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Petition to Pinetop-Lakeside Planning & Zoning Commission, Pinetop-Lakeside City Council, Pinetop-Lakeside Chamber of Commerce, * Adam Staley, * Larry Agan, * David Orris, * John Salskov, * Alison Stewart, * Timothy Williams, Richard Smith, Carla Bowen, Kathy Dahnk, Mazie Hastings, Stephanie Irwin, Lynn Krigbaum, Jerry Smith, Jim Snitzer, Keith Johnson, Shannon Purcell, Cody Blake

Save White Mountains From Developers

Arizona’s White Mountains Community is tired of having our tall pines, hiking trails and beautiful views interrupted by shoppings malls and RV parks. Thoughtful, local-sensitive commerce can be an asset for our community, but too often companies with money from the valley come in to cut down our trees and tear up our landscape.  The commission and city council just passed a rezoning plan to allow for a 40 acre shopping mall (2 big box stores we're told) to be placed in one of the most beautiful areas in our community! Now, there is a 2nd plan to grab 26 acres for an RV park— near one of the most beautiful views of the rim and the disability services property, Camp Tatiyee. We're concerned about the effect this will have on the camp experience, its youth services and on those who frequent the surrounding trails! Word has it that Camp Tatiyee is being pressured to sell their land and move! Is that what we want for Pinetop-Lakeside? Big box stores displacing historic lands and valuable services in our nonprofit community?  Join us Thursday, December 12, to encourage the Pinetop-Lakeside Planning and Zoning Commission to respect what makes this land and our community special! We can also encourage Pinetop-Lakeside City Council change back the recent commercial zoning to open space! Council Chambers 325 W White Mtn Blvd. 928-368-8696 Also join the White Mountain Preservation Facebook page to stay informed and voice your opinion! We should ALL have a voice, not just the out-of-state/town investors!Before this land was made available for private use the US Forest Service and US Department of Agriculture completed an environmental impact study. It states "The intent of the proponent is to continue operating the Camp Tatiyee youth camp at its current site on the parcel if the land is conveyed." The strong language used throughout this document makes it clear that this land would not become available unless the integrity of Camp Tatiyee, the public trails and view of the White Mountains are all maintained and protected. Please sign the petition if you believe youth camps, especially ones as special as Tatiyee (and their next door neighbor Camp Grace), need a significant buffer. If you believe eco-friendly development is critical, and if you wish to maintain the unique characteristics of our White Mountains community, please sign and share! 

White Mountain Preservation
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Petition to Christopher Blankenship, Edward F. Poolos, Kay Ivey

Alabama WMA - Wildlife Diversity Support, Safety Information, and Accountability

The numbers of hunters and users of the WMA system is on the decline. As this continues the WMA system will lose more support and therefore hurt the areas we all love to use. "In 2011, there were 13.7 million licensed hunters in the country, compared to 11.5 million in 2016, according to a survey conducted by the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service...The 2018 license year saw 175,531 total hunting licenses sold in the state, according to data from the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. That compares to 181,581 licenses in 2017 and 186,081 in 2016" - Marty Roney, Montgomery Advertiser This petition seeks improvement to Wildlife Diversity Support, Safety Information, and Accountability. Through the recent changes in the Alabama WMA system attention can be brought to the following: Many hunters would like more deer supporting crops in most WMAs. A simple soybean field at every WMA would be an example. Many hunters would like turkey supporting crops in most WMAs. A simple corn field at every WMA would be an example. Many hunters and hikers find a lack maintenance in some areas of many WMAs. An example of this is overgrown grasses that were once cut regularly and access roads with giant pot holes that damage vehicles and pose a safety risk.  Many hunters express an interest in the daily permit system and want to improve it. There should be a record of the hunting statistics of every WMA and this is a known need, but the process to do it can impact anyone’s hunting activity. Many hunters have expressed a lack of drop boxes and map stations. The outdoor Alabama app for phones can also offer this system digitally with the proper improvements.  Many hunters and hikers may lack public knowledge in the field. Through many WMAs the information boards at kiosk are scarce. Contact information for local safety organizations could be posted and made common knowledge. Many times hunters and hikers are injured or bitten with only 911 to rely on. This can lead to lost time and possibly lost life. A simple information sheet with volunteer or local emergency services and the local game warden contact information may help. A graph showing what venomous snakes and endangered animals are in the areas can help as well. Many hunters and hikers seek more signage in the field. Signage can become part of the improvements of the trails and overall navigation of the WMAs many use. Hikers and hunters alike can benefit from basic warning signs of known dangerous areas, fall risk and snake areas.  Many hunters seek more disabled hunting and special opportunity hunting areas that would be a benefit to their local traveling needs. There are not very many within distance many hunters would be able to use.  Hunters have concerns that many WMA gates are not opened during hunting seasons to allow access to those areas used by hunters. This sometimes happens to prevent injury and for safety reasons. The kiosk could list these updates or have the contact information to find out why a gate is closed available. These are a few examples of areas to improve the WMAs. They may change over time but the importance will not. The WMAs need help. As the number of hunters and hikers decrease the problems will get worse. Less and less of the attendance of these valued areas will cause their demise eventually.  Everyone can benefit from the wildlife around us. With the recent bait laws and pricing changes it makes many wonder where the money will be going. With this petition lets support these topics. Wildlife Diversity Support, Safety Information, and Accountability. Let them know we want our WMAs and we want them to flourish. Sign today.  Sources:

