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Petition to Google, Inc, YouTube, Sundar Pichai

Fire Susan Wojcicki as YouTube CEO

Since February 2014, Susan Wojcicki became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of YouTube, which is part of Google. Under her leadership things started to went downhill and caused the reputation of YouTube and Google from the copyright controversy to the 2016 controversial YouTube PR Nightmare known as The Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy which was severely criticized by various YouTubers that the new rules censors and silenced YouTubers' freedom of speech and their platforms by demonetizing YouTube videos that deals with controversial subjects (like tragedies, natural disasters, politics, health, and etc.) and YouTubers loved Freedom Of Speech, but the new Ad-Friendly Monetization rules are still a dire form of Censorship by TPTB at Google and YouTube. The current Ad-Friendly Monetization Policy is still unfair to YouTubers. We also want that policy abolished or changed for the better. The controversial Ad-Friendly Policy at YouTube is one of the few reasons YouTube went downhill and turn for the worse and into the wrong direction. The PR Nightmare has to be fixed, make YouTube and Google go into the right direction by having common sense rules like No Tolerance Policy on YouTube Trolls, False Flagging, and censoring music just like Internet Vigilantes like UMG_MK trying to do a witch hunt on removing YouTube videos of songs by The Beatles. We want YouTube and Google go into the right direction and fire YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki and Make YouTube Great Again!

Spencer Karter
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Petition to Tracie Davis, Audrey Gibson, Marco Rubio, Florida State Senate, Florida Governor, Florida State House, Susan Davis, Bernie Sanders, Paul D. Ryan, Mike Quigley

Help families of murdered children pass Curtis’s Law

I will never forget the day those policeman came to my door to tell my that my son Curtis was dead. Your world is immediately flipped upside down and the pain grips you like nothing else you can imagine. After the initial shock wears off, you want answers. As a parent, you need basic answers. Answers to questions like: Who is investigating my child’s case, and where are their belongings? As if the pain of losing my child wasn’t enough, I had to take on the additional stress and frustration of attempting to pry these very basic details out of the law enforcement agency investigating my son’s death. In Florida, law enforcement agencies are not required to release any information about on-going murder investigations to anyone. My son’s investigation has been on-going for almost 20 years now. I had to get a lawyer to simply find out who was working on my son’s case! I would later learn that my experience was not unique. Other parents were struggling through the same process. Those who can’t afford legal counsel often give up. This is why I am working with other parents of murdered children to create a law in Florida that would require law enforcement agencies to send a letter to the parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin within 30 days of notifying them of their child’s death. The letter would include information about: Onsite police and paramedics, assigned investigators, coroner’s name, where child’s property and belongings are stored, and any available photos This would NOT be required if the child’s parent, legal guardian, or next-of-kin is a suspect or person-of-interest in the child’s murder investigation. When a family faces the unthinkable, all they want is some type of closure. They shouldn’t have to spend weeks or months, or even retain legal counsel to get the basic information about their child’s case that can help our families begin to heal. Please sign this petition today and help families like mine pass Curtis’s Law today.    

patricia ward
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Petition to Pensacola Mayor Grover C. Robinson IV, Escambia County Commissioner Doug Underhill, Escambia County Commissioner Robert Bender, Escambia County Commissioner Steven Barry, Escambia County Commissioner Jeff Bergosh, Escambia County Commissioner Lumon May


On June 24, 2015, Republican Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward censored the First Confederate Flag from Pensacola's Five-Flags Displays.  He did this without the consent of his constituents. Mayor Hayward stated, in a press release: "While the Confederate Flag undeniably represents a part of Pensacola's history, to many it is a painful symbol of racial hatred and intolerance." Mayor Hayward didn't mention that the "Confederate Flag" he had censored was not the Confederate Battle Flag---but the First Confederate Flag. On June 25, 2015, Escambia County Democratic Women's Club President Dianne Krumel made this demand of the Escambia County Commission: "I understand the flags are down, but I want to make it permanent.  I don't want any chance of those flags going back up." All five members of the Escambia County Commission---Republican Doug Underhill, Republican Grover C. Robinson IV, Republican Steven Barry, Republican Wilson Robertson (whose seat is now occupied by Republican Jeff Bergosh), and Democrat Lumon May---gave in to Dianne Krumel's demand, and chose to keep the First Confederate Flag censored from Pensacola's Five-Flags Displays.  They did this without the consent of their constituents---including me. This government-imposed censorship of the First Confederate Flag, from our historical flags displays, continues---without our consent. The petition letter reads: MAYOR ROBINSON AND ESCAMBIA COUNTY BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS:  RETURN THE FIRST CONFEDERATE FLAG TO ITS RIGHTFUL PLACE IN PENSACOLA'S FIVE-FLAGS DISPLAYS.

