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Petition to Governor Tom Wolf, Patrick McDonnell

Don't Dump NE PA's future: Deny Keystone Sanitary Landfill's proposed 44 year expansion!

Northeastern Pennsylvania is filled with hard working, salt of the earth people. We help each other. We support each other. We are a proud collective that stick together through good times and bad. We've been this way for generations. It's in our blood. Unfortunately, for generations, we've also been taken advantage of and have become the dumping ground for the Northeast. And now, it's time to change.  The Keystone Sanitary Landfill (KSL) is located in Northeastern PA and it has already been accepting garbage for over 30 years. So far, it has already buried over 30 million tons (60 Billion pounds!) of garbage in Northeastern PA. So what's happened as this toxic mountain has exploded in size over the past three decades? Well, lots. This landfill has been contaminating groundwater for over 14 years. It has been cited multiple times for leachate spills. It has already had multiple underground fires. It continually impacts the community with odors, decreased air quality, increased unsafe truck traffic, decreased property values, and more. It accepts up to 7,250 tons per day of municipal waste and fracking drill cuttings. Over 2/3 of the incoming waste is from surrounding states. And to top it all off, this landfill is sited in an Environmental Justice Community. So now what does KSL want? Permission to accept garbage for over 40 more years! Finally, enough is enough. Please join this petition to tell both the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and Governor Tom Wolf that you support our mission to stop this toxic growth and to deny this Landfill's egregious attempt to expand for another 40 years and accept another 100 million tons of garbage! We deserve an opportunity for a healthier, safer, and progressive future and it starts with stopping this expansion.

Friends of Lackawanna
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Petition to The City of Huntington Beach

STOP the “Natural Gas Smell” plaguing Huntington Beach Residents

Residents across Huntington Beach, CA know it all too well.  While enjoying ocean breezes with windows open, all of a sudden you are hit with the overwhelming smell of natural gas.  You think it is coming from within the home until you go outside and realize it is just as strong.  Pretty soon you’re fighting an oncoming headache and locking yourself in the room least affected.  Everyone in my community who has experienced this “natural gas attack” rushes to call the Fire Department, So Cal Gas and AQMD, all of which give different answers as to the “source” of the smell.  Some say it is coming from off-shore oil platforms, some say it is coming from the wetlands.  They all say its harmless.  My headaches tell me otherwise.  Here is what we know.  Everyone who has experienced this odor describes it as, “The smell of natural gas”.  We originally thought this was tert-Butylthiol, a chemical artificially added to natural gas (which is colorless and odorless out of the ground) in order to detect gas leaks.   We now know through research and monitoring by AQMD specific to this issue that the at least one offending chemical is Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S).  Hydrogen Sulfide is a naturally occurring compound in "sour" natural gas, which reserves in Huntington Beach are known for.  Community research on the frequency and timing of these events suggests the events are man-made, and that residents of Huntington Beach are the victims.  The residents of Huntington Beach deserve answers. Recent progress has been made, but more is needed.  Seal beach community members made statements at the SCAQMD meeting on September 1, 2017, and AQMD responded during the meeting, as can be seen at this video (skip to 1:28:00) The GOAL is to FORCE ATTENTION, ACCOUNTABILITY and ACTION against these GAS ATTACKS: to first identify the source and if man-made, to STOP THEM from plaguing the residents of Huntington Beach, CA with seemingly more and more frequent events. I for one WILL NOT stand by and watch Huntington Beach turn into another Porter Ranch debacle, with falling property values and years of lawsuits. Please sign this petition to stay involved.   As a 12 year HB resident, I plan on raising as many signatures as possible over the next months, then taking these signatures to the City Council and the HB Environmental Board to force continued attention, accountability and action on the issue.  Getting involved with this petition keeps you connected to the process, and if residents do have to make a stand against the perpetrator of these attacks, we will be organized and ready to defend our clean air rights and save our ocean breezes. Thank you!  Recent Press on this problem: Daily Pilot / LA Times, September 22, 2017:  Huntington Beach odor is an irritant but not an immediate threat, city says KTLA Report, August 30, 2017:  Sulfuric Odor Reported in SoCal Coastal Cities; Authorities Investigating LA Times, March 17, 2016:  Mysterious offshore odor stirs concern among some Newport-Mesa residents OC Register, October 16, 2015:  SoCal gas investigating mysterious gas smell in Huntington Beach, Santa Ana

Adam Plesniak
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Petition to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe, Virginia department of environmental quality

Stop the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines

My name is Donald Jones. My family has lived on interconnected farms in the beautiful hills and valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Giles and Salem County since 1758. Two years ago, my dad George learned that fracking companies planned to destroy our family property by building a 42-inch pipeline, called the Mountain Valley Pipeline, right through the middle of our land. This pipeline would threaten our ancient mountain spring, along with hundreds of other water sources in Virginia and West Virginia. As a 1930’s farm boy, my dad knew that the most valuable commodity for life is water. He was appalled to know that his elected officers were uninformed about risks this pipeline would pose to ecosystems and water supplies all across Virginia. It has been an awful experience for us to deal with. The invasion of our land has been devastating. One day, shortly after learning that a survey was conducted on his land without his knowledge or presence, my dad had a debilitating stroke. But the pipeline has not been built yet and Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has the power to stop it. This is why I’m hoping you will sign this petition asking him to reject these pipelines. My dad fought in the Korean War, serving in the U.S. Navy, to protect the rights of American citizens and to spread the peace and liberty guaranteed citizens here throughout the world. He was devastated when he felt that his own government was stripping his property rights away by using eminent domain for the benefit of a private corporation. There are scores of citizens all across Virginia facing the same situation with their property, their rights, their health, their heritage and their water. We are outraged by this violation of citizen rights -- but equally concerned with the certain destruction to the ecosystem and especially ancient water systems that can never be “fixed.”  Together, the two pipelines would add up to nearly 1,000 miles of harm across West Virginia and Virginia, threatening hundreds of waterways. But my dad and I will keep fighting. Despite his stroke, dad knows he has an obligation to fight for our land and our rights. He has lost memory of many things but asks me how the pipeline fight is going every day. One day on his mountain, he told me he was going to fight as long as he could stand. Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has the power to stand with citizens, protect our water, and reject the Atlantic Coast and Mountain Valley pipelines. Now I’m asking you, on behalf of my dad and all the other landowners and residents of communities in the path of these pipelines, to tell Governor McAuliffe right away: stop these pipelines.

Don Jones and the Chesapeake Climate Action Network
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