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Petition to Leslie Wong, Timothy P. White, Lou Monville, Anthony Rendin, jose medina

End SFSU cooperation with An-Najah. Universities should not support glorifying terrorism.

We, the undersigned, petition San Francisco State University (SFSU) President Leslie Wong to take immediate action to end SFSU’s memorandum of understanding (MOU) with An-Najah University in the West Bank. Described by Hamas as a “greenhouse for martyrs,” Najah is a Palestinian university where incitement to violence, anti-Semitism, and the glorification of terrorism against Israelis is routine: Matthew Levitt, director of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, notes that Najah is known for “terrorist recruitment, indoctrination and radicalization of students.”  According to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), Najah’s student council “glorifies suicide bombings and propagandizes for jihad against Israel.”  At least two events were held on campus to honor “martyred” terrorists in 2016.  In 2015, Najah student Maram Hassoneh was killed attempting her second knife attack on IDF soldiers. Najah suspended its 2015 student elections indefinitely for fear of a Hamas victory. At Najah’s June 2014 graduation ceremony, students held up three fingers to represent Hamas’s kidnapping of three Israeli teens. In 2013, an entire Najah graduating class was named after Abu Jihad, the founder of Fatah and mastermind of countless terror attacks. The names of 19 “shaheeds” (deceased terrorists), all Najah students, appeared on the back cover of a 2004 “information kit.” Najah students constructed a gruesome replica of the 2001 Sbarro pizzeria Jerusalem suicide bombing. Professor Rabab Abdulhadi, director of SFSU’s Arab and Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Initiative (AMED), is the architect of the MOU with Najah. Abdulhadi has a record as an anti-Israel activist and an apologist for Palestinian terrorism:  Abdulhadi is a founding member of the US Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel. She consorted with individuals affiliated with State Department-designated terrorist organizations during a 2014 “Academic and Labor Delegation to Palestine” to meet with Najah representatives and was accused of improper use of university funds for the trip. Abdulhadi’s service as faculty advisor for SFSU’s General Union of Palestine Students (GUPS) included the display of stencils adorned with the disturbing motto, “My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers” and an FBI investigation into former GUPS president Mohammad G. Hammad for making violent online threats against Israelis and Jews. ·Her profile page features a graphic calling for a “Third Palestinian Intifada” (a threat that has metastasized into the current “stabbing intifada”) and a raised fist. Abdulhadi has pledged to set up a student exchange program with Najah, posing a significant security risk to SFSU students, faculty, and the wider community. We, the undersigned, call on President Wong to terminate this relationship with Najah now, and to ensure that no SFSU personnel enter into or support relationships with Najah or similar entities that support Hamas or other terrorist organizations in the future. Furthermore, we, the undersigned, strongly urge the California State University (CSU) system to investigate this infamous MOU and make public its terms. We also call on the California state legislature to conduct hearings into this matter. Tell them what you think!

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Petition to Apple, Spotify, YouTube, Pandora, TIDAL

End Obnoxious Music

I have one friend (let’s call him Tim) who pretty much only listens to Jamaican yodeling. I am happy Tim has such a culturally-aware music taste, but I don’t need to hear reggae yodeled at me every time Tim and I get in the car together. I mean I only hand him the AUX cord because I am too busy trying to pull up directions and get him to his weekly Save the Earth with Yoga meeting. It’s not Tim’s fault that he doesn’t know my type of music. This got me thinking why can’t my music player start a radio based on both mine and Tim’s library?             Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Youtube, etc. all collect information about the type of music we listen to. All of them offer the ability to start radios based on a specific songs, artists, or playlists. None of them offer the ability to start a radio based on who I’m with. Yet, most of the time I’m playing music I’m dj-ing for someone who’s driving. It’s not too important what kind of music we play, just that we all like it. After all, music is a social phenomenon.             This is a petition demanding streaming services to create a way for us to play music for each other without us having to do any of the work. Here are our demands: We want to empower our friends handed the AUX cord who dont know what to play! We want people to stop asking "What kind of music do you like?" and let services that know answer the question. We want our music taste. No matter who is dj-ing. We want advance technology sharing songs we love to people who will love them as well! If every music service comes together and offers this, we’d never hear a song we don’t like again. Once this petition gets a hundred thousand signatures, it will be sent to the top streaming services.