Scott Mayo
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Petition to Kimberly M. Foxx, Robert Zimmer

FELONY charges, 7 yrs in prison, for a SILENT PROTEST in support of immigrants! #FreeMaya

Maya faces FELONY charges for a SILENT protest in support of immigrants —Meanwhile the attacks on immigrants escalated, first DACA now immigrants and children continue to be Caged, Tortured, and Sexually Abused This is an OUTRAGE -- all charges must be dropped now! Dear Friend, We live in a time when standing up for what is right is crucial and also carries dangers.  Those who come under attack in the course of this have to be supported and defended.  In this spirit we are asking you to sign this petition to drop the charges. My name is Maya (Diya) Cruz, a member of the Revolution Club. On March 1, 2018, as part of a nationwide protest called for by Refuse Fascism, I, along with three other Revolution Club members, took part in 11 minutes of silence for the 11 million undocumented immigrants who are being terrorized in an escalating ethnic cleansing by the Trump/Pence fascist regime. Video of the action- The University of Chicago police brutally attacked and arrested me for participating in this SILENT protest and charged me with FELONY battery on a police officer. I’m also banned from the University of Chicago campus! Read more about the case here - What is being done now to immigrants is nothing short of ethnic cleansing and there is a clear message here that those trying to fight this will be criminalized. But the real criminals are in the White House! The U.S has supported death squads, dictators, coup d’etats, displaced local farms with corporations, causing extreme devastation in Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala. This system of capitalism-imperialism is responsible for thousands of people fleeing extreme violence and poverty, seeking asylum to feed their children and stay alive. I am a revolutionary and a follower of Bob Avakian, the leader of the revolution and architect of the new synthesis of communism. The protest I was arrested at was called by to build a broad movement to drive out the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime. I see joining in this struggle as part of working for an actual revolution, because a system that rips children from their parents’ arms at the border and cage them like dogs, a system that has over 15,0000 children held in concentration camps in unimaginable, gut-wrenching conditions, and who tear gas babies at the border is a system that needs to be overthrown! Read article here - I fight for a world without borders, a world where no more will anyone be considered “illegal”, a world where women are seen as full human beings, Black and Brown people are not shot down or mass incarcerated, and a world where the people are caretakers of the planet. NO! I will not be silenced while this system continues to attack immigrants or anyone this system considers less than human. As Bob Avakian, the leader of the Revolutionary Communist Party says in the Q&A of his crucial talk, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In the Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America—A Better World IS Possible in speaking about what it is going to take to protect those who are vulnerable to attack by this system, “Other people have to get involved, other people... who are not directly affected in this or that thing, including deportations, have to take the stand that this is intolerable and we won’t allow it.” And he also goes on to say, “We cannot protect people from what the people in power are intending to do to them, other than by driving out the people in power.” YOU ARE NEEDED! If you abhor the way that immigrants are being demonized, terrorized and incarcerated, and deported, then regardless of your political stance, you need to support and defend this case, and like I did on March 1, take the stand that what is happening to immigrants is intolerable! WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: Sign this Petition DONATE! Share on social media! If you are in Chicago invite Maya to speak to your class, church, school group etc. Help reach out to media - newspapers, college newsletters, radio/tv Pack the courtroom -                                                                    Next Court Date:                                                                                 January 22, 2019 @9:30 Room 207, Court House2650 S. California Ave/26th Stay updated, email

Maya Cruz
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