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Petition to Michael Doyle, Michael Dell, John Anderson, Dave Majernik, David Seitz, Dave Vento, Paul Dern

Plum Borough residents want Fracking restricted from Rural Residential Zones.

Citizens 4 Plum is a citizen’s group working to ensure that unconventional gas development does not negatively impact the safety, and quality of life for people in Plum Borough. The following is a petition to the Councilmen of Plum Borough respectfully requesting that council discard the Conventional Use of Oil and Gas Compressor Station, Oil and Gas Processing Plant, and Oil and Gas Well/Pad aka unconventional gas drilling or fracking within the Rural Residential Zone. High-volume hydraulic fracturing is known to be a heavy industrial process, in fact it is defined as such in the applications that were submitted to Plum Borough by Huntley and Huntley Energy Exploration LLC. Unconventional gas drilling within the Rural Residential zone is an impermissible use of the Borough’s zoning power. It’s also an irrational scheme that allows a single type of industrial use in an otherwise non-industrial zone. Unconventional gas drilling will convert most of the Rural Residential zone into an industrial zone which upends the investment-backed expectations of the people who live and moved into Plum Borough. Unconventional gas drilling within the Rural Residential zone violates citizens constitutional rights under Article 1, Section 27 of the Pennsylvania Constitution because it fails to ensure that citizens will not suffer harm to their constitutionally protected interests. What we’re asking council to do is to simply protect our constitutional rights by NOT allowing this one industry to perform a heavy industrial process outside of an industrial zone. We are aware that the borough must allow for the reasonable development of natural gas. We hear you when you say that you cannot control HOW the industry conducts business, only WHERE. We are asking you to control where, we’re not asking you to change any language in the performance standards, which the industry has commented are arbitrary. We as a community recognize that any protection to our constitutional and environmental rights is a step in the right direction.

Citizens 4 Plum
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Petition to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia department of environmental quality

Stop the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines

My name is Donald Jones. My family has lived on interconnected farms in the beautiful hills and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Giles and Salem County since 1758. Two years ago, my dad George learned that fracking companies planned to destroy our family property by building a 42-inch pipeline, called the Mountain Valley Pipeline, right through the middle of our land. This pipeline would threaten our ancient mountain spring, along with hundreds of other water sources in Virginia and West Virginia. As a 1930’s farm boy, my dad knew that the most valuable commodity for life is water. He was appalled to know that his elected officers were uninformed about risks this pipeline would pose to ecosystems and water supplies all across Virginia. It has been an awful experience for us to deal with. The invasion of our land has been devastating. One day, shortly after learning that a survey was conducted on his land without his knowledge or presence, my dad had a debilitating stroke. But the pipeline has not been built yet and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has the power to stop it. This is why I’m hoping you will sign this petition asking him to reject these pipelines. My dad fought in the Korean War, serving in the U.S. Navy, to protect the rights of American citizens and to spread the peace and liberty guaranteed citizens here throughout the world. He was devastated when he felt that his own government was stripping his property rights away by using eminent domain for the benefit of a private corporation. There are scores of citizens all across Virginia facing the same situation with their property, their rights, their health, their heritage and their water. We are outraged by this violation of citizen rights -- but equally concerned with the certain destruction to the ecosystem and especially ancient water systems that can never be “fixed.”  Together, the two pipelines would add up to nearly 1,000 miles of harm across West Virginia and Virginia, threatening hundreds of waterways. But my dad and I will keep fighting. Despite his stroke, dad knows he has an obligation to fight for our land and our rights. He has lost memory of many things but asks me how the pipeline fight is going every day. One day on his mountain, he told me he was going to fight as long as he could stand. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has the power to stand with citizens, protect our water, and reject the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Now I’m asking you, on behalf of my dad and all the other landowners and residents of communities in the path of these pipelines, to tell Governor McAuliffe right away: stop these pipelines.

Don Jones and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network
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Petition to MEP's

