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Petition to US State Attorneys General

Give People a Fair Chance to Rebuild their Lives by Expunging and Clearing their Records.

Decades of overcriminalization and mass incarceration has left 77 million people with a criminal record. Having a criminal record, even minor, can have a lifetime of consequences. A record makes fulfilling basic human needs undeniably challenging. Finding a secure job, safe and stable housing, obtaining a student loan, no matter how long ago the conviction occurred, is an ongoing battle.  Nearly half of all children in the US have at least one parent with a criminal record and many of those children are separated from their parents. The barriers that come with a record have a rippling effect for generations.  Many states have several hundreds of thousands of people eligible for expungement but they are without a clear or easy pathway to having their record cleared. The process is out-dated and complex, legal fees are costly, making expungement inaccessible for everyday people. Some people aren’t even aware they are eligible for expungement. We are advocating for widespread implementation of automated expungement and for expanded eligibility for expungement. We are urging every state to implement speedy, accessible, and thorough processes to automatically expunge the records of all who are eligible. A record shouldn’t last a lifetime. Give people a fair chance to rebuild their lives by clearing their records. Everyone deserves a second chance.  Visit Equity First Alliance and National Expungement Week for more info on how to get involved and for expungement clinics in your city.  @equityfirstalliance | @expungementweek

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Petition to Betty Lou Jones, Nehemiah Flowers, Jr., William “Butch” Townsend, Kathy Henry

Request for the release of Deborah Mosby

Deborah Mosby was convicted of Capital Murder in 1995 after her husband arrived home to declare that he and a family “friend" had killed his ex-wife. Incarcerated along with her co-defendants, Deborah is still imprisoned 27 years after the crime and 15 years after the release of her co-defendants. If you know Deborah personally, or know of her integrity through others that have been impacted by her, then undoubtedly, you know that the Lord has been using her to reach the multitudes for His glory. As Moses was pleading with Pharaoh to let his people go, he did not until the time came for God to receive all of the glory for the Israelites’ freedom. So has it been with Deborah. Deborah was pushed through a very broken judicial system, tried, and convicted of Capital Murder with the pretense that she was the “kingpin" or “mastermind". 27 years later, Deborah has been exposed to injustices that one should never have to endure, however she will never claim innocence of any wrongdoing. Deborah believes that the Lord set into motion the chain of events that occurred because He had a plan to use her to reach thousands inside of the correctional facilities. She has been doing exactly this. Deborah's case narrative can be found online easily if anyone desires to learn more. It is time for God's people to stand together in support of our sister in Christ so that she may be released from her worldly bondage. Please sign this petition and make a quick phone call to the Mississippi Parole Board at 601-576-3520 stating "I am in support of parole for Deborah Mosby". Please provide them with her inmate ID 55828. 

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Petition to Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Ted Cruz, Federal Drug Administration

Keep Vaping LEGAL in Texas

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death. Cigarette smoking is responsible for more than 480,000 deaths per year in the United States, including more than 41,000 deaths resulting from secondhand smoke exposure. This is about one in five deaths annually, or 1,300 deaths every day. Look at how many people have died from cigarettes. They don’t ban those, even the menthol ones. If kids want cigarettes or vapes, they will find a way to get it just like alcohol. Don’t punish everyone because of the lack of parenting on the vaping issue. The government is fully aware of this and yet cigarettes are still legal. This is because they are targeting vaping: the HEALTHIER alternative that has helped millions of people stop smoking cigarettes. Not to mention the huge profit they want from big tobacco companies. The FDA doesn’t care about our kids or they wouldn’t allow the poisonous things in our food that is sold to us and our children. How many people die from disease-causing foods? How many people die from cigarettes and alcohol? They don’t ban any of those things. All they need to do is make vaping 18+ and it’s the parent's responsibility to watch their kids. NOT THE GOVERNMENT. They don’t care about us. This is just another way to control people and to force more people to go back to smoking cigarettes because they are worse for us. If a kid wants bad food, cigarettes, alcohol or vape juice they are going to find a way to get it legally or illegally. Just like drugs. Wake up, people! This makes no sense. It’s control and an attack on our freedom. References: Fast Facts. (2019). Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Retrieved 12 September 2019, from

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