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LAURA INGRAHAM inaccurately reported on a ANTI DONALD TRUMP VIDEO in which she named Nipsey Hussle as the rapper and she is seen LAUGHING AND MOCKING HIM JUST HOURS AFTER HE WAS LAID TO REST. NIPSEY HUSSLE ( Ermias Asghedom) he has been praised as a local philanthropist who was heavily involved in community development. He is of a small percentage of recording artists who have done something to combat the many ills of our society from the prison industrial complex to gun violence, to police brutality and more. He often hired the homeless and Los Angeles natives who had been recently released from prison to reduce recidivism at his own clothing store located in South LA. ALSO MAKING FUN OF THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY. On Friday on “The Ingraham Angle," the host mentioned how FRIENDS, HIS FAMILY AND FANS FROM ALL OVER AND THE COMMUNITY IN WHICH HE GREW UP IN lined the streets to say goodbye to rapper Nipsey Hussle AND PAY TRIBUTE TO HIS LEGACY.  While reporting she then began to BASH AND BRING DISGRACE TO HIS MEMORY AND BLATANTLY DISREGARD THE FACT THAT HIS FAMILY JUST SAID GOOD BYE TO THEIR LOVED ONE AND DIMINISH HIS CHARACTER. LAURA: "Now this dear artist recently released a song called ‘FDT’ – F Donald Trump," Ingraham said during her evening newscast. She then proceeded to play a portion of the music video on air. SHE STATED THAT THE VIDEO AND SONG WAS A SONG RELEASED BY NIPSEY HUSSLE WHICH WAS INCORRECT IN ALL ACTUALITY BELONGED TO ANOTHER RAPPER BY THE NAME OF YG( a CLOSE FRIEND TO NIPSEY HUSSLE). IT IS VISIBLE TO ANYONE WHO WAS TUNING IN THAT IT WAS NOT EVEN HIM. 1. NIPSEY HUSSLE FOR ONE HAS BRAIDS THE ARTIST IN THE VIDEO HAS A MUCH SHORTER HAIR CUT SO HOW COULD THAT HAVE BEEN HIM. 2. THE MEN SKIN COLOR IS NOT THE SAME 3. SHE PROCEEDED TO THEN MOCK DIMISH THE AFRICAN AMERICAN COMMUNITY. SHE STATED “ sarcastically remarked of the song to which her guest, journalist RAYMOND ARROYO, replied: "Very catchy." The two chuckled as they continued to analyze the song. “So … the chorus it goes on and on. Is that related to the lowest unemployment ever basically for African Americans?" Ingraham asked. 4. THE VIDEO WAS NOT RECENTLY RELEASED IT CAME OUT IN 2016 which means it has been 3 years since it hit the INTERNET!!! 5. IM CONFUSED WHY ANYONE WOULD EVEN BE LAUGHING WHILE REPORTING DURING A SEGMENT DISCUSSING ANYONES DEATH WETHER IT BE HIS OR ANYONE ELSES.  6. DO YOU HOMEWORK AND INVESTIGATE BEFORE OPENING UP YOUR AND REPORTING INACCURATE FACTS. 7. IT LEFT MANY SHOCKED DISGUSTED AND APPALLED. ITS UNPLEASANT AND I DO NOT KNOW IF THERE IS A WORD TO BETTER DESCRIBE HOW DISGUSTING AND OFFENSIVE THIS IS. She needs to be FIRED!!!! This is not in anyway funny. He was murdered in cold blood and to laugh at this just hours after he was laid to rest is by hug family DISGUSTING AND DISTASTEFUL! IT SHOWS A LACK OF RESPECT FOR NOT ONLY HIS FAMILY BUT TO OUR COMMUNITY.My name is Ashley Davis and I am starting this petition because People need to learn how to think before they speak. Too so many he was invoking change for our community. He was helping with gang violence and helping stop violence when his own life was taken because of said IGNORANCE.  MY MOTHER TAUGHT ME IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY NOTHING AT ALL. 

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Petition to The Walt Disney Company, Walt Disney, Marvel, FOX Broadcasting Company

Put King of the Hill in the Next Marvel Movie! Hello, I know this request seems ridiculous but believe me this is 100% possible and is 100% cannon to the Marvel Universe. In the late 90s, Fox Kids aired a few promos for their new show that they would be broadcasting called, “Fox Kids Heads for the Hills!” This meant that Fox Kids would start airing King of the Hill episodes on their child based programming block. Only two episodes were aired though there is a number of arguments about how many episodes were actually aired and if there was any at all, but Fox Kids did air two promos. One was with a bunch of normal Fox Kids characters plastered over segments of certain episodes of KOTH, but the other one was with Hank Hill selling propane to his new neighbor, THE SILVER SURFER! And also this promo was actually voiced by Mike Judge himself specifically for this crossover (sources included at the bottom) So, since Hank Hill himself has met The Silver Surfer and sold him propane, this makes him part of the Marvel Universe. Think about it, he even had a conversation with him! So what I’m asking, (and what many others are asking) is that Disney, Marvel, and/or Fox finally make a crossover with the Hills and the Marvel Cinematic Universe! It would seem a good choice to do so since many of us KOTH fans have been asking for more content, and also, Fox and Mike Judge have announced there has been talks to revive King of the Hill, so why not reboot it with a bang!     Sources:

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