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Stop Safeguard Properties from Burglarizing & Violating homeowners who are in Foreclosure

By stopping fraudulent and criminal practices by the mortgage field service provider, Safeguard Properties, we will be enforcing the Universal Human Right to Housing, and will therefore be advancing not only our Nation, but Humanity as a whole. PETITION: SAFEGUARD PROPERTIES – Mortgage Field Services Lawsuit On June 2013, the Attorney General’s Office made public information regarding a pending lawsuit it has against the government contracted property management company, Safeguard Properties. In a period following our nation’s largest housing crisis, which was brought about by deceptive lending practices by US banks, the housing sector delivers another blow to the livelihood and dignity of American taxpayers, through the county’s largest mortgage field servicer. While carrying out evictions for the multiple mortgage servicers, Safeguard and its contractors violated and horrified already victimized homeowners, by trespassing and blocking humans from their homes, changing the locks on the properties, sometimes shutting off utilities midway through the foreclosure processes and burglarizing the residents, and traumatizing victims while, at times, illegally evicting families during the dangerously cold winter months. In several instances, Safeguard’s employees laid in wait, while unsuspecting victims went about the daily routines, and as they unknowingly left their homes vulnerable, the criminals would break into these homes illegally, and in some cases remove all of the victim’s belongings from the residence. The Illinois Attorney General’s Office found Safeguard Properties to have operated in violation of the Consumer Fraud Act, 815 ILCS 505/2, as well as the Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, 12 U.S.C. 5220. It has been noted in the lawsuit, that Safeguard engaged in deceptive and fraudulent business practices, by knowingly and with ill-intent, providing consumers with false information pertaining to their rights, as tenants and homeowners, to remain in their properties until the foreclosure process was complete, and sometime until the end of their bona fide lease. All court proceedings were conducted in the Cook County Circuit Court, and in June of 2016, Safeguard settled the lawsuit for $1,000,000 to be awarded to victims within Illinois who filed a complaint with the state or Safeguard itself. “We the People” encourage all victims of Safeguards fraudulent and criminal practices to either encourage their state’s attorney general to bring a class-action lawsuit, and for each victim to bring criminal charges against this fraudulent company as well. We are setting up this petition to encourage all reputable banks and government entities to seize contracting out work to this criminal organization, and to thereby divert those contracts to local businesses within the communities that are being serviced. Please sign our petition to support our efforts to prevent fraudulent and criminal behavior by companies such as Safeguard Properties.     Services & LaborServices: Safeguard enters into contract with mortgage lenders, and servicers to provide Property Preservation Services, such as: Boarding up doorways- $100Changing locks- $60Padlocking the entrance- $40Shutting off utilities- $75Winterizing the Home- $185Removing debris from unoccupied property- $35 per cubic feet Removing a car- $120Occupancy status determination - $12***Presenting cash-for-keys or deed in lieu of foreclosure offers*** Labor: Safeguards becomes responsible for property preservations services when a homeowner becomes delinquent or defaults on his/her mortgage.Instructs Illinois subcontractor to inspect property in order to determine occupancy status.Once Safeguard deems a property to be vacant, it instructs the subcontractor to secure the property by boarding up doorways, winterizing the property, changing locks and placing padlocks on the door, and shutting off utilities.Inspect and preserve home throughout and after foreclosure process Labor Complaints: #14 UPDATE EX-employee responds Safeguard Properties Internet FraudAUTHOR: Micontractor - (U.S.A.)SUBMITTED: Wednesday, January 07, 2009 It appears that what Safeguard Properties is doing by not paying its contractors is Internet Fraud. All of the communications regarding pricing, invoicing, adjustments, work orders, ect. are done either through Safeguard Properties vendor web site or through e-mail. If you are a contractor who has been scammed by Safeguard Properties this apparently constitutes internet fraud by the FBI definition. I would encourage any contractors who have been shorted payments for services provided to Safeguard Properties to file a complaint on the FBI website under "Internet Fraud", the link is: Good luck, we all deserve our hard earned money.   