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Petition to PlayVS , NFHS

Allow First and Third Person Shooter Games as an Esport in PlayVS Highschool Leagues

PlayVS is an upcoming Highschool Esports League. Their first season is set to start Fall 2018. They haven't announced what games will be played their but they have said one thing. No shooters. I was really disappointed when I heard this. They are saying there will be no FPS games to not upset anyone about the Highschool shootings that have happened in the recent years. I don't think that should stop us from playing and competing. Most shooters aren't realistic and I think a majority of people will understand that. Right now they've said they will not stop us from doing our own local High-school tournaments but I think it should be the other way around. If a High-school doesn't want an FPS team then they can choose not to have one. Yes there are already tournaments for FPS games, so I or anyone else could just go to a tournament separate from my school. But why should a person who likes a family-friendly game have an easier experience just because my game has guns? Why does their game count as a High-school sport and mine doesn't? I'm just asking that you host a FPS tournament that schools CAN drop out of competing. We're fine if we need a parents signature to compete; I just want to compete with the same opportunity as a MOBA or Fighting Game player. I understand that this one petition will probably not change anything but at least it will start a conversation.

Mark Ackerman
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