We Demand that the EU Investigates oil exploration contracts in Portugal

Why do we Demand that the EC Conducts an Investigation into the Contracts Awarded by the Portuguese Government to Repsol and Partex for the Lagosta and Lagostim Concessions Late in July 2015 the Portuguese government published for the first time the concession contracts awarded for the exploration of offshore oil and gas in the Algarve Basin to the consortium Repsol/ Partex. ASMAA’s had the contracts analyzed by legal experts.  After extensive discussions with the various legal advisers, we are of the opinion that there are grounds to request an investigation. This investigation is aimed at ascertaining and verifying if the contracts as they currently stand were not drafted as they are, with the intent to circumvent European laws and guidelines. As a result, we will be submitting a written request to the Directorate of Energy in the European Union to investigate the contracts for any breaches. In addition the Portuguese government is at fault by failing to transpose on 19 July 2015 into Portuguese law the European Directive for Offshore Oil & Gas Safety Directive (Directive 2013/30/EU. THIS HAS NOW BEEN DONE ON 9 MARCH 2016 - 9 MONTHS LATER. If you support our application to the European Commission for Energy, we request that you sign the petition and add your voice to our submission. The ASMAA Team Links: Copies of the contracts are on the official Portuguese government department website responsible Copies of Contracts on ASMAA website: Lagostim Contract: Lagosta Contract: More info on our site: ********************************************************************************** Porquê exigimos que CE faça uma investigação aos contractos entre o Governo Português e a Repsol e Partex das concessões Lagosta e Logostim ? No final de Julho 2015 o Governo Português publicou pela primeira vez os contractos de concessão para as explorações de petroleo e gáz Offshore na bacia do Algarve ao concorcio Repsol / Partex A ASMAA encomendou uma analize dos referidos contractos a especialistas juridicos. Depois de extensivas discussões com os advogados, somos da opinião que há base para requerer uma investigação. Esta investigação visa verificar se os contractos, como se apresentam, não foram redigidos com a intenção de contornar leis e directivas europeias. Neste contexto, iremos submeter um requerimento ao Comissariado da Energia das Comunidades Europeias solicitando a investigação destes contractos. Se concorda com este requerimento à Comissão Europeia, pedimos que assinem a petição juntando a sua voz à nossa. ObrigadaA Equipa da ASMAA Links: Copias dos contractos na pagina official do governo portugues: Copias dos contractos no site da ASMAA: Lagostim Contracto: Lagosta Contracto: Mais informacao no nosso site:    

ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
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Petition to Politicos, Governo e Administradores das Grandes Empresas em Portugal

Youth Says NO to Oil and Gas Drilling in Portugal / Os Jovens Dizem Nao A Exploracao de Petroleo e Gas em Portugal

