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Petition to Amazon,, Jeff Bezos

Ask Kindle Direct Publishing (Amazon) to support Persian (Farsi) language in its services

English text follows: یکی از راه‌های جلوگیری از انحطاط زبان و ادبیات فارسی و افزایش آزادی بیان در جامعه، مبارزه با سانسور است. این کار از طریق عرضه بدون سانسور محصولات فرهنگی در سرویس چاپ و نشر مستقیم آمازون (کیندل) قابل انجام است. متاسفانه از زمانی که در اواخر تابستان گذشته سرویس چاپ شرکت کریت‌اسپیس با کیندل ادغام شد، سرویس جدید از ارائه خدمات به زبان فارسی امتناع کرده است. این امر باعث بروز مشکلات فراوان برای نشر بدون سانسور محصولات فرهنگی به زبان فارسی شده است. لطفا با امضای این نامه از شرکت آمازون بخواهید که زبان فارسی را در انتشاراتش حمایت کند. زبان فارسی نقطه اشتراک فرهنگی ماست، از آن حمایت کنیم.  Nowadays direct publishing of books through online services such as KDP is one of the most effective ways for writers to overcome censorship, publish their contents and for readers to find what they like directly in Amazon online stores. However KDP services are not supporting some languages such as Persian (Farsi) and this made lots of troubles for many writers around the world who write in this language. While Persian culture/literature is and has been one of the greatest throughout the history, it is very unfortunate that Persian speaking writers can not use KDP services to reach their audience who are about 120 million people around the world. Here we want to ask Amazon to establish KDP services for Persian Language as well. This is a huge step to fight censorship and promoting freedom of speech. 

Mahyar Mazloumi
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Petition to David Yager

Protect Professor Camille Paglia From Political Persecution

Sheridan Merrick started a petition to fire a tenured Professor, Camille Paglia, from the University of the Arts for her dissenting views on how best to accommodate transgender individuals and to handle cases of sexual assault. Professor Camille Paglia is the author of Sexual Personae; Free Women, Free Men; Vamps & Tramps; Break, Blow, Burn; and Glittering Images, books of breathtaking scope and towering erudition on art, feminism, politics, sex, and education. Professor Camille Paglia's positions are thoughtful, nuanced, provocative, but never unfair or unnecessarily cruel. Here are a few short videos of who she is and what she stands for. Here is the video that Sheridan Merrick took issue with. University professors have tenure precisely to protect both the professors and their intellectual integrity against political pressure from both establishments and mobs. UArts must stand up for Camille Paglia's right to think, speak, and write freely. Please sign this petition if you agree that UArts should allow Professor Camille Paglia to: Continue her work at UArts without change, Debate and answer questions from the students who disagree with her in an undisrupted setting.

Hui Wang
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Petition to

Bring Back The Groups Page

Quotev is an online website for aspiring young writers to go online and meet new people. It is a website that we call home, our special place where ne'er do well's and nobodies can come together and converse. One most important aspect of Quotev is the ability to roleplay. Rping is such an important part of users life as it tells a story, it lets people indulge in a world of their own and practice their writing at the same time. It is arguably the most used aspect of Quotev however - as of 2015 - the group's page has been deleted making finding rp groups so much harder. We're left to struggle to find proper groups to rp in and it makes it much harder for us to find friends in similar fandoms. Recently Quotev has also acted to remove the only source of finding rp groups. It wasn't perfect but using the group's search was the only other way we can find groups and after taking away these many Quotev members have had enough with their precious website. Their home. People are moving away from this site because of the incredible lack of care and the utmost disrespect from the Quotev admin. I'm here to say that going away from the problem is no way to deal with it. It is our right to stand up for something that we care for.  This petition is made so that we can all come together to prove to Quotev how essential rping is for the community. We can't take this sort of act sitting down. Let's not waste time while they walk all over us, thinking they can take away the aspects of our home that we care for and love. Let's come together and get our groups page back! Currently reached 3100 supporters! Can we make it to 4000? Follow me on Quotev: @DeansApplePie Follow the discussion: Quotev's Speakeasy

McKenna Ward
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