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Put King of the Hill in the Next Marvel Movie! Hello, I know this request seems ridiculous but believe me this is 100% possible and is 100% cannon to the Marvel Universe. In the late 90s, Fox Kids aired a few promos for their new show that they would be broadcasting called, “Fox Kids Heads for the Hills!” This meant that Fox Kids would start airing King of the Hill episodes on their child based programming block. Only two episodes were aired though there is a number of arguments about how many episodes were actually aired and if there was any at all, but Fox Kids did air two promos. One was with a bunch of normal Fox Kids characters plastered over segments of certain episodes of KOTH, but the other one was with Hank Hill selling propane to his new neighbor, THE SILVER SURFER! And also this promo was actually voiced by Mike Judge himself specifically for this crossover (sources included at the bottom) So, since Hank Hill himself has met The Silver Surfer and sold him propane, this makes him part of the Marvel Universe. Think about it, he even had a conversation with him! So what I’m asking, (and what many others are asking) is that Disney, Marvel, and/or Fox finally make a crossover with the Hills and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It would seem a good choice to do so since many of us KOTH fans have been asking for more content, and also, Fox and Mike Judge have announced there has been talks to revive King of the Hill, so why not reboot it with a bang!     Sources:

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