Mommabear1202 Send email       Dec 27, 2016Lost home in fireMy home was destroyed in fire i and we had some belongings outside some of which were from home. A couple weeks went buy my boyfriend had went by the house to see if the garage was ok an what was left of the property there was a man there with a trailor and had loaded everything up outside (picnic table, grill, chairs photo albums, stroller and can't forget to mention my flower pots that had plants in them but dumped all my flowers out, there was along t of other things as well as burnt things) also he was getting ready to change the locks on garage. He told him my our home was being forclosed an he had an order to come there an secure it. He had me come up there and don't tiron he didn't hear a mouth full. This guy working for safeguard was getting ready to take all my belongings to the dump. I made him take what things were still good off that @#$% trailor my home was not getting forclosed i mean we just lost everything an he was there taking the rest. The bastard still got away with my antique vases, propane tank to grill, & cast iron skillets . I'm so disgusted i conet even think straight. No one has evet appologized for any of it either. czultowski Send email       Jul 13, 2016non payment, consistant charge backsI cannot believe we have lasted 17 grueling and arduous years with this company. They have literally sucked our entire savings dry with their consistent charge backs and non payment of invoices. They send you to a property, APPROVE your bids, PAY you and then CHARGE YOU BACK! Just yesterday we got a charge back for $1099.99! That job is months old. They don't care. We have got charge back that are 5 years old! What is wrong with these people? They will have you drive 75+ miles one way to submit a bid at your cost. This is just the tip of the iceberg, these people are crooks. They have no compassion for the loyalty of their contractors, and seniority certainly does not mean anything. 17 years!!! We started with them when we had to mail them photos, before digital even existed. Why am i paying $421/month for a $1,000,000 E & O Insurance Policy with York-Jersey Underwriters? We do not make enough money to even cover it anymore! There is so much more, they stick it to you every single chance they get. They are making a fortune!! If they take $1000 from each contractor per month, and they have A LOT of contractors, well, do the math. it is sickening. Something needs to be done. We need a class action law suit!! Firefighter Send email       Mar 26, 2016Being told we have to fake photosI worked for a large preservation company. A few of them actually. This is a very corupt industry. These companies are making millions of dollars ripping off banks and real estate companies. I have emails and live recordings of these poeple telling us to fake photos of work that is not needed to be done . I'm not sure what my next move should be and could use some advice. I do not even make enough to my bills or care for my kids, but yet they have us falsifying photos so they can collect tons of money while we struggle to get buy. Any advice on what I should do or who I should call. That do not deserve the contract or to be making tons of money by making there employees lie. LegalSafeguards headquarters is located at 7887 Safeguard Circle, Valley View, Ohio, but the company is incorporated in the State of Delaware. In its contracts with its clients, Safeguard assumes responsibility for all work performed by employees, subcontractors, and any agents of the company. Illinois Mortgage Foreclosure Law 735 ILCS 5/15-1504.5, 1508.5, and 1701Forcible Entry and Detainer Act, 735 ILCS 5/9-101 and 102Consumer Fraud Act, 815 ILCS 505/2Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, 12 U.S.C. 5220Proposal of RepercussionEnact any and all consequences that can be imposed on a business that engages in unethical business practices in the state of Illinois: Injunction, revocation, forfeiture or suspension of any licenses, charter, franchise, certificate or other evidence of authority of any person to do business in this state$50,000 fine imposed by court for each individual, during each instance, where a Safeguard employee violated the rights granted to consumers under the Consumer Fraud Act without the intent to defraud; if the courts should find that Safeguard and/or its employees committed these acts with the intent to defraud, We the People pray the court to impose a civil penalty of an additional $50,000 per violation, and an extra $10,000 per violation if the crime was committed against a person 65 years of age or older.  Bar Safeguard from receiving any government contracts within the State of Illinois.       

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Petition to Richard K. Davis, Amy Frantti, Terri Charest, Tom Joyce, Nicole Sprenger

Give Candejah Back Her Home

I bought my house and moved to Springfield, MA in 2005 with a mortgage from First NLC Financial Services. I didn't know it at the time, but I was given a loan that had an adjustable interest rate starting at 8.99% and that could rise as high as 15.99%. I didn't know it at the time, but I was one of millions who were victims of banks predatory lending practices that preyed on families like mine. When I bought my house I paid $129,000. Now its not even worth $30,000. At the time I was working as a dispatch officer and an EMT for the New York City Fire Department, where I worked for 14 years. Life circumstances forced me and my children into a basement apartment in the Bronx, NY owned by a slumlord, where the roof above us was collapsing and rodents roamed the floors. I could literally see my neighbors apartment above me. A friend told me I should look into buying a house in Springfield, so I did. Moving to Springfield wasn't just a choice for me. I moved because I had to. I had to get out of the city and I had to find a safe and secure place for me and my children to live. In 2010 I lost my job and ultimately fell behind on my mortgage. US Bank foreclosed on my house on October 22, 2010. The night before the auction I cried like a baby. But I awoke the next morning and vowed to stay in my home and fight back. For the last three years I have been fighting for my home and leading the fight across the country to win justice for homeowners like me. In August 2013 I won my case in housing court and a judge ruled that US Bank illegally tried to evict me and threw out their case. Now US Bank is moving to evict me again. I have income again, and my daughters do too. My 2 year-old granddaughter now lives with us as well. I am willing to pay for my house what its actually worth now. I've paid for this house many times over. I want to be able to stay in my home and fix it up. I've fought for three years, and I'm committed to continuing my fight until US Bank negotiates and gives me my house back.

Springfield No One Leaves
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Petition to HSBC press office, Robert M. Clements, Michael C. Koster, Lisa Sodeika, Diane Soucy Bergan

HSBC Bank: Stop the eviction of horse farm therapy center for autistic children

I sold my home in Norcross, GA to build the Parkwood Farms Therapy Center 11 years ago to provide non-traditional therapy for children suffering with autism- like my 16 year old son, Julian, through horseback riding. Children come to my farm and are transformed by these unique opportunities. But now, an eviction stemming from a wrongful foreclosure is threatening to shut down the entire therapy center and farm, as well as displace three generations of my family. A few years ago, we discovered that the loan we took out on the farm was in fact a predatory loan. Our original loan was sold to another company and our rates more than doubled. We have been trying to work with the banks to modify the loan but instead, we were served with an eviction notice last week. Now, we are seeking a temporary stay on the foreclosure. We were forced to suspend our classes and move all of our horses to an animal rescue. This wrongful foreclosure is not just affecting my family- it's affecting the 40+ children and their families and over one hunderd volunteers who depend upon Parkwood Farms Therapy Center. Children like Maya, who came to Parkwood unable to speak and one year later is communicating through words and song. Or Branden whose father says "I tried all kinds of activities with him...and being one-on-one with the horse is probably the greatest thing for him. He looks forward to it every single week." Please sign our petition and tell Everhome Mortgage and HSBC bank to stop the forced eviction and modify our loan to make sure we can keep the Parkwood Farms Therapy Center open so children can continue to benefit from its unique and important therapies.

Marilyn Peterson
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Petition to Bank Of America, Brian Moynihan, Scott Silvestri, TJ Crawford, Nicole Nastacie, Diane Wagner, Rick Simon

Bank Of America: Offer a disabled vet and his family an opportunity to stay in their home

My husband, William, was diagnosed with end stage kidney disease in 2010. He lost his job and health care coverage shortly afterwards. Facing increased health costs and lower income, we fell behind in our mortgage payments. My husband never missed a single payment until his prescriptions, doctor appointments, hospitalizations, lab tests, etc overtook everything. Now that we are in a position to continue to make regular mortgage payments, Bank of America has told us that they won't work with us unless we can come up with $15,000 at once. The bank is now planning to sell the home we live in with three of our six sons this coming May. My husband served with the United States Air Force from 1979 through 1990. His Military Occupational Specialty was combat control and he saw action in El Salvador as a young recruit. William was severely injured in a parachuting accident in the late 80s and received an honorable discharge from the US Air Force when it became clear he would not be able to jump again.  My husband sacrificed a lot for this country and our family has been through a lot. We're ready to continue our mortgage payments, but we need Bank of America to work with us to help us stay in our home. Please join me in asking Bank of America to stop the foreclosure on our house and offer a disabled vet the opportunity to save his home.

Kathryn Jones
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