arrested by the Chinese regime and recently sentenced to six years because she refused to give up her belief.   My mom is a Falun Gong practitioner. Falun Gong is a spiritual practice involving meditative “qigong” exercises and is centered on the values of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance. In July 1999, the former dictator of the Chinese Communist Party orchestrated a massive and brutal persecution against Falun Gong practitioners.   Facing autocratic state power, Falun Gong practitioners took peaceful approaches to speak out about the truth of the persecution to Chinese people and the world. According to Amnesty International, Freedom House and others, tens of thousands of practitioners in China have been arrested and imprisoned for voicing their thoughts and beliefs. My mom is one of them.   My mom Deng Cuiping began practicing Falun Gong in 1997 for health and wellness. After the persecution began, my mom was wrongfully dismissed from her work twice and sent to brainwashing classes several times.  She was forced to renounce her belief over the years. She was detained three times and jailed for three years from 2006 to 2009. My mom was both mentally and physically tortured there. To protest the illegal treatment, she went on a hunger strike and almost lost her life during the imprisonment. Her friend Shen Yueping, also a Falun Gong practitioner, was tortured to death in the same prison six months following my mom’s release.   On July 24, 2016, policemen from the National Security Bureau of China arrested my mom again. My father and grandma were threatened by hooligans when they made a peaceful petition to the local government for my mom after she was arrested. My father, an elementary school teacher, was called to a meeting and school managers warned him that he could be suspended from work if he continued the petition.   My mom was put on trial in February. A human rights lawyer questioned the flawed charges against her, but it was no use. On Feb. 24, she was illegally sentenced to six years in prison for refusing to give up her belief. My mom appealed to the higher court. However, on the second morning following Mother’s Day, my family was notified that the court did not reverse the judgment and on May 18th, my mom was sent back to the very prison where she had suffered tremendously and where her friend was killed.   I have been working hard here in hopes that one day I will rescue my parents out of the endless hell in China and bring them to America. I dreamed that we would build a new home in this land of freedom and my mom would have a quiet, secure life in her older age. This dream that once seemed within reach has now been shattered.   But if there’s anything I learned from my mom, it’s to never give up and to believe in people’s kindness. My congressman, Dennis Ross, and others have written letters to the Chinese government and U.S. President. The Tampa Bay Times and USA Today reported her story. And the Congressional-Executive Commission on China listed my mom among “China’s heroes,” urging President Trump to ask for her release when he met Chinese President Xi Jinping at the bilateral meeting. The student government of the university which I work for initiated and passed a resolution that calls for the immediately release of my mom and an end to the persecution.   Supporting freedom of conscience remains a fundamental principle of the United States. I ask for your support in signing this petition that asks U.S. Secretary of State to look into my mom’s case and urge the immediate release of my mom and other prisoners of conscience. Each small step makes a difference. Please sign and support me in stopping the persecution of all innocent Falun Gong practitioners as well as all prisoners of conscience in China.

Iris Lu
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