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#FREEBRITNEY Replace Britney Spears’ Lawyer IMMEDIATELY & Investigate Her Conservators

On June 23rd, 2021 Britney Jean Spears testified in a Los Angeles probate court as to the abuse and inhumane medical care she has experienced for the past 13 years as a conservatee trapped within an abusive conservatorship. Ms. Spears detailed how she has an IUD implanted without her consent, and her conservators refuse to allow her to have it removed. Ms. Spears states she wants to "start a family and have a baby," and the conservatorship is not allowing that. The IUD in question is a direct violation of Ms. Spears' unalienable human rights. According to the United Nations, this constitutes involuntary sterilization. This petition seeks to open a full investigation through the appropriate parties into Ms. Spears' claims of abuse as they include serious human rights violations. As stated in her testimony on Wednesday, Ms. Spears feels both her conservators and management "belong in jail" for the abuse they have inflicted upon her for over a decade. While we wait for the California judicial system to police itself on this issue, we are seeking accountability from the appropriate federal agencies and state lawmakers. The #FreeBritney movement is a grassroots, civil, human, and disability rights issue. Ms. Spears pleaded to the public and Judge Brenda Penny for help in escaping this abusive conservatorship and yet, despite her powerful testimony remains under the care of the same people she states have abused, tortured, and traumatized her. We need to act now and replace her court-appointed attorney immediately, which is what Ms. Spears explicitly pleaded for on June 23rd 2021. We demand an investigation into all allegations of abuse as well as a thorough accounting of all excess fees paid from the estate of Ms. Spears since the creation of this conservatorship to her team. The #FreeBritney movement includes doctors, lawyers, and a plethora of other experts who have studied the public conservatorship records for years. We have reason to believe financial crimes have been occurring behind the scenes of this conservatorship resulting in a 9-figure financial loss for Ms. Spears. We need to act now. #FreeBritneyNOW 

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