Uma carta aberta dos jovens a todos os líderes portugueses Nós, os jovens de Portugal, bem como Luso-descendentes espalhados por todo o mundo, apoiados por muitos dos nossos amigos nos países em que vivemos, vimos juntar as nossas vozes à campanha da ASMAA "Oilgarve - Algarve diz não ao Petróleo e ao Gás " e pedir-vos que parem a insana exploração de combustíveis fósseis que está a iniciar-se a sério em Portugal - um país que amamos, onde vivemos ou visitamos com as nossas famílias, durante os períodos de férias. A nossa geração será a mais afectada pelas vossas acções – tanto as concretizadas no passado como as que pretendem realizar futuramente – prejudicarão a minha vida e a dos meus amigos se continuarem nessa vossa busca gananciosa e inabalável de petróleo e gás. Nós, jovens de Portugal, assim como os do resto do mundo, encontramo-nos, ainda, sem podermos votar, nem dinheiro para pagarmos lobistas poderosos, como as grandes corporações e as elites fazem em Portugal e com isso influenciarem as vossas acções apenas em seu próprio benefício. Embora não tenhamos os recursos normais que aqueles poderosos lóbis usam para fazer valer os próprios interesses, acreditamos que esta petição é uma maneira de juntarmos a nossa às vozes de todos aqueles que se interessam o suficiente por nós e pelo nosso futuro; aqueles que se preocupam com o meio ambiente e com a sustentabilidade do nosso planeta. Juntos, pedimos que vocês parem este louco propósito de exploração de combustíveis fósseis em terra e no mar de Portugal, de norte a sul. Nós, os jovens de Portugal, bem como os milhares de Luso-descendentes espalhados por todo o mundo, apoiados pelas juventudes de outros países, ao assinar esta petição exigimos o seguinte: Um futuro seguro: Exigimos que o governo Português adopte metas de energia e de eficiência energética renováveis que permitam reduzir as emissões globais de carbono. Distribuição equitativa de energia: Exigimos que todas as pessoas, em todas as regiões, tenham acesso a energias renováveis e tecnologias de eficiência energética. Um fim aos subsídios para as empresas de combustíveis fósseis: As empresas petrolíferas são das corporações mais ricas do planeta e normalmente muitas delas até mais ricas do que muitos países combinados. Elas não precisam de dinheiro do governo (ou dos contribuintes portugueses). O facto de usufruírem dele, origina uma competição injusta e impossível, sem normalidade, nem ética, para as organizações de energia solar e eólica, assim como para outras empresas de energia renovável. Paragem de toda a exploração de petróleo e gás - tanto em terra, bem como no mar, em Portugal. O momento de agir é agora, enquanto os impactos das mudanças climáticas se intensificam. Nós, os jovens de Portugal em nosso nome e em nome de toda a juventude global, vimos por este meio convidar todos os nossos dirigentes portugueses, "a liderar em função da importância do nosso futuro " - definindo-nos no caminho da sustentabilidade, um caminho construído por empregos verdes, um caminho cheio de ar limpo, água limpa, praias limpas, oceanos limpos e ecossistemas intactos para as gerações futuras. Há mais de um século que vocês estão dependentes nas energias fósseis, mas agora é o momento certo para a mudança. Cada ano que esperamos, cada hora que passa, o futuro do planeta e a sobrevivência das gerações futuras é posta em causa. Agora não é o momento para uma a acção incrementada, mas sim de uma acção séria e eficaz. Nesta conjuntura de definição da história humana, pedimos aos líderes portugueses – que se comprometam a oferecer a segurança e oportunidades à nossa geração, como a que lhes foi dada pelos vossos antecessores. Pedimo-vos para aceitarem a responsabilidade que têm de proteger não só a humanidade, e os habitantes deste Portugal que lidera, mas também o planeta que partilhamos, a protecção dos oceanos que nos rodeiam, bem como a nossa terra. Confiando que façam o que esta correcto para a nossa e as futuras gerações Assino a favor da geração jovem Portuguesa e de todos os nossos amigos espalhados por todo o mundo que, de facto, representamos os seus filhos, netos e bisnetos. ************************************************** ADICIONA A TUA VOZ NA CAIXA DOS COMENTÁRIOS Se tens entre os 12 e os 18 anos, esta petição e para ti. ADICIONA A TUA VOZ NA CAIXA DOS COMENTÁRIOS. Se já tens 18 anos, assina a outra petição aqui neste link Não assines apenas a petição, na caixa dos comentários, diz-nos quem és, qual a tua idade e a razão da petição ser importante para ti. ASMAA's website: Obrigada   ************************************************************************************ An open letter to all Portuguese Leaders by the youth We, the youth of Portugal as well as Lusa-descendants spread all over the world, supported by many of our friends in the countries we live in, raise our voices in unity with ASMAA’s Algarve Surf and Marine Activities “Oilgarve - Algarve Says NO to Oil and Gas” campaign and call on all of you to stop the fossil fuel exploration and exploitation madness that is starting in earnest in Portugal, a country that we love to live in or visit with our families during holiday breaks. Our generation will be the most affected by your actions - these actions that you have taken in the past and the actions that you will take in the future - but which affects me and the rest of my peers as you continue in the same unabated pursuit of oil and gas in this era of enlightenment. The youth of Portugal just like the youth of the rest of the world find ourselves without the ability to vote yet, and without the money to pay powerful lobbyists like big corporations and the elites do in Portugal, so that we can also influence your actions just like they do. Although we lack the normal resources that these powerful interests use to look after their own interests we believe that this petition will add our voice to the voices of all of these that care enough about us and our future; these that care about our environment, and these that care about the sustainability of our planet. Together we are asking that you stop the fossil fuel exploration madness in the offshores and onshores of Portugal, from north to south. We the youth of Portugal as well as the thousands of Lusa-descendants spread all over the world, supported by the youth of other countries, by signing this petition demand the following: A safe future: We demand that our government adopt renewable energy and energy efficiency targets that will reduce global carbon emissions. Equitable distribution of energy: We demand that all people, in all regions, have access to renewable energy and energy efficiency technology. An end to subsidy money for fossil fuel corporations: Oil and coal companies are among the richest corporations on the planet, richer than many countries combined. They do NOT need government money and it makes it unfair for solar and wind and other renewable energy companies to compete. A stop of all oil and gas exploration - both onshore as well as offshore in Portugal. The window for action is narrowing while the impacts of a changing climate are intensifying. We, the youth of Portugal on our behalf and on behalf of all of the global youth, do hereby call upon you, our Portuguese leaders, to “lead as if our future matters” - by setting us on the path to sustainability, a path built by green jobs, and a path filled with clean air, clean water, clean beaches, clean oceans and intact ecosystems for generations to come. You have been relying on fossil fuels for over a century but now is the time for change. For every year that we wait, for every hour that we stall, the future and survival of the youngest generations - and that of generations to come - is jeopardized. Now is not the time for incremental action. At this defining juncture in human history, we ask you - our Portuguese leaders - to commit to providing the security and opportunity for our generation that you were given by your predecessors. We call on you to accept the responsibility you have to protect the people you lead and the planet we share and to protect both the oceans that surrounds us as well as our land. With Trust. The young Portuguese generation and all our friends from all over the world who in fact represent your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. ********************************************************************************** ADD YOUR SAY IN THE COMMENT BOX If you are aged between 12 and 18, then this petition is for you. If you are older than 18 then please sign our other petition which you can find on this link Don't ONLY sign this petition, tell us who you are, how old you are, and why this matters to you in the comment box below. Add your say to the petition. Thank you ASMAA's website:

ASMAA - Algarve Surf and Marine Activities Association
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