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PETITION TO FREE THE ROSALES COUPLE AND ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS On Aug 11, 2018, more than 10 combined forces of AFP and PNP-CIDG, fully armed and unidentifiable on their plainclothes, apprehended the Rosales Couple (Oliver and Rowena Vergara-Rosales) on their way home. Shoved inside separate SUVs, they were blindfolded, handcuffed and made to listen to blaring music on earphones. After hours of being interrogated while aboard the vehicles, they were finally united and subsequently detained at the CIDG-NCR Detention Facility. Their families and lawyer only learned of their illegal arrest the next day. Oliver was charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives while Rowena was charged with an alleged Arson case from a town in Agusan del Norte in Mindanao aside from another illegal possession of firearms case. All charges were fabricated and evidences planted. Prior to their unlawful arrest, the couple was running a small shop in a public market in their hometown in Bulacan, selling used and repurposed bags, children’s toys and books. They used to be officers and organizers of COURAGE, the national center of government employees for decades until their untimely separation from the organization in 2016 due to various health reasons. SIGN UP AND SUPPORT THE FOLLOWING CALLS: (a)  Allow the Rosales Couple to Return Home and Make their Family whole again -       that fateful night rendered their two children virtually orphans and their empty home now screams of deafening silence. With their livelihood gone, the siblings rely mainly on the meager salary of the eldest for their daily needs and the youngest’s schooling. (b)  Hands-off Unionists and Activists -       The Rosaleses’ prior involvement with COURAGE, helping and organizing and government workers fight for their decent pay, in defense of their jobs against contractualization and privatization and for their other economic and democratic rights, made activists like them vulnerable targets of state agents’ harassments and the other forms of repression. In 2015, the Rosaleses together with COURAGE organizers and officers sought the protection of the court against stalking, intimidation and threats through a Writ of Amparo and a Temporary Protection Order which was later on revoked. The false charges were meant to criminalize their acts that is essentially siding with the poor and the marginalized. (c) Free all Political Prisoners and Stop Impunity -       No one must be imprisoned and made to suffer inhumanity because of their political beliefs and choice to serve the people. It is unacceptable to regard being incarcerated as a better lot than being “Tokhanged”, the common practice of Extrajudicial Killings under the Duterte Administration which already claimed the lives of thousands. Like and share our campaign on facebook: @freedomwiththerosaleses #FreedomForTheRosaleses#FreeWengAndOliverRosales#FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #FreeTheCOURAGE3 #StopTheAttacks

Freedom For The Rosaleses
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Petition to Benjamin Netanyahu, Reuven Rivlin, Yuli Edelstein, Ron Durmer, David Biton, Yehuda Glick, Shuli Moalam Rafaeli

The Temple Mount Manifesto

Learn more about discrimination against Jews on the Temple Mount - The TEMPLE MOUNT REPORT - The Denial of Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount.  El Manifiesto de Monte del Templo - Haga clic aquí ———————————————————- THE TEMPLE MOUNT MANIFESTO Whereas the Temple Mount is the holiest site to the Jewish Nation; Whereas the Temple Mount is the site of the Jewish Temple destroyed first by Babylon in 587 BCE and again by Roman Legions in 69 CE; and whereas the Jewish People have never abandoned hope of returning to the site of their ruined Temple; Whereas the liberation of the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967 was not only an act of self-defense but a historic act of justice in restoring the Jewish Nation to their holiest site; Whereas the current 'status quo' denies the historic longing and aspiration of the Jewish Nation to once again pray and worship at the site of their ancient Temple; and whereas the continued Palestinian violence, incitement, and destruction of Temple antiquities on the Mount constitutes a grave desecration of the holy site; The Resolved that the undersigned support the freedom of peaceful Jewish prayer, worship, and assembly on the Temple Mount, in accordance with Torah Law, and call upon the Government of Israel to annul the anti-Jewish & Democratic Governmental Regulation 761, known as the "status quo" immediately.

Yosef Rabin
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Petition to UNICEF

Pr. Maurice Kamto, the President Shosen and Elect by the people For the Change in Cameroon

To whom it may concern,  Cameroon has been known by the world to be a peaceful country for generations. From his 52+ languages, to his soil full of rare minerals, it has all what a country of 25 million habitants will need to live and prosper in Love and Peace. My father was a young 26 years old man when the actual President in Power took office. Today after 36 years of misery, corruption, with no basic healthcare, drinking water and real law to protect and serve the people, Cameroonians are left to die in prisons when the march and claim their rights to the dictator Paul Biya and his gang. The North and South west region of the country have undergone killings and our people had no choice but to find refuge in our neigboring country, Nigeria. Thousand of famillies, children, morhers have today tied in the flames of houses burn to haches and the hardship of living in the Forest wasn't forgiving. My elder brother was unfortunately one of the young men who died fleeing the country for safety and better life condition abroad living all dream of his country, and having one goal, flee first and think after. After 36 years of monopolizing the government for personal profits, the people  of cameroon had the blessing to have a man that will represent what Cameroon should stand for, Peace_Work_Fatherland. But because of his control and dictatorship, the formal President rigged the Election and declared himself winner, for the 7th time by ministers and judges he put himself to serve his personnal hungriness; despite the choice of the youth and people on Professor Maurice Kamto.  Cameroon needs to be free of the dictator Paul Biya and his tirands to reduce killings and illegal immigrations of his children around the world.  There is no Hope, but your Help, Council and Leaders of the free World, partners and humanitarian organization,  Countries of Law and rights to assist and us to sending the 85 years old formal President of Cameroon to retirement.  Help Free Cameroon, Help Stop the Killings, Help Bring Peace back in cameroon as it always been.  The Children, mothers and youth of Cameroon cry out through this petition for HELP. Accordingly Yours,

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