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Petition to Your Excellency Taro Kono, japanese government

Request of immediate action for retracting VISA refusal of JapaneseNGO to Mozambique/TICAD

We request your immediate action so that Ms. Naoko Watanabe, a member of the Japanese NGO and an official participant of TICAD, is allowed entry into Mozambique. The Ministerial Meeting of the Tokyo International Conference for the Development of Africa (TICAD) will be held in Maputo, Mozambique, starting on August 24, 2017. TICAD was established in 1993 on the initiative of Japan and is the main pillar of Japan’s diplomacy towards Africa. Representing this collaboration, the new Japanese Foreign Minister, Taro Kono, will attend the conference. However, Ms. Naoko Watanabe, a member of the Japanese NGO Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC) and an officially registered TICAD participant, was refused entry into Mozambique. *Ms. Watanabe is currently at the boarder region between Mozambique and South Africa. Ms. Watanabe and her organization JVC, the largest Japanese NGO working in the field of international cooperation, have supported the people and peasants of Africa, especially Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, South Africa and Mozambique since 1985, contributing to Improve the Official Development Assistance (ODA) of the Japanese government. Both Ms. Watanabe and JVC are respected widely in Japan and in the world, and the refusal to issue the visa by the Mozambican government caused a shock to Japanese society. The action was understood by the Japanese public as another disturbing sign about the current situation in Mozambique. Japan, represented by Japan's International Cooperation Agency (JICA), is advancing the ProSAVANA ODA program in Mozambique, with the governments of Brazil and Mozambique. This program, signed in 2009, aimed to attract investments in the agribusiness sector for the Nacala Corridor in northern Mozambique and to start agricultural projects using "large-scale abandoned land in a region similar to the Brazilian Cerrado for soy production." As the details of this program (ProSAVANA) began to be known by the public through visits of the Japan-Brazil Investment Promotion Mission (in 2012), it generated extreme concern among local peasants. In response, a triangular coalition (campaign) was established among civil society groups from the three countries: Mozambique, Brazil and Japan. Ms. Watanabe has been a central figure in this international coalition. The campaign has managed to change the direction of the ProSAVANA program, but the entry of investments, especially soy and grain producing agribusiness to the region, originally promoted by the three governments, has resulted in massive land grabbing. Currently, many local peasants in ProSAVANA districts continue to suffer from land conflicts. Since 2013, peasants and Mozambican citizens who have questioned the program have faced various types of intimidation and human rights violations. In 2015, thanks to the leaked documents and the Japan Information Act, it was discovered that JICA has committed series of actions aiming to weaken, intervene and divide Mozambican civil society and isolate those who resist the program through hiring of local consultant agencies, including a local NGO. In May of this year, 11 residents of ProSAVANA districts submitted an official objection against JICA and ProSAVANA, which is currently under inspection by JICA examiners. The refusal of Ms. Watanabe's visa increases the possibility of more intimidation of peasants and citizens by local authorities. Japanese civil society believes that the responsibility for these consequences lies with the Japanese government and JICA, who planned and initiated the program without taking into account local realities, led various actions against Mozambican civil society and gave space to the Mozambican government to intimidate civil society and now also intimidate Japanese citizens. We ask the Japanese Government, especially Your Excellency Taro Kono, to make every effort to ensure that all those involved in the ProSAVANA and ODA in Mozambique respect the JICA Guidelines for Environmental and Social Considerations and take steps to improve this situation. We believe that the first step is the cancellation of the refusal of Ms. Watanabe's visa by the Mozambican government.   This petition are also in the following languages: In English In Portuguese In Spanish In Japanese Related document: - Official Statement on this case submitted to the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs by Japanese, African and world organizations (English version on page 2): Http:// --Objection request by 11 residents against ProSAVANA and JICA Links: -Information about JVC (Japan International Volunteer Center) Http:// -Information on ProSAVANA and the activities of the triangular coalition of peoples (in Portuguese, English and Japanese) Https:// -The documents leaked about ProSAVANA Https://  

Concerned Citizens Group with the Development of Mozambique / Japan International Volunteer Center (JVC)
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