Derek Clark
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Demand Jair Bolsonaro's resignation as president of Brazil

Here’s the thing about the burning of the Amazon rain forest: It is NOT a natural accident (or simply an accident, like the much-compared Notre Dame fire). Brazil’s president Jair Bolsonaro has been aiming to  industrialize the rain forest since his election, and it’s  becoming more and more clear that he is not only responsible for the inaction in fighting the fire—he is also directly responsible for the causes of this fire. When Notre Dame burned, there was an  outpouring of response from the wealthy and powerful because saving one  building in Paris provided them with good rapport. But destroying the Amazon? That provides wealth, it provides land, it provides the  industrialization that Bolsonaro has been rallying for since he began in  politics through mining and cattle farms. The active deforestation happening in the Amazon is happening because of a political figure,  happening because it benefits industries who don’t care about their impact on the world. And what makes this so crucial to understand is  that we cannot, really, save the Amazon by fighting the fire with  donations and vegetarianism. We have to save the Amazon by fighting the man who created the fire and the companies who stand to gain the most by destroying it. Our ire must flow in a political vein, to the source of a man-made disaster grounded in extremism. We must stop him now to save the Amazon rainforest! Sign, spread and make yourselves heard!  --- “A house you can rebuild; a bridge you can restring; a washed-out road you can fill in. But there is nothing you can do about a tree but mourn.” ― Louise Dickinson Rich, We Took to the Woods --- Most of the description was provided by Silver Marmoset. To see more ways through which you can fight against the Amazon fires and especially against president Jair Bolsonaro, check their post here. Petition created by The Climate Crisis Movement. Spread the word. #PrayforAmazonia #ImagineYourLungsBeingOnFire #Amazon

The Climate Crisis Movement
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Petition to shasta county supervisors, Shasta County Planninng Commision, Shasta County Voters, Brian Dahle, Doug LaMalfa, Dianne Feinstein, Shasta County Chamber of Commerce, Redding City Council, Gavin Newsom, Kamala D. Harris

