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Help Expose the BES Utilities Scam

Hello Everyone! We're looking for donations to assist our ongoing legal fight against the BES Utilities scam and the unrepentant Andrew Pilley owner of BES (who already has served time in prison for fraud). Since approximately 2010 small businesses who have moved premises have been repeatedly called until they finally succumb to energy contracts with BES Utilities. Since 2013 a blog ( has maintained a section about BES Utilities and has enlightened readers as to the latest tactics used by BES to continue a course of misrepresentation, overcharging and harassment against small businesses. This includes what some customers have described as a "tsunami" of calls claiming to be calling from the “meter registration department” despite there being no such thing; removing £7,000 from a customer’s bank account without notice or justification; sending large burly men to small business who demand thosands of pounds without justification; and threatening customers and ex-employees with meritless legal threats. BES claim the pressure sales calls are from ‘independent’ brokers although in at least the majority of cases these ‘brokers’ happen to be owned by Pilley’s best friend Lee Qualter. The names used by Qualter include Commercial Energy Ltd, Energy Search Ltd, Commercial Reduction Services Ltd, UK Energy, Electricity Renewals, Choice Utilities, to name but a few. Often these 'brokers' disappear without trace. BES's claim these brokers are ‘independent’ appears to be false as (a) they are owned by Pilley’s best friend; and (b) BES employees registered a website on behalf of one of these brokers called Energy Search. A legal dispute has since arisen with BES complaining about the truthful and factual information provided on the blog – Pilley/BES claim what has been said about them is untrue, despite the glaring and extensive evidence to the contrary, and a serious criminal investigation in to them by Trading Standards. Currently on our side, we have a senior QC (ranked one of the top 5 in the UK) who is ready to show the High Court exactly how BES behave, and plenty of customers ready to give evidence about how they have been treated at the mercy of BES. Conversely, BES have changed solicitors twice and Barristers 4 times. We believe quickly the court will quickly realise who BES really are. However, until then and our costs are fully paid, we need to raise funds for various legal costs, costs orders, applications and travel expenses relating to the High Court action. We are confident in our position and pledge that donations will be returned (plus any interest the Court awards) once the trial is finally over, but we need to raise funds ASAP to make sure we can afford the various costs involved in winning the case. As I work in digital marketing, I am able to offer my services in return for donations. Thank you for your time reading this and thank you in advance for your help! P.S if you’re still wondering who BES are, you can see authentic and verified reviews of them on Trust Pilot: P.P.S BES claim they are “unaware” of a criminal investigation in to them – despite Police raiding their offices on 28 July 2016, and a hearing relating to the criminal proceedings at Preston Crown Court on 8 September 2017.

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Petition to The UK Parliament and Prime Minister

Give back "Tara House" to the family of Freddy Andrews. Full public enquiry into NI Judges

There can be no justice for anyone in Northern Ireland courts while the Freddy Andrews Story remains unsolved ( as these guilty parties still operate within our courts. This is the single biggest case of fraud and corruption in the history of Northern Ireland by the establishment. "Tara House" was taken by fraud from a victim with the mental age of 10 by a Senior NI Law Society Solicitor and is now owned by a Senior NI Judge. The RUC Constable who was investigating it said he had uncovered a 'web of deceit' in the Belfast courts. He was later found shot in the back of the head, hands tied behind his back and no weapon ever found. The State Coroner, a Judge, determined it was an elaborate suicide in order to embarass the Police. They found that he had shot himself in the back of the head, threw the gun into the sea with a bit of wood attached to make it float away, then put his hands into a noose behind his back before lying down to die !!!  (RIP Mervyn Patterson) It is truely a sordid story of fraud and corruption by the Northern Irish legal profession and Judiciary - & then covered up by the Northern Irelands most Senior Police at the time (RUC). The current Police in Northern Ireland (PSNI) refuse to divulge anything about it in a freedom of information request - so nothing has changed. Until we clear this almighty scandal up - there can be no justice for anyone here on this island by a Judiciary who are completely untouchable and unaccountable to anyone. #GiveBackTaraHouse. #JusticeForFreddie #DrainTheNISwamp

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