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Petition to Dannel Malloy, Connecticut State House, Rosa DeLauro, Chris Murphy, Connecticut State Senate

Ban the Scan Fee in Connecticut

Currently, if you are a Connecticut homeowner and want to walk into your Town Clerk's Office into the public documents vault and snap a picture on your phone of your own warranty deed of your house you will be charged $20.00.  The records kept in the Town Clerk's office are public documents, although according to C.G.S. 1-212(g) the town clerks are able to charge up to 20.00 to use a handheld scanner to scan a document and that includes taking a picture on your phone.  All 169 towns in CT charge this 20.00 fee.  For title searchers in CT this fee is debilitating.  The job of a title searcher is to research the land records (public documents) and prepare a report of our findings along with the copies for various reasons (refinance, purchase, foreclosure, etc.).  Copy costs are a huge issue as the town halls charge 1.00 per paper copy, which then are scanned into a computer to email, then the paper copy gets thrown out.  To save on paper waste scanning is the most environmentally friendly and also preserves the integrity of the old documents.  These documents are old and fragile and kept in large bound books that are turned over and pushed down on a copy machine to get a copy.  This scan fee is a violation of the freedom of information act as these documents are public documents.  I have personally asked if I could take a picture of a Deed and was told no you have to either pay 20.00 or make a copy for 1.00, so I make a copy for 1.00 snap a picture on my phone and throw the document out!  These town clerks are ripping off title searchers and the public by charging this fee. We must stand together to BAN THE SCAN FEE.  No other state in the country charges this fee.  Eliminating this fee benefits all involved and the impact on the paper being wasted is astronomical.  It would save homeowners as title search fees wouldn't be so costly and it would save trees and our precious land record documents. So Please sign our petition to BAN THE SCAN FEE!

Connecticut Title Searcher's Association
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Petition to Barack Obama

Immediately pardon Jeffrey Sterling, imprisoned C.I.A. whistleblower

My husband Jeffrey Sterling is a former C.I.A. operative and an innocent man who was convicted of seven counts of espionage on January 26, 2015 -- for merely communicating with New York Times journalist James Risen. He’s now serving a 3.5-year prison sentence in a federal correctional facility in Colorado. This is an outrageous miscarriage of justice. My husband was wrongfully sentenced to prison simply because he was in touch with a journalist. During Jeffrey’s trial, the Department of Justice was unable to present any direct evidence proving that he divulged classified information to Risen. They relied on circumstantial evidence -- emails and telephone conversations -- to try to make a case to a jury who would likely favor his conviction. Jeffrey utilized proper channels and informed the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence of his concern for the safety of the American people -- as such Jeffrey is a whistleblower. Please join me and the coalition of organizations led by Reporters without Borders, RootsAction and ExposeFacts in my request to the Obama Administration to immediately issue a pardon for my husband. President Obama publicly committed to a transparent government, yet it has been shrouded in mistruth and secrecy. Jeffrey’s conviction is only the latest chapter in the administration’s war on whistleblowers and sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of information. In fact, the Obama administration has prosecuted more whistleblowers under the Espionage Act than all previous administrations combined. An innocent man who dedicated his life to serving the United States has been wrongfully jailed under President Obama’s watch. This is his opportunity to show Jeffrey, our country, and the world what it means to be a true leader by acknowledging and making amends for a grave injustice that has been done. This can only be accomplished by granting Jeffrey Alexander Sterling an immediate pardon. Jeffrey and I will not give up hope that many will soon realize the wrong that has been done and will help to make sure that Jeffrey will be vindicated. I will not cease discussing this tragedy in hopes that it will garner enough support for his release. Please sign my petition and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram by using #pardonforjeffrey as a way to help. Thank you. Supportive Organizations: Reporters without Borders RootsAction ExposeFacts Bill of Rights Defense Committee / Defending Dissent Foundation Center for Media and Democracy Freedom of the Press Foundation The Nation Restore the Fourth

Holly Sterling
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Petition to Johnny Isakson

Police Misconduct Accountability Act

Police Misconduct and Our Choice to have Accountability  After graduating and enjoying the social work program, I am now working on a second associates degree in Criminal Justice.  I plan to work on the advocacy side for criminal and social justice.  I have recently been working on an idea to submit to Georgia legislature.  It began after watching this clip: , a Fox 5 Atlanta link with walton County Sheriff Joe Chapman's comment on body cams.  Is Joe saying he won't hold the "one bad apple" accountable by allowing any and all bad apples?   The comment about someone posting something wrong on Facebook exemplifies the lack of understanding that Facebook pages can be configured to have only “notice” posts not allowing any comments to be made.   It is a violation of the first amendment, and a violation of oath, if comments are deleted from official government pages where comments are allowed to be made. Dissent is not a crime, but disbanding body cams surely raises the question of transparency and accountability. We can expect accountability. The idea/bill is entitled "Police Misconduct Accountability Act."  It comprises of two mandatory rules for all law enforcement: 1) That all standard operating procedures of police interactions with civilians be recorded through body cams. 2) That all private and public law enforcement facilities housing inmates have audio/video cameras recording 24 hours a day, or on motion alert to record. These measures can provide judicial review for cases of officer misconduct. Inmates lose some (search and seizure) reasonable expectations of privacy while incarcerated.  The police misconduct accountability act protects inmates rights (especially 1st, 5th, 6th, 8th, and 14th amendments) and civilian rights by proving the loss of professionalism within standard operating procedures of law enforcement.  It allows for judicial review of criminal allegations.  Also, the police misconduct accountability act applies when police interactions occur.  This leaves what some may constitute as "misconduct" or "misuse of force" to be defined.  How do you think police misconduct is defined?  Is it safe to say that state laws can also be applied to cases of criminal conduct committed by police?   Or, will some of our tax dollars continue to pay settlements for police misconduct when criminal charges are dismissed? Is this justice? The Richard Metcalf case in Erie County motivated me to draft this idea.  His case was reopened earlier this year by a different Supreme Court appointed attorney.  It's proof law enforcement methods do not work with mental health patients, too.  Richard Metcalf died after being beaten to death by correction officers. or another video of a mental health individual named Kelly Thomas being beaten to death What about a K9 dog being commanded to attack a juvenile wanting to die?  All happening while police find joy in his face nearly being eaten off. One simply can be informed of american prisons sterilizing women by force to see misconduct. Or, a simple battery case like this one in Philadelphia. These videos are absolutely horrific. Under no circumstances should multiple police use cruel and unusual punishment.  I don’t believe any human can stop resisting pain when it is continually inflicted. Excessive force can enable resistance and reactions to pain. There are countless events that prove these brutalities. Police misconduct may always occur to some extent within society.  My hope is that this idea/bill will be considered because of the increased amount of police misconduct in our country.  The line of conduct that divides professionalism and misconduct can be blurred.  Without accountability in law enforcement, police misconduct is sure to occur.  With mandated documented audio and video files per incident, judicial review can be expanded for many cases of misconduct. Sincerely, Luke Carter Student of criminal and social justice reforms.     

Luke Carter
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Petition to Steve Schlomann

Stop Radical Restriction of our Education!

As you may have heard, the School District of Waukesha has rolled out a Managed Apple ID system. If you follow the link in the email sent to all School District of Waukesha, you will see that under a Managed Apple ID, among other things, our App Store, iTunes Store, and of course, Facetime and iMessages, are restricted.  Our App Store has already disappeared. This will mean that we have the inability to download any apps not on Self Service. Self Service misses foundational educational apps such as Youtube, GraphNCalc83,, and countless other language, math, english, and other priceless resources for accelerated learning.  Make no mistake: This new development is harming our ability to use our iPads in the way they were intended to be used. As a way to expand our educational opportunities.  Why punish all students for a few students mistakes? Yes, there are students that abuse the iPads and there are apps that do not contribute to our learning, but it is impossible to sort through every app on the App Store and discern which is which. By restricting all apps, they are limiting our choices to how we learn to a select few options.  Sign this petition today to let Steve Schlomann and other School District administrators know that this is not the way to build better schools! Please encourage your parents and parents of other Waukesha Students to sign this! Their support holds even more weight as they often are the ones paying for our attendance to Waukesha schools.   

Amanda Schuman
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