Save our forests and wildlife from the industrial blight of Big Wind

The Citizens in Opposition to the Fountain Wind Project need your help in avoiding another Camp Fire like tragedy here in Shasta County, California.  Iberdrola, a foreign owned corporation, and its subsidiaries Avangrid Renewables and Pacific Wind Development LLC, are planning to install up to 100, nearly 600 foot tall, Industrial Wind Turbines in the heavily forested region of eastern Shasta County California as part of the Fountain Wind Project.  The area is home to several small rural communities not unlike Paradise California where 85 lives were lost and the town was nearly destroyed in 2018.  Like Paradise, we have limited ingress and egress with only one major two lane road, Hwy 299, for mass evacuation and emergency services and similarly have a substantial number of elderly residents.  Cal Fire rates the project area as the highest Fire Hazard Zones (4&5) in the State.  The very winds that attract Wind Developments to our area also substantially increase our likelihood of a catastrophic fire.  Industrial Wind Turbines should never be installed in forested fire prone areas such as ours. Some of the many negative impacts this industrialization of our beautiful forested lands will cause are listed below: 1.  Wildfires:  Increases risk, new transmission lines, turbines attract lightning, located in highest rated fire hazard zones in the California. Shallow soil and soil type makes lightning grounding systems more difficult and problematic. Fighting fires in steep terrain makes in problematic for ground crews and the Industrial Wind Turbines makes fighting them by air problematic as well. 2.  Biological Resources (wildlife):  Threatens local Bald eagles, spotted owls, raptors, migratory birds (located in “Globally Significant Avian Area”).  Likely to affect various mammals due to ability to hear and use infrasound and other noise affects shadow flicker, etc. 3.  Tribal Cultural Resources:  Destroys sacred cultural resources and history, Pit River Nation is opposed, other neighboring tribes opposed. 4.  Energy:  Round Mountain substation already has voltage stability issues, already producing more power than we need (CA ISO paid Arizona to take power in 2018), PG&E requested permission to Curtail Hatchet Ridge power during negative pricing events (i.e. too much power on grid).  PG&E has enough Renewable Energy to meet requirements to 2030 according to PG&E 2018 letter to CPUC. 5.  Public Health:  Shadow Flicker, Noise, Infrasound, Increased stress.  Shadow flicker already observed across Hwy 299 from Hatchet Ridge Wind Turbines. 6.   Aesthetics:  Visual pollution, obtrusive lighting (day and night) and industrialization of Forest Lands, able to be seen from neighboring counties.  Only the beginning “Coming to a neighborhood near you." 7.  Economic & Social Impacts:  Drastically reduces property values for all properties that enjoyed views of Shasta County’s eastern range. Local properties near turbines may be worthless, local community likely to wither as people move or abandon properties and fewer people move in.  Any positive tax revenue from Turbines may be offset by reduced property taxes due to loss in assessed value. 8.  Tourism:  No longer a place to enjoy Nature.  Tourists will be driving through an Industrial Wind Farm to visit Intermountain Communities, beautiful Burney Falls, and Fall River areas. 9.  Hydrology and water quality:  Miles of new roads, blasting, Soil compaction, Hundreds of tons of concrete and other materials, transformer oils, herbicides usage.  Likely to affect local springs and waterways. 10.  Not as Green as Advertised:  Only produces 20-25% of advertised capacity, clears 2250 acres of carbon sequestering forest, requires fossil fuel backup when winds not blowing, curtails existing green hydro power when winds blowing implies 0% green benefit. The construction of industrial wind farms cannot be justified in the rural and wild places that developers usually target!  Please visit for further information. Petition Summary & BackgroundCitizens in Opposition to the Fountain Wind Project (CIO FWP), in Shasta County, California are opposed to an intrusive industrialization of rural and wild areas by a large wind energy system which requires extensive expansion of transmission lines and the permanent destruction of nearly 1000 acres of beautiful forest lands. The wind turbines will add noise, light, visual pollution, destroy and fragment wildlife habitat and wetlands, destroy sacred cultural resources and history, cause health issues, increase wildfire risks, add instability and inefficiencies to the electrical grid, and increased energy rates.  Action Petitioned ForWe, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge our leaders to act now to DENY the requested use permit for the Fountain Wind Project (UP16-007), by Pacific Wind Development, LLC, a subsidiary of Avangrid Renewables, LLC. The Fountain Wind Project is comprised of 100, nearly 600’ tall wind turbines, spread over more than 30 thousand acres, in Eastern Shasta County. The proposed Fountain Wind Project significantly increases the wildfire risk in an area already designated as’ ‘Extreme High Fire Risk’ by the California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) and CAL FIRE. The environmental impacts of this project would devastate the rural and wild areas which will never be able to fully recover.

Citizens In Opposition to the Fountain Wind Project (CIO FWP)
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