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Petition to Prime Minister of Israel, Israel's Supreme Court, Mayor of Jerusalem

Israel: Exercise full sovereignty and give Jews freedom on the Temple Mount!

The Temple Mount is the holiest place on earth for the Jewish people. It was here that King Solomon built the First Holy Temple 3,000 years ago. Here, the Jewish Temples stood for centuries, before the Al Aqsa Mosque became the third holiest site for Muslims, after Mecca and Medina. At present on the Mount, non-Muslims are discriminated against and are not even allowed to move their lips in silent prayer, contrary to numerous Supreme Court rulings. They are routinely harassed and abused—forbidden from bringing a Bible or prayer book, and even their access is severely restricted. At the Western Wall, which is under Jewish sovereignty, people from all over the world are welcome to respectfully pray. The State of Israel has an obligation to uphold Jewish sovereignty and international human rights on the Temple Mount, which include freedom of worship (according to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Article 18). More than 1,000 experts from thirty countries around the world have acknowledged that East Jerusalem is not an occupied territory under international law, and the State of Israel has officially declared its sovereignty over all of Jerusalem. Jewish sovereignty over the Temple Mount is in the best interest of the human, civil, and religious rights of all people groups in Israel, including the Arab minorities. We are the voice from the international community that supports the Jewish people’s rights to sovereignty over Mt Zion—the Temple Mount. We appeal to the ruling bodies of Israel to exercise their full, legal sovereignty, guaranteeing Jewish rights on their most holy place. #cryforzion “For on My holy mountain, on the lofty mount of Israel—declares the Lord God—there all the house of Israel, all of them, shall serve Me in the land” (Ezekiel 20:40).

Cry For Zion
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Petition to Moody High School, Springville High School, Ashville High School, St. Clair County High School, Donald J. Trump, Snoop dogg, Target, President of the United States, U.S. Senate, Cardi B, Apple

Free Emily Favata and Unground her

Hi, I'm Emily Favata and I was recently grounded for something I did and my parents are making it a bigger deal than it actually was and told my school's principle and our city's police, which really wasn't necessary, then made my have the worst birthday ever and I just turned 17 October 24th!!!! They need to let me make mistakes instead of keeping me from everything because all they are doing is hurting me more than the actual mistake because if I don't make mistakes or am not given a test in life I'll never learn the lesson or purpose of protecting myself of making a different choice. Ungrounding me will give me the chance to go to my school's winter formal and other school events as well as participating in the sports at my school. They need to know I am a teenager and I am going to make mistakes but I'm just learning what I want in this world. I can't have my car, my phone, a birthday, my TV, a little radio in my room, or hang out with my friends. I did something everyone does yet I get in trouble for it and no one else does, its not fair. And I don't want to hear any of that life is not fair talk because I know that. Please sign this petition to make my grandparents unground me so I can live my last year in high school and still be the good young adult they wanted me to be. Thank you!

Emily Favata
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Petition to Christopher Cruttenden II

Make Dancing Legal in Newport!

According to the Newport Beach Municipal Code 5.32.020, "No person shall conduct, allow or permit a cafe dance on any premises under his ownership, management or control without first having obtained a permit from the City Manager as hereinafter provided." Cafe Dancing is defined as "any dance which is open to the public without the payment of an admission fee, which is conducted in a restaurant, cafe, night club, bar, coffee house, or other place where food or beverages are sold for consumption on the premises." I have experienced the effects of this law first hand at establishments such as the Village Inn. When music is playing, our hearts are dancing, yet they do not allow for people to express themselves in that way. Currently, you may allow cafe dancing in your establishment, as long as it is a private event, or if you purchase a permit granted you match the requirements. This is complicated and not all establishments can make the accommodations in order to receive a permit. One example would be Woody's Wharf. They opened in the 60s and were known for their dancing. however, after the new Cafe Dancing Law, they were not allowed to open up the dance floor. After applying and been granted a permit to allow dancing again, the city changed the Municipal Code and took their permit away. After the case was brought to the California Appeals Court, which reversed the decision, Woody's Wharf again became a place of song and dance. The only way we can allow all establishments to freely open up their dance floors, would be to legalize cafe dancing. Doing this, people don't have to be told to sit down while a live band is playing, or even kicked out. While it is corny, I must frankly say, that "there was a time for this law, but not anymore. See, this is our time to dance" (Ren McCormack). With your help, we can get out of Bomont and back to Newport Beach

Christopher Cruttenden
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