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The Temple Mount Manifesto

Every Israeli Government since 1967 has systematically denied the Jewish People of the right to pray and worship on the Temple Mount and Jews are routinely arrested and harassed for even attempting religious acts on the Mount. This policy, Regulation 761, which was passed by the Government cabinet in 1967  is a gross violation of Jewish and Democratic principles. Click here to read - The TEMPLE MOUNT REPORT - The Denial of Jewish Prayer on the Temple Mount.  El Manifiesto de Monte del Templo - Haga clic aquí THE TEMPLE MOUNT MANIFESTO Whereas the Temple Mount is the holiest site to the Jewish Nation; Whereas the Temple Mount is the site of the Jewish Temple destroyed first by Babylon in 587 BCE and again by Roman Legions in 69 CE; and whereas the Jewish People have never abandoned hope of returning to the site of their ruined Temple; Whereas the liberation of the Temple Mount and the Old City of Jerusalem during the Six-Day War in 1967 was not only an act of self-defense but a historic act of justice in restoring the Jewish Nation to their holiest site; Whereas the current 'status quo' denies the historic longing and aspiration of the Jewish Nation to once again pray and worship at the site of their ancient Temple; and whereas the continued Palestinian violence, incitement, and destruction of Temple antiquities on the Mount constitutes a grave desecration of the holy site; Resolved that the undersigned support the freedom of peaceful Jewish prayer, worship, and assembly on the Temple Mount, in accordance with Torah Law, and call upon the Government of Israel to annul the anti-Jewish & Democratic Governmental Regulation 761, known as the "status quo" immediately. אנו (פעילי הר הבית ותומכיהם) עובדים קשה על מנת להשיג מספר משמעותי של חותמים על העצומה הזו קודם שנשלח אותה לראה"מ נתניהו.למרות שאנו מודעים לכך שנדיר שעצומות משנות מציאות, זו יכולה לשמש ככלי להעברת דעת הציבור לראש הממשלה בנוגע להר הבית.מסיבה זו הכרחי שנאסוף אלפי חתימות. אחיזת ראש הממשלה בכסאו הינה רעועה. ניתן למצביעים להראות לו שלזכויות היהודים בהר הבית ישנה משמעות עצומה עבורנו.אנא חיתמו ושתפו.

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Net Neutrality. A basic human right.

"Net Neutrality is like a library, it should be open to everyone. Its not right to prohibit the freedom to access it." - Brian Curtin. Net neutrality is the "first amendment of the internet". It is one of the best ways for mutual freedom, and should never be forfeited. In simple terms, net neutrality is the basic concept that companies such as At&t, Verizon, Google or even social media sites, have to treat your data as an equal and cannot favor or block certain content. This pretty much means you have a one hundred percent freedom to choose what websites or applications you wish to use. Big companies have already privatized a tool that was created by "the public" and have sold it off, resulting in themselves making money. No longer having net neutrality would make this much, much worse. Look at it this way, if Ajit Pai, Donald Trump and the FCC pass the bill to repeal net neutrality, you will no longer have freedom to surf the web and do what you would like to do. More and more things will be filtered, censored, and everything will be much slower. No longer having net neutrality will also lead to paid prioritization. The internet is a place that allows freedom, net neutrality will maintain the fact that the government does not have any rule over internet use. Our first amendment right grants us with free expression and actions that are fundamental to democratic government. We have the freedom of RAPPS (religion, assembly, press, petition and speech). A great example of this would be in Portugal, where people pay separately for messaging, social and music apps and even email services. Taking away net neutrality would be the same as taking away your freedom of speech. It is vital for creativity as well as innovation. The internet is an important tool to get ones viewpoint and opinions across. It is a place where everyone has a voice. That should never be taken away. Now, using the same tools, it is up-to you to get your viewpoint across and allow net neutrality to continue.    "Everyone should have their own opinion and be able to voice it. No matter what it is. Of course, that does not mean your opinion is always right. But, you’re certainly entitled to your opinion."Tim Mcgraw     Sources: “Is Net Neutrality a Good Thing?”,, 2017, Tarnoff, Ben. “Time to Release the Internet from the Free Market – and Make It a Basic Right.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 29 Nov. 2017, Romm, Tony. “Trump's FCC Has Revealed Plans to Wipe out Net Neutrality.” Recode, Recode, 21 Nov. 2017, Jon Brodkin - Oct 6, 2015 4:10 pm UTC. “How Net Neutrality Violates the First Amendment (According to One ISP).” Ars Technica, Ars Technica Addendum , 6 Oct. 2015, Griffin, Andrew. “Donald Trump Plans Total Repeal of Net Neutrality Law That Keeps the Internet Free.” The Independent, Independent Digital News and Media, 24 Nov. 